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0 1 0. Jenkins deals with this deftly, without being heavy-handed or dismissive, and makes the characters no less worthy of our support. And why wouldn’t they? “Outside of the show, I probably listen to [it] once or twice a week.”. Answer Save. Joseph Longo is a culture and entertainment journalist whose work has appeared in The Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly and more. The movie doesn't mention a cause of death for Juan. He’s found that and he realizes that there’s no reason to settle for a 6 or a 7 because, “I know this person is my 10. The chat culminates in Kevin’s admission that his life did not transpire the way he had hoped and that he was never worth much. But I like to think Kevin is Chiron’s 10. First, it considers black boys to be precious, at a time when news stories perpetually make it seem as if the United States considers them to be utterly expendable. Little: [innocently] What’s a 'faggot?' In different ways, the fictive, slight Chiron and the real life, brawny El-Amin show that it is possible to be black, gay and able to exact revenge against the person who is causing you pain by hitting them with a chair. “That scene is so emotional for me, and Britell is just going absolutely bonkers,” he says. As such, it’s not surprising to know that Moonlight has reeled in a considerable amount of accolades. Britell scored the first and second seasons of HBO’s dark comedy (yes, it’s a comedy) about the wealthy, enigmatic and insufferable Roy family. The songwriter of the moment is the guy behind ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Beale Street’ and the ‘Succession’ theme. Even his iconic “L to the OG” cringe rap from Succession kind of… works? Being lonely as a child turns into you having the capacity to choose moments of being alone. As Black fatherhood came to mind, tears began to fall. Mahershala Ali (Juan, the neighborhood drug dealer who becomes a surrogate father to Chiron): I see him having softened. So often, gay lives in America are coded as white, and the forces that shape the lives of queer people of color – say, how immigration affects being Chicano and gay in Calfornia, or how police surveillance affects being black and gay in the New York – are ignored, as gay identity is usually swept up into whiteness. But when the child's mother (Rachel Weisz) turns up, the picturesque family is threatened. (It also cost El-Amin, who was sentenced to nine years.) Does he return at a later point in the movie? Despite having appeared throughout the initial third of the film, however, his character is gone by the time it enters the second act, “Chiron.” What happened to him? In my mind, I don’t know whether they’re going to end up as a couple, but they’re going to live authentic lives. It expands to wide release on Nov. 4. Upon being called out, Juan hangs his head in shame in what is a remarkably, powerful scene. In spite of the tough drug dealer persona he has adopted — comprising a rock-hard physique, gold teeth, and a muscle car — Black is essentially the same scrawny, impoverished, insecure, and unloved child that we saw at the outset of the film — a boy desperately reaching for love of some kind, be it paternal, fraternal, or romantic. It gets It’s also the tip of the iceberg. Today is National Voter Registration Day! He's still trying to understand what it means to be a Gemini Rising. Our hero asks Juan if his mother does drugs, and when Juan says yes, Chiron leaves. “Moonlight” ends with a flicker of hope. He may soon add an Emmy to his accolades: Britell is back with Moonlight and Beale Street director Barry Jenkins for the highly anticipated miniseries The Underground Railroad, based on the novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead. Later, he takes him to his house and introduces him to his girlfriend Teresa. It is not especially difficult to make white boyhood precious. I think he will have softened and relaxed and lightened and come to terms with who he is, and for the first time know who he is. Answer Save. Second, Juan, Chiron’s father figure in the first chapter, lovingly deflects any sense of shame little Chiron could feel when he asks what a “faggot” is and whether he is one. Ask Question + 100. is brilliant.”, “sometimes I worry [MEL is] a psy-op meant just for me.”, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA. 4 years ago. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Anonymous ., The teaser trailer dropped earlier this month. For his portrayal of Juan, Mahershala Ali also became the first Muslin actor to win an Oscar. Juan passes away, but his wisdom sets Chiron on his journey from boyhood to manhood. To date, he has just under 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. How did he die? Chiron asks Juan what a faggot is, and Juan defines it as "a word to make gay people feel bad." When stories eschew the white gaze and exist entirely inside of blackness, the protagonists and antagonists are all black. This admission leads to silence, followed by Black’s decision to make his own confession. It’s a location that would prove critical throughout his adolescence, but Little doesn’t know any of this; he doesn’t even know how to swim. He created the type of music you study to, fall asleep to or even make love to (if you’re a romantic type). Ultimately, it isn’t until later on that it’s revealed that he has died. First and most obviously, Chiron doesn’t flee into the arms of a white man, but to his friend Kevin. Black’s final line lays bare the true nature of that existence, confronting the audience with the stark alienation and deprivation of his mind, body, and soul. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Anonymous. In the context of Juan's advice to "decide for yourself who you're going to be," Chiron's decision to seek revenge on Terrel seems like a perversion of the notion that one can shape one's own future. He’s a person who had a very difficult childhood and doesn’t have a lot of experience in relationships, so imagine trying to come home to that person seven days a week. “I wish I could have said a scene that’s super-niche, but that’s just an all-timer.”. He drowned in hair tonic. Black tells Kevin, “You’re the only man that’s ever touched me.” The line comes somewhat abruptly — after a few moments of silence — during the climatic conversation between Black and Kevin in the latter’s house. (Significantly though, like Juan’s partner Teresa, played by Janelle Monáe, Kevin is also light-skinned, teasingly calls Chiron “black” and only acted under the orders of the dark-skinned Terrel.) In short, the last line of Moonlight embodies the psychic and sexual longing that defines Black’s life. The next day, Chiron meets Juan, telling him he hates his mother for the way she treats him. Second, it acknowledges the effects that the stalking ghosts of premature death and incarceration have upon gay black masculinity – and it manages to do so without ever diminishing the lives full of complex humanity that black gay men still manage to have in America while navigating that reality. The latter tells him he hated his mother too, but she passed away. A Cuban drug dealer, Juan appeared as one of the main characters in the drama film Moonlight.Through a series of events, he eventually becomes a … We root for Little Chiron and his watchful eyes, whether he is avoiding bullies or tepidly checking out his friends as they compare penises. A reading of the film to that point could be saying that Chiron’s precious boyhood could not be trusted to other black boys and men and might better be nurtured elsewhere. Written and directed by Berry Jenkins, Moonlight revolves around the main protagonist Chiron, whose life is presented in three different acts—“Little”, “Chiron”, and “Black.” As such, his character is played by three different actors, Alex Hibbert (Child Chiron), Ashton Sanders (Teen Chiron), and Trevante Rhodes (Adult Chiron). We settle for that 6 or 7. It’s a slow zoom and pan over the faces of mid-1800s Black men and women standing still. Get your answers by asking now. In short, the last line of Moonlight embodies the psychic and sexual longing that defines Black’s life. Juan, who comes from Cuba, works as a drug dealer in a poor Miami neighborhood. a million and a half black men disappeared. If you can make it through that time, as an adult you can begin to understand and have the capacity to take personal responsibility.


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