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The Ying Yang Twins will remained signed to TVT Records, while Mr. Collipark's label, Collipark Music will no longer have a professional relationship with the chart-topping group. So your new artists are more street-oriented?My groups P. Stones and Kadalack Boyz are both making more street-oriented records. He was the group's main producer and crafted hit singles for the group like "Whistle While You Twurk," "Wait (The Whisper Song), Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty" (which featured The Ying Yang Twins) " What's Happnin!/Salt Shaker ( Remix )" and others. Then I can go try some of the stuff I’ve wanted to try. Soulja Boy and his people have been very closed-mouthed about it all. The problem is getting them into the room. © Rap Basement 1999-2020. "T.I., Ne-Yo, Mr. Collipark, Pharrell Williams Take Top BMI Urban Honors", "50th Annual Grammy Nominations Complete List Announced", "Tough Love! I did that on purpose until—I’m gonna tell you the truth—the whole association with Lil Jon is why, when that “Whisper” record broke, I didn’t sit back and wait for somebody to come and start copying that sound, to claim that sound. TVT and Lil Jon took it upon themselves to put that more on Lil Jon and I think it could’ve been shared a little more. Michael Crooms (born October 5, 1970), better known by his stage name Mr. Collipark and also known as DJ Smurf, is a hip hop producer and the president of his own Atlanta-based record label, Collipark Music, which was started in 1999.[1]. He claims that Ying Yang’s latest, Chemically Imbalanced, will be his last, as he switches his focus to his own labels. I was listening to the new Ying Yang album, you say, “This might be the last song ya’ll hear from us together for a long time.” Are you three finished collaborating?The way I see it, I don’t know. "Kadillak Boyz are like the muscle of the label," Mr. Collipark said. As of 2013, there are rumors of Mr. Collipark signing a distribution deal with Epic Records for the label. Collipark serves as executive producer of Chemically Imbalanced, along with rapper/producer Wyclef Jean and Jerry "Wonder" Duplesis. They’re like, “I can’t have this on my show. I haven’t placed the R&B group that I’m producing, but they’re actually on a label called Landmine. I’m not blaming, I’m just saying if it was me…”Get Low” was more like, Okay, Lil Jon did the beat, this is Ying Yang’s record. I’m kind of overseeing the whole project, sort of like what Timbaland was doing with Justin Timberlake. [4], In 2011, Mr. Collipark debuted his mixtape Can I Have the Club Back Please, which features tracks from artists including Translee, Treal Lee & Prince Rick and the Ying Yang Twins.[5]. You said ‘Wait Til You See My…’ I can’t do that.” We always had an issue with lyrical content since day one. “Dangerous,” then a record that didn’t make it, and then “Water.” Some of the fans got it, some of the fans didn’t get it. He's the future. + Follow Artist. This year has had the huge explosion of snap music in the mainstream. I won’t give it to nobody. It seems like in the mainstream, a lot of people still associate the Ying Yang Twins with Lil Jon more than you, even though you’ve been with them since day one and have produced almost all of their hit records.That’s because I was always in the back! As big as it was in the streets, when it got to a certain level, the lyrical content was always an issue. In what way?When I sit down, I’m not thinking about a dance, I’m not thinking gimmick, I’m thinking about sitting down trying to make a real record, whether it has two sounds or a hundred sounds. Kadillak Boyz are slated to drop in late 2007 on Asylum, while P. Stone is slated top drop in 2007 on Interscope Records. Posted By If you ain’t in the streets right now, you can’t even get to that level no more. Home; About; Archive. Everybody has something different that they want to do. All Rights Reserved. So it’s a double-edged sword. It’s no such thing as a record on the radio right now. Crooms is credited as playing a major role in the career of the Ying Yang Twins,[2] Soulja Boy, Taurus, Hurricane Chris, V.I.C., and Vistoso Bosses. The name Collipark was derived from the city College Park, Georgia. I think it’s a “move on” thing. How do Kane and D-Roc feel about this situation?I think it’s a mutual thing. And conceptually, he got it from the start. He’s Gnarls Barkley now, and who the fuck could have known? Collipark Music will focus on developing three new Atlanta-area acts in 2007, Kadillak Boyz, P. Stone and female R&B trio Taurus. If you think Mr. Collipark is just that bald-headed, cigar smokin’ folk who makes “Whisper Song” clones, you’ve got a lot to learn. So it was like, “How do we flip this?” That’s where the whole Ying Yang sound came from. [3] He was also nominated for a 2008 Grammy for his work with Soulja Boy. "Crank That" proved Soulja Boy was an Internet-savvy rapper. Even from how you’re treated on the set of a video. But the flip side of that is, that’s all people started looking for. I’d rather them have the opportunity find another Collipark or whatever. We have re-loaded our archived issues for free reading- even issue 01 Heatmakerz and issue 02 David Banner/Mr Collipark. And sometimes there are disagreements involved. He was also nominated for a 2008 Grammy for his work with Soulja Boy. Back when I was rapping til the time I put Ying Yang out, I was making bass music. That was one of the records that broke the whole crunk movement. Mr. Collipark is currently in negotiations with several labels for female R&B group Taurus. I feel like with “Laffy Taffy” and all that stuff, they weren’t even trying to be creative. XXLMAG.COM spoke with the A-Town veteran about leaving his longtime partners, living in Lil Jon’s shadow and why he’ll never make another “Whisper" song again. on December 1, 2006. Right now, the movement’s the streets. I’m trying to bring that energy back to the dance floor. But what they do and what I do are two totally different things. Then you have P. Stone, who is this young, crazy lyrical guy.


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