mercator k55k vs douk douk
{ Apr 24, 2015. } Anyone have a lead or source for the K55 with a Stainless blade? element = document.createElement("div"); function msg(message) } But I just don't care much for the blade design of the Douk. dans la serie des higo douk on trouve du gaillard et du cardo. alert(message); overFlowX = x + renderedWidth + excessWidth - document.body.offsetWidth; My mercator is my inexpensive one blade wonder. I think they are great EDC knives for use among knife phobic folks as they are really non-threatening. overFlowY = y + renderedHeight + excessHeight - window.innerHeight - window.pageYOffset; However, the Douk-Douk is a slipjoint knife, whereas the K55K is a lockback knife and has a different blade geometry. Powder coating paint on the handle is a plus too. { x = overFlowX > 0 ? But I'm not nearly as much of a fan of the flat metal shape. I've used it for anything and everything that's come up, from pruning tomatoes to cutting birthday cake. 0 : start; y - overFlowY : y; The high carbon steel takes a beautiful edge and the patina grows naturally. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by The Moose, May 3, 2008. } Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Knifenorway, Apr 24, 2015. else 2 : start; The douk-douk is so ugly that one can't help but love its uniqueness. I own 2 Mecators, the K55 and a smaller version of the K55. Oh, don't get me wrong. A testament to the correctness of the original designs. While friction folders are just fine for slicing cuts. I applaud the distinction between cheap and inexpensive. Les petites retouches maison à la Dremel. I like it, but feel the handle thickness makes it a bit too bulky for day to day carrying. The correct code deciphering according to the website of the current manufacturer would be: "K" for "Kaufmann" (the name of the original producer), "55" for "Hochstraße 55" (the address of the original company residence in Solingen, Germany), and the inversed second "K" (for "Katze" which translates to "cat" - the knife's main emblem). Hello. /* Pour maximiser les compatibilites IE6/7/8 en quirk/doctyped */ Re: Entre le Douk Douk et le Mercator... mon choix est fait. I have one i use for cording that is wicked sharp ( as in shaving sharp). renderedHeight = renderedElement.offsetHeight; TL/DR: Buy them all. The blade steel is probably the best and is certainly … } function destroyPagination() The Mercator knife has been produced in Solingen for over 100 years and with almost no changes to its design. if (typeof(originalFirstChild) == "undefined") The Mercator K55 has a lock and a nail nick to open it. Each design has a long history of use and have remained pretty much unchanged over the years. They are inexpensive and a great start to a collection of regional knife designs from around the world. I actually like the feel of metal handles; cool to the touch yet comfortable. setTimeout(' = "visible"', 1); I prefer the 3 3/4 inch model. { } The Mercator knife also found some popularity with delinquent youths, and by the mid-1960s the "K55K" or "K55" was described as the "weapon of choice among the older teenagers of the South Bronx. display = false; = "hidden"; Le premier K de K55K fait également référence au nom du fondateur Kaufman; le chiffre 55 fait référence au numéro de la rue Hochstrasse où était située à l'origine l'atelier de la marque; le dernier K est en rapport à "Katz" (chat en allemand). I like them both. I would rank my preferences of these knives as Opinel, (plain high carbon), K55, DoukDouk, and the Higonokami. The thin metal handle may not appeal to some... but carry one in your pocket for a while, and you may not want to go back to anything bulkier. Paid $12.50. I rank the Higonokami last simply because somebody had to be. ). { They're both thin, tough folders. x - overFlowX : x; } I'd love to hear your opinion on which of these knives would be the most durable and pratical one.


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