maxxis razr mt vs toyo mt
Our Load Range E tire is rated for 3525 lbs. Started by dirtman Then, we just gave it slightly more throttle than idle, and the RAZRs propelled our Dodge to the top with just a bit of slip, and zero drama. i think either way your in good hands with the treads :2cents: I'm on my 2nd set of Toyo's. The Maxxis Razr MT is available in 10 popular sizes from 33” to 40” diameter and is backed by a 40,000-mile warranty. The RAZRs performed very well. The large void area is said to maximize … i also want a tire thats not loud and won't slip in the rain. We were surprised they produced a nicer ride on the highway than the Load Range D all-terrain tires we had on before, doing a better job of absorbing bumps, cracks, and other pavement irregularities. The tires never spun, unless, of course, we wanted them to. While not deafening, like a super aggressive mud-tire such as a Bogger, the RAZR MTs do produce slightly more noise than a more conventional mud-terrain. My next set will be the 38s open country. Billed as its flagship mud-terrain, the RAZR MT is a deeply sculpted tire with big center blocks. In its own way, it’s a tweener positioned between a pure trail tire, and a street-going conventional mud-terrain. The way I'd break it down for myself would be: do I want a tire more bias toward heavier off-road use, or do I want an all around capable tire that'd do just fine off-road but be a little lighter and less aggressive? “I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.”. Mud-terrain tires work great off-road. We climbed hills in the backcountry with ease. For added strength and durability, Maxxis uses Dual-Cord body ply technology. It’s well suited for truck and Jeep applications. The Razr MT also does the job hauling or towing a load. the Bighorns Seem to wear really fast....and dunno if they have a 3 ply sidewall? We put our Dodge diesel in low range, engaged the rear ARB Air Locker, and began idling up the hill to have as little momentum as possible, to really test the tires. what would be better? D. Dewcustom New member. even tho i went into a parking lot yesturday and say 4 full size trucks running them lol. Our 37×12.50R17s used a three-ply sideway that Maxxis says uses a dual-cord casing ply with intertwined reinforcement fibers for maximum strength. Its tread compound has been chemically engineered to resist tears and chips as well as adding to on road tread life. That's what toyo designed the tire for. On the highway, the Razr MT handles impressively well for a mud terrain. We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. It uses a new off-road compound with chemical fillers for maximum tear and chip resistance as well as added tread life. One thing about the Bighorns is that they were about the best handling high speed loose dirt/gravel tire I've ever had. There’s no lane wandering or harsh ride. They call it the Maxxis Razr MT. Parts For Sale, Login with username, password and session length. If your order of qualifying parts identified with a message stating "Qualifies for Free Shipping..." is $75 or more, you may qualify for Free Shipping. Excellent tires. and if i want wider ill go toyo next time, iv been reading around and the toyo m/ts are pretty good tire. Pretty good all around for everything else too. That is why I mentioned mainstream, such as BFG, Goodyear, Nitto, Toyo, Cooper, Falken, etc… Interco and Pitbull are 't exactly household names, but yes, Maxxis, Interco, and Pitbull are the only manufacturers I am aware of that make 37/12.50-15s. We love them, but as great as they are they do lack some of the on-road driving characteristics many drivers look for in a performance highway tire. The Maxxis RAZR MT is one mean-looking tire. Designed with the help of Robby Gordon, they feature an XD Pro Cap that be customized with different color rings. Here, the high void area of the Maxxis RAZRs really came into play. We also noticed that the tire thread design kept self-cleaning, delivering constant traction through the mud. They’re also not obnoxiously loud either. Maxxis has been working on this tire for a few years now. They drive and stop well. It sits between the two in terms of performance. For a Load Range E tire, we were impressed with the flexibility of the RAZR’s carcass. The point being, we need more 37/12.50-15 tires. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. 1988 Blue Std Cab: SAS, Longs, HP/ARB/5.29 Front, ARB/5.29 Rear, Marlin Dual Ultimate w/ 23 Spline MC07XD-R10, Marlin 30 Spline Front & Rear Output Shafts, Dave's Triple shifter, FROR crossmember, Bilstein 12" f+r, RUF w/ 63s, 7in bob, 40x13.5x17 MTR's on Racelines Monster Beadlocks 17x9.5, I am going to say Toyo all the way I got 37x14.50 open country m/t and I am open open have had them for 2 years mostly on street and snow still are almost brand new and do amazingly great in snow and are awesome street tire they actualy got rid of the death wobble at 35mph, I like my toyos a lot, heavy as hell though. One look at the RAZR MT and it’s easy to tell, with its aggressive looks and tread pattern, that it’s not a tweener tire in the conventional sense. A dual-cord casing ply uses intertwined reinforcement fibers for durability and toughness. This made for a great test of traction. Off of the highway, the Maxxis Razr MT has plenty of traction. Let’s see what we found out about the Maxxis RAZR MT. (We actually slipped and biffed it getting out of the truck to take this photo). This may come into play if you’re into rock crawling and prefer a sidewall with more flex. The Razr MT is another win for the Maxxis brand and compliments their incredible line … I've got 40K on my current Pro Comp MT's and they've held up pretty good for what I've thrown at them. While our 7,000 lb. The following parts are excluded from Free Shipping unless otherwise stated: Maxxis makes a huge range of tires for everything from motorcycles to mountain bikes. Feb 26, 2018 … Yes, I am aware. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. The Maxxis Razr MT is a great fit for drivers looking for a more refined mud-terrain tire without the hang-ups of an aggressive tread design. Now Maxxis has released a tire called the RAZR MT. im looking at 35s with a 15 inch wheel. You can hear them but they don’t drown out the conversation or tunes inside the cab. R. ROKDKTR Geo-Explorer. They also make your rig look really boss. Ive heard good reviews … We got a set of 37×12.50 R17 Maxxis Razr MTs to test earlier this year, and after putting over 3,000 miles on them we were surprised how well they handle, even on a heavy RAM 4×4 diesel truck. Many manufactures have released a tire to bridge the gap between a mud- and an all-terrain tire. The Maxxis Razr MT 37×12.50 R17 tested had a little over 16/32″ of tread depth, or 1/2″—plenty of rubber for the long haul. We didn’t choose a colored ring. The more open area between the tread blocks, and the aggressive pattern allowed the RAZRs to bite onto the rocks. The Maxxis Razr MT was designed from off-road racing knowledge. It’s also a good choice for daily-driver rigs. Now Maxxis has released a tire called the RAZR MT. By now you might be asking, “What you talking ‘bout, Willis?” Well, hear us out. maxxis vs. bfg (1 Viewer) Thread starter Gabemo; Start date Dec 29, 2015; Watchers 5 G. Gabemo. Maxxis Razr MT 265/75R16 E 31.9 - 57 lbs; Toyo Open Country M/T LT265/75R16 E 32 61lbs heavy; Yokohoma Geolandar MT G003 265/75R16 (E) 30.5 682 - equivalent size tire but 55lbs; Nitto Trail Grappler LT265/75R16 E 123P 31.9 62lbs whoah heavy; Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 265/70R16 30.6 42 lbs; Falken Wildpeak M/T LT245/75R16 E 30.4 55 lbs; Falken Wildpeak M/T LT265/75R16 E 32 60 lbs; … But Maxxis also make more conventional tires like the Bighorn, and Bravo, built for those who use their 4x4s on the pavement, as well as in the dirt. ive had good luck with bighorns in a 31 when my truck was stock. When it comes to off-road tires, Maxxis is probably best known for producing extremely aggressive tires like the Trepador, and Creepy Crawler. Toyo Out perform all others that Ive seen off and on the road. I'm currently running Maxxis Bighorn's on my rig and will need tires this year. A dual-cord casing ply uses intertwined reinforcement fibers for durability and toughness. Built for all-out performance, they can be found on dedicated trail rigs, rock crawlers, and Ultra4 racers. A close-up of the tread reveals a high void area centered around big blocks. It exists! It has deep sculpted center blocks for a quieter ride and an innovative sidewall tread design that maximizes traction and toughness. i know toyos are good but just cant decide on the two. Maxxis adds more rubber to this critical area than most tires we’ve seen, and it’s not just for looks. Wide, open voids are designed to shed mud and keep plenty of biting edges free of goop. We had a chance to drive them in the rain recently and were equally impressed on how well they stick to the pavement. iv only seen one other truck with big horns and its my friends stock 4runner but wow dont sound like a bad tire. 1 X LT285/75R16 MT772 Maxxis Mud Terrain Tyre Razr. Even at high 30 psi, the RAZRs exhibited a nice bulge, helping them conform to and wrap around terrain. They’re heavy, can be noisy, and tend to wander on the road. For many, this is a small price to pay when added traction and off-road performance are at the core of your build. It also features a new tread pattern designed for maximum traction and cleanout, with the added benefit of improved on-road handling. However, the RAZR MT can be thought of as an unconventional tweener. The extra rubber helps protect the sidewall, and provides extra grip when aired down, or wedged between rocks. 22RE .30 over, mild cam, K&N, LCE header, 2.25'' pipe, high flow cat, Magnaflow. It was fun! The quietest, smoothest running m/t out there. Learn more about how this works. The Maxxis Razr MT was engineered using years of experience gained from off-road racing. Only a couple times, as we ran out of flex, did they run out of traction. sweet thanks ill just stick with what i know. I ran 37's on mine and loved them. The RAZR MT is definitely more aggressive than most conventional mud-terrain tires. The new XD131 RG1s are proof of this. Feb 19, 2018 #9 I put Maxxis RZR Mt on my Ram 2500 40x13.5x20 and on the JK 35x12.5x17 They are nice but you do get some road noise . The Razr MT are on my list but I could really use something a bit quieter on highway transit sections. This hill climb is not insanely steep, but definitely steeper than it looks. Nothing wrong with Toyos but I would probably stick with what I've had. They were wrapped around KMC’s swanky new XD131 RG1s in the 17×9-inch flavor. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, You reached our US 4WP resources center on, An Aggressive Mud-Terrain That Can Still Live On The Street. Project Research and Build-Ups, Started by 87pickup 1,849 Posts #18 • Feb 16, 2016 '84 Bronco II said: Apparently the Canukistanis have them already: Razr … Look for it at your favorite off-road shop or tire retailer. addresses in the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Parts without the "Qualifies for Free Shipping..." message do not qualify for Free Shipping, All tires, full suspension lift kits, oversized bumpers, tire carriers, body tubs, hard tops, cargo racks and drivetrain parts, Oversized items and items delivered by truck freight (Truck Freight Items Ship Free When You Pick Up In Store).


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