my cafe level 23 kevin story

Koffsky tells you that the Vintage Mirror that Jennifer had given you in Level 34 is the mirror of Bloody Penny. Lucas has written an article studying the differences between the two universes, publishing it in Synchrophasotron Fun. With Henry finally on board and believing in the ghost, Koffsky’s next plan of action is to contact Bloody Penny through a spirit board. Total 0 Answers. Petrovich heard a shot, thought Charlie was wounded and maybe even dead. Tips: Superman costume for Bill and white dress for Mary, OR dinner jacket for Bill and Wonder Woman costume for Mary.
Reward 1,200 gold coins. Each story is unlocked at a certain level.

Mary found the ring in the drink, he took it, then Cleo took it and slapped him, then Watson arrested both of them. At level 4 Bill revealed he had been in love with Mary Ditt for 2 years. After fulfilling all his requests, he compliments on how much better your cafe looks. Tip: The mysterious woman who witnessed the whole event orchestrated everything. Old furniture, To sell or not to sell? Reward 3 diamonds. Koffsky wasn't exactly thrilled by the diving idea. The cop wants to give the perpetrator a detailed explanation of why it isn’t nice to hit on-duty police officers in the head with shovels. For each self-service visitors are waiting for you prestige points. Petrovich realizes he’s messed up big time and he’ll do anything to get Felicia back, even if it means making up with her mother. Koffsky suddenly remembers he tried something called a “supercupcake” when he was younger when he overhears Carl talking about its recipe over the phone and asks you to talk to him. Just in case, here's a brief: ~ for Ron's dream, (1) Ron is at the edge of the forest; (2) he looks up and sees a full moon; (3) the moon flies over the horizon ~ for Mary Ditt's dream, (1) Mary is standing in a crowd by the side of the road; (2) she sees some beautiful peacocks; (3) an electric shaver appears and shaves the peacocks bare ~ for Petrovich's dream, (1) Petrovich is riding a boat down a river and sees a flock of penguins; (2) one of the penguins tells him there's a treasure at the bottom of the river; (3) Petrovich finds a diamond at the bottom of the river. Requirements: Croissant with Cream for Margaret, Requirements: Tea with Cardamom, Milk and Lemon for Bill, either Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca for Margaret, either Adrenalino with Guarana for Petrovich, Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon for Mary's cat, Requirements: Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream for Watson, Rose Tea for Watson.
Her family heirloom went missing after she hired Bill to set up a Wifi router. He says Olivia is holding a grudge from their bad break-up.


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