mosby's rangers roster
Embrace all the years you have left and ride to the sound that inspires you most, be it the guns of war, the word of God, or the voice of a friend urging you to do your best in the world. In 1906, after nearly 54 years of military service, he retired. Mosby’s men captured and set afire a passenger train supplying Phil Sheridan’s army during the October 1864 Greenback Raid. Lawyer. Fifty-eight men who at some time matriculated at the Virginia Military Institute can also be called Mosby Rangers. Under Mosby’s leadership, they became one of the most outstanding unconventional fighting entities in the history of warfare. It was a position both detested. Engraving reproduced from Major John Scott. JAMES MONROE HEISKELL, Private, Company C. Great-grandson of President James Monroe. He was admitted to the insane ward at Bellevue Hospital in August. ((Classic Collection A17/Alamy Stock Photo). A Union trooper rode up on Hoskins. Soldiers: I have summoned you together for the last time. The 43rd Battalion was formed on June 10, 1863 at Rector's Cross Roads, near Rectortown, Virginia, when John S. Mosby formed Company A of the battalion. The raid began as a complete success and the Rangers were having a bit of a frolic as they ransacked the train looking for loot. Fortunately, for the disgruntled Chapmans, John Mosby began his unconventional operations in early 1863 in close proximity to where the Chapmans were stationed. He was still in search of adventure, however, and traveled to Italy in 1860 to join the forces of Giuseppe Garibaldi in the struggle to unify Italy. They had no desire to be part of regular military monotony, physical hardship and regulations. Superb horsemen all, deadly accurate with the pistols they carried, often dressed in the finest uniforms paid for with captured U. S.  “greenbacks”, and immune to the wrath of nature, the Rangers came to be dangerous phantoms for all men in blue in Mosby’s Confederacy. With a recommendation from J.E.B. My interest in Mosby's Rangers began when I was a young boy and increased during my time in the military. On April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered the 43rd Battalion's parent command, the Army of Northern Virginia. Even then, the 5-foot-5 Cab was heavyset. After the war, William Chapman became an Internal Revenue Service agent—a “Revenuer” who ferreted out hidden, illegal alcohol stills. Before he got to the gate Sam had already exhausted every barrel of his two pistols and drawn his sabre. [18] Mosby tried out some small field artillery pieces, including a 12-pound (5.4 kg) brass Napoleon,[19] but artillery proved to be too cumbersome for his fast hit-and-run tactics and not especially helpful in action. This page was last updated January 3rd, 2011. Multiple small actions conducted concurrently enabled the Rangers to cause damage, confusion and alarm across a vast area and led to the feeling on the part of Yankee soldiers that Mosby was ubiquitous and almost phantom-like. With a special aptitude for finding forage for the horses in Mosby’s command, Hibbs became the Rangers’ informal “quartermaster.” He was also known as “chief of the corn detail.” It was not an exciting duty nor a particularly prestigious title, but he ensured that the mounts in the command, so essential to its mobility and success, were well fed and healthy. From this modest beginning whould grow on of the best know of all ranger commands. This was largely because Mosby admonished his men never to fire a shot until the eyes of the other fellow were visible. We accept no responsibility for the content of other websites or for services or products purchased as a result of a link from these pages. In his later years, he would weigh 450 pounds and be recognized in some newspapers as “the largest man” in Virginia. Robert later became Maj. Gen. Arnold Elzey’s aide-de-camp before returning to Ireland in 1864. Eric Buckland retired from the U.S. Army as a lieutenant colonel after spending the majority of his 22-year career in Special Forces. Immediately Colonel Mosby attempted negotiations with the Union commander in Winchester, Virginia, to arrange for the surrender of the 43rd Battalion, but could not come to terms. We both did this a good many times but, I believe, without bragging at the expense of truth, that we saw the back seams of the enemy's jackets oftener than they saw ours. He kept the faith received at his mother’s knee and walked with God every day. But in the summer of 1901, his whereabouts became unknown; then he was found after six weeks wandering the streets of the city suffering severely from exposure. When other correspondents were captured in the Rangers' raids, they were treated well and given liquor and cigars. Sir Charles Kuen Kao, Chinese-born physicist known as the "Father of Fiber Optics" and the "Godfather of Broadband"; he shared the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics. Samuel “Sam” Forrer Chapman, born in 1838, and his brother, William Henry Chapman, born in 1840, both joined the Confederate Army early in the war and were members of Virginia’s famed Dixie Artillery by the end of 1861. Released on June 15, 1865. Served in the Fauquier (Va.) Artillery before transferring to Mosby’s Rangers. . Attorney for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1885-1901. If attacked themselves, the guerrillas would sometimes ride away a brief distance and then round on their attackers and charge back into them, panicking and scattering them in the melee. One of the first to join Mosby after he began operations in Northern Virginia was William Hibbs. Rosser agreed with the Union that Mosby's men were not soldiers but glorified thieves -- and bad for morale, because his regular troops were jealous: [Mosby's men] are a nuisance and an evil to the service. . Sam was grievously wounded in the Grapewood Farm Fight in Auburn, Fauquier County, (where Hoskins had been mortally wounded) and paroled on the field by the victorious Union cavalry. My poor mother—Jesus have mercy on her soul!” Upon seeing Atkins’ body, Mosby reportedly said, “There lies a man I would not have given for a whole regiment of Yankees.”. Never wounded during the war, Chapman ironically received his first-ever gunshot at the hands of a tax-evading moonshiner. Years afterwards Cab confessed why he gave the false alarm. The leader of this little band was Private John S. Mosby. 2, Chapman. The newcomers also included a surprising number of Confederate officers who had resigned their commissions in order to ride with Mosby as Privates. As Massow passed Reed, the Union captain shot him in the back and out of the saddle. Grandson of Founding Father George Mason. Virginian newspapers were eager to carry articles about Mosby's Rangers. Later, an Englishman named Charles Green who lived nearby in the small town of Greenwich, Va., found Hoskins and took him to his home. It was more usual for small groups of Rangers (10-50), ably led by men hand-picked by Mosby, to conduct raids, ambushes and scouts separately. "[20] All men had at least two; Mosby himself as many as six, since a few miles at a flat-out run would exhaust even the best horse—and Mosby's men were constantly either running toward or away from the federals.


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