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Except for its eastern base, which is in Klamath County, Mount McLoughlin … Climbing photos at Mount McLoughlin uploaded by users of It had previously been mapped as Pit Mountain because of its proximity to Ogden's Pit River. Much of what is known today comes from LeRoy Maynard of the Center for Volcanology at the University of Oregon. The Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire consist of a series of mountains whose maximum elevation reaches 6,288 feet (1,917 m) and represent some of the highest mountains in the United States east of the Mississippi River.Fatalities in this area are dominated by those that occur on Mount Washington, the highest peak in the range. The Takelma people to the west called it Alwilamchaldis, an important hero in their traditional stories; the Shasta people to the south knew it as Mayakax, one of three peaks that rose above an ancient ocean; and the Klamath people to the east named it Kesh yainatat, the abode of "dwarf old woman," who made the west wind blow. The Upper Klamath Lake, the largest body of freshwater in the state, sits to the east of Mount McLoughlin. [2] Settlers living near the surrounding Sky Lakes Wilderness trapped beavers and martens during the winter seasons, hunted, and grazed sheep in warmer months. Imagination Peak (1986 m) 15.1 km: 3. Mount McLoughlin is a dormant steep-sided stratovolcano, or composite volcano, in the Cascade Range of southern Oregon and within the Sky Lakes Wilderness. the size of a Volkswagen ponderously gaining speed in a series I went to the base of the mountain at Four Mile Lake to take some pictures and reconstruct possible routes that John may have taken. The northwestern flank has volcanic vents that produced lava flows responsible for inundating the Fourbit Creek valley 4 miles (6.4 km) from the base of McLoughlin, which extend up to the Big Butte Springs. lifelessly on the rocks just past the edge of the snowfield. [2], McLoughlin is a stratovolcano,[2] made up of basaltic andesite on top of underlying basaltic andesitic shield volcanoes. A prominent landmark for the Rogue River Valley, the mountain is north of Mount Shasta, and Crater Lake lies to the north-northeast. The first recorded ascent was by a group of Jacksonville men in 1858. We rested and exchanged thoughts a little while, and I briefly enjoyed the use of a pair of Richard's powerful binoculars, which he was utilizing to scan the mountain. Viewed from the northwest, Mount McLoughlin's symmetrical shape is the dominant landmark of the Rogue River Valley. U.S. Forest Service, 2001. snow. [36] In 1896, members of the Mazama mountaineering club including Lottie Reed, Henry Pittock, and Leslie Scott ascended the mountain. [28] Glaciation has also lowered the overall volcano by tens of yards. The name McLoughlin, for Dr. John McLoughlin, the HBC chief factor at Fort Vancouver, came into use for the peak in the 1830s. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; loose various pieces of itself. face of Mt. [42], CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, "Description: Mount McLoughlin Volcano, Oregon", "Rogue River National Forest: Sky Lakes Wilderness", "Mount McLoughlin: the peak of southern Oregon", "Cascade Range Volcanoes: Historical Timeline",, "Mount McLoughlin: Winter climb to Rogue Valley's rooftop", "Skiing from the summit of Mount McLoughlin", "Central Big Butte Creek Watershed Analysis", The 113 most isolated major summits of the United States of America,, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 04:33. This formed a glacial cirque with a bowl shape on the northeastern flank. Clear View, Snowy Butte,[36] and Mt. [5] The Summit Lake is a small lake on the northern slope of the volcano between the Rogue River and the Klamath Basin. and it was last active during the height of the Roman Empire, Here I recorded this inspiring view across the sweep of Mt McLoughlin's broken, I was no longer afraid of the steepness of the slope. When the [4] It is the sixth tallest peak in Oregon,[8] but despite its height, Mount McLoughlin only has a volume of 3 cubic miles (13 km3). Medord, Ore.: U.S.D.A. thus making its last fires contemporaneous with the flows of McKenzie Jefferson; woman breaks her leg on Mt. Pass to the north. After my peaceful solo night


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