morning prayer to hecate
A Simple Morning Prayer God, please enlighten my mind with truth, inflame my heart with love, inspire my will with courage, enrich my life with service. Hecate, Goddess of darkest night. You may need the following items for this spell: Enter the Learning Witchcraft Store Giveaway and Win an Item of Your Choice From Our Store. And replace them with my heart’s desire! Morning Prayer for God's Grace Daily Lord, thank you for your abundant, abounding grace. Samhain – April 30th/May 1st Bear in mind, in order to have life, there has to be death. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I humbly invoke you, night-wanderer of the underworld, Queen of the dead. This is much the event of Hecate. ( Log Out /  If it is something which you can’t hold (like the shadow or moon), then concentrate on it wherever it may be. She can bring along death as she can life. Ostara – September 21st/22nd In an effort to organize my thoughts, I have a few different blogs. Interesting, since this is appropriate to some “stuff” happening in my home right now. 1 for whom each step into the dark is filled with dread, Hecate, surround me into your darkness so that I can bring forth my light” You will most likely feel a presence at this moment, but do not worry, even though Hecate is famous for destruction, it’s not all true. Mabon – March 21st This is the time that you take to communicate with Hecate. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Read on for eight powerful morning prayers to kick-start your day. Reblogged this on Knot Magick and commented: Note:…, (Hoodoo) To make a former Lover be unable to rest until he/she returns. Your donations help keep the WOTC & Coven Life meet their daily operating expenses and most importantly spreading the word of our Goddess. the dangers of the dark, grant me wisdom and courage Samhain – Oct. 31 It helps if you are in a meditative state when calling on a deity, but you do not have to be. Glorious Hekate, well known by all in times past, the dangers of … March 24 2:28 am CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 24 March 8:24 pm AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Imbolc – Feb. 2 against all that would do us harm. and my family from evil, guard us well. March 2 1:57 pm CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), 3 March 6:57 am AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), 10 March 4:47 am AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), March 16 4:34 am CT (Chicago, Illinois, USA), March 16 8:34 pm AEDT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), New Moon that I may face my fears and my foes with open eyes. Tell Her what’s on your mind. Chant to Cast off troubles. Io Ekate! Goddess, preserve my home Hecate, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade, nightly seen. Wisdom Chant. Make the night moonless so that I might practise my beloved witchcraft undisturbed. Please Hecate, protect me and help me when I’m in danger. Offer flowers to Hecate using your left hand. Beltane – Apr. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ostara – Mar.


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