mossberg 935 problems
but is designed for 3" and bigger, and will pattern better with these shells. These guns like to be left as dry as possible. I think I have figured out why my Mossberg 935 is not shooting properly. I have never been a huge fan of Mossy. i'm 12 years old and i just bought the mossberg 935. it was the first shotgun that i had ever bought and i have been hunting ever since i was 5. today i went outside to pattern it and i put up cardboard at 25 and 50 yards. I think the lack of me trying to sound like a hen woke Mason up a few minutes later. Soon as i take it back into the house and strip the gun down everything is smooth and good to go. With the safety lever in the traditional Mossberg spot on the top of the receiver I had a tough time reaching it while keeping my hand on the pistol grip. the shell would fall out onto the elevator. I'm going to give the 935 another go at it. I may not be able to ride dirt bikes or feel the rush of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I do find ways to get my heart rate up. Also-ask Ned S he's the Mossberg guro. Please research all the other posts on Mossberg 935s. the forearm retainer went (PN # 22) luckily I had a spare as this has happened before too. This can have a lot of reasons, Dirt, Wrong ammo, mechanical problem,... Just for example … Came home later that day and it was probably almost 50 out. Once I was satisfied I was familiar enough with the shotgun to load in the low light and work the controls I packed up and headed home to pack up my gear for the following morning. Mossberg says 3" and 3.5" only on the smoothbore barrels because they are overbored and it is more difficult to operarte the action with most 2 3/4" loads. I had to use the soft ground around an anthill to get the stands in because the ground was rock hard from lack of rain. . So far, have not heard of anyone else having your problem, but the biggest percentage of problems seem to be with 3.5" shells. Very light coat of lube on all metal parts, and just a few drops in the rails and you are good to go. Some might say it’s just a smoothbore 12-gauge barrel. 935 Magnum Specs Gauge: 12 Chamber Size: 3.5″ Capacity: 5 (with plug removed) Barrel: 22″ Vent Rib, Overbored Sights: Adjustable Fiber Optic Chokes: X-Factor™ Ported Tube Overall Length: 42″ Length Of Pull: 13″ Barrel Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Inifinity Stock: Synthetic (Pistol Grip) Weight: 7.5 lbs. Just a thought, I don't really know the answer. If you haven’t shot a rifle using the EOTech “ring with 1 dot” or what most know it by — circle dot reticle — you need to give it a try. Mossy replaces it for me but I don't think it should be happening at all. I too think ther is too much plastic being used in this firearm. Was it possible when i cleaned the gun the night before that when i wiped the oil off i left it to dry? Your family will appreciate you not getting any deafer than you already are. He still swears by his mossys, but most of the time he's is just swearing at them. I had to push on the bolt myself to get it to close. Starting at the back end it’s “overbored” to reduce felt recoil and to keep shot patterns tight by not having all those perfect shots smash into each other, get dings and fly erratically. the second repair , i had to recock after every round. They are def. I have tryed different types of gun oils.I Even have used my air compressor to blow of any excess oil.I talked the gunsmith,told them. I hope they will replace the thing, and hope that these issues will not arise again. Jerry shows us how to completely disassemble and maintain the Mossberg 930 platform using his signature JM model. I ended up sending it back to Mossberg. Do a little polishing. Was I ALONE in this? Hopefully they will tell what was causing the problem, and permanently fix it, or send you new shotgun. It is a good price and from my experience, I never have had one jam up on me. Action was working nice and smooth that night. I have a tote or two full of gear, but I was missing a full-time, dedicated turkey shotgun. I use 2 stroke oil works great. The 935 is set up to shoot 3 ½” loads if you like the big boomers. did his gun problem ever get worked out? When I hunt big game my adrenaline dump comes when I walk up and see the animal on the ground. Ill pull the stock off to. Phone 866-343-0054 While Mason was gathering up the decoys and I was carrying the bird and gear towards the truck I couldn’t help think of J and what a huge smile he would have had on his face as I told him about bagging this bird. Maybe next year I’ll have to look into a 20 gauge for him. up to 1 3/8 oz.. A shotgun forum for basic gun smithing, repair, modifications, and all other detailed shotgun information. I tried a few different methods, but I found using my offhand worked, so I practiced using my off and to manipulate the safety while I had the gun up on the Bog Pod. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. I have been looking into getting a Benelli Super Black Eagle or an 11-87 SPS Super Magnum but they're like $1000 to $1500, plus I need a rifled barrel with a cantiliver for a scope. It has a 28" and a 24" barrel. When I first got mine, I completely broke it down and gave it a very good cleaning to get ALL the packing grease out of it. 0 0. On top of the 22″ vented barrel is a set of really bright fiber optic sights. 2. Hate to have to switch from Kent! Any other recommendations? When I was teaching in the military we put thousands of rounds per class through the 500’s with the only problems being shooter induced and I remember a cracked safety that was probably broken by mishandling. 4 years ago. The porting helps keep recoil down for quicker follow up shots, porting does tend to make things a bit noisier, so invest in a good pair of electronic ear pro for hunting. It doesn t move the bolt back after being shot...? Two really early mornings had done the boy in. I shoot mostly 3.5" 1-3/8oz. My dogs think I’m nuts and I’m sure there are a few motorists at red lights thinking I had a hen turkey in the cab of my truck. I’ve accumulated all kinds of gear to include more camo clothing, seats, decoys and calls. Glenn, like J, told me it was a rush to have birds come to the call but it would be extremely frustrating when they hang up just out of range and strut around almost mocking us like when someone sticks there tongue out and does the moose ears thing — like my kids do to each other. In addition to the camo pattern catching my eye, the X-Factor ported choke and the pistol grip did as well. The didn't tell me what they did, just to keep the gas system clean. I had some of Winchester’s new Long Beard 3″ XR 12 Gauge #5 Shot to try I also had some Hornady Heavy Magnum #5 but the shotgun didn’t come with an improved cylinder or modified choke. I purchased a 935 turkey about a year ago. I was calling to point where I thought I might be calling too much. Click here to check out subscription options. Mine was loaded with grease it made a difference. Just blew through two boxes of 3" Winchester Xpert BB without an issue. The folks at EOTech are continuing to improve on the original design. Mossberg & Sons. I haven't been here in awhile and I was happy to see thta I'm not the only person with this problem. The 935 Magnum is for hardcore hunters and tough game where magnum loads are required, with superior down range performance, over bored barrels and dual gas vent system, the 935 Magnum is also one of the softest shooting 3.5”shotguns available I will keep everyone who's following my trials posted with what goes on with Mossberg and let ya'll know what if anything they tell me was wrong with my gun. I was shooting all kinds and brands of ammo ($400.00 worth) and could not find anything that would be consistent. Make sure you scub the tracks on the inside of the reciever, you will need to drop the Trigger assembly to do this. I appreciate any help as Saturday is opening day of Duck season here in Tenn. Also, I had the same problem, right out of the box. I'm actually kinda of a sissy with it. My gun was fixed in 3 days moss got a great warrenty. I think the extra cleaning helped out a lot. The 935 is set up to shoot 3 ½” loads if you like the big boomers. Address : 45 Airpark Place Unit 5 Guelph, ON N1L 1B2 I’ve managed to get a few birds down with shotguns more suited to upland birds or ducks but now I had my first opportunity to head out with a 100 percent dedicated turkey shotgun — the Mossberg 935.


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