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Naruto is attacked by a powerful Sasuke, who has an unexpected encounter with the Nine Tails. Sakura wants to desert her village to join Sasuke. Naruto hits Pain with his Sage Jutsu-perfected Wind Style Rasen Shuriken. Madara wonders about his ally’s goals and abilities. Special thanks to the contributors that make this page possible. The candidates get ready to take the first test. After implementing their technique, Jirobo, Kidomaru, Sakon, Ukon, and Tayuya disappear, leave their opponents in a state of bio stasis. Rock Lee and Shira decide to fight with the sole aim of comparing their techniques. Team Kakashi and Team Guy realize their recent battles were only distractions. Meanwhile, Deidara searches for his arm. The Kage respond to Madara's declaration of war by forming the Allied Shinobi Forces, with the Raikage as their leader. Killer Bee confronts his brother and tries to create an opening for Naruto. Rinji tells Yukimaru the truth about his mother's death, hoping his reaction will rile the Three-Tails. Naruto was an anime series that ran from 2002 to 2007. Although he defeats Ningendo, the remaining Pain quickly confronts him. Confronted with the difficulties the group is facing, Sasuke decides to unite his Susanoo with Kyuubi’s chakra to gain power. Kakashi tests his secret plan against Guren's powerful Crystal-Style jutsu. Kyubi gives Naruto powers to help him rebuff Madara’s attack. Hinata, Kiba and Shino discover the loophole that lets the white Zetsus infiltrate the ninja alliance camp. Naruto learns more about his childhood as the tale of the day of birth continues. Posted by. Team Samui of the Hidden Cloud arrives at the Leaf Village and is shocked to find it in ruins. Battle in Paradise! Release year: 2007. Kakashi and Asuma search for a secure passageway to storm the bandit hideout. Naruto tells Sai about his bonds of a brother with Sasuke. In the past, Jiraiya goes to Mount Myoboku, where the Great Toad Sage predicts that one of his disciples will revolutionize the shinobi world. The Leaf Moving Service, S8 E02: Mystery of the Targeted Merchants, S8 E03: A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools, S8 E05: Forecast: Death! Kinoe can’t bring himself to kill Kakashi and returns to the Root HQ without his Sharingan. As Naruto and Sakura celebrate their reunion with Inari and Tazuna, they recall an incident that took place after their mission in the Land of Waves. A kunoichi wants to challenge Naruto to a new fight. The Next Challenge! Master Iruka is trying to fix the shenanigans of a trio of dunces by using old memories. Kakashi and the others must rely on Yukimaru's mystical senses to guide their rescue mission. Neji agrees to follow the mysterious masked man who is trying to break the Konoha laws. Has Shino progressed to the point of surpassing a former member of the Root? A Super S-Ranked Mission! When Tsunade is questioned by A, she remembers her first meeting with the young ninja and the bet that she made with him. Konoha prepares for battle. The Raikage tells Tsunade the story about the brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku. S7 E25: A Legend from the Hidden Leaf: The Onbaa! Temple! Obito is in very bad shape after his defeat by Kakashi in the Kamui Dimension. Already disillusioned, despite his age, Shikamaru discovers the virtues of friendship. The Goddess Hase must have come from heaven at a different time. As Naruto trains for his upcoming match, he hears Jiraiya speak of "the Fourth Hokage's legacy," which he believes to be a secret ninja technique. On his way to assist them, Naruto runs into Yukimaru again. Sakura uses Kiba’s nose to track Sasuke and tries to put her allies to sleep so she can see her plan through and get rid of Sasuke once and for all. S6 E02: A Town of Outlaws, the Shadow of the Fuma Clan. When Tsunade adamantly opposes Team 10’s determined plan to stop and capture the Akatsuki, an unexpected person offers to help. Just as reinforcements arrive to help Asuma's team, a mysterious figure commands Hidan and Kakuzu to retreat. More distrusting than ever, Sasuke agrees to believe her on one condition: she get rid of Karin. When Naruto's first attempt at using his new jutsu fails, he begs his comrades for another chance. Blood is shed as Danzo fatefully encounters Sasuke. As Naruto and his friends try to counter Tobi's strange powers, Zetsu arrives to announce that the battle between Sasuke and Itachi has ended. Later, Naruto intervenes when Sakura’s life is threatened. Kyubi decides to lend him his chakra. The Konoha ninjas continue their battle in the special dimension. Hagoromo finally chooses his successor to lead Ninshu by seeking the help of one of his sons, but the young prodigy doesn't see it this way. Killer Bee returns to the hidden village of Kumo, bringing a sword from the battle with him. Close. Hotaru is devastated when Shiranami forces her to use the forbidden jutsu against Naruto and Utakata. Naruto Shippuden was an anime series that ran from 2007 to 2017. The mysterious masked man and his henchmen seem determined to continue the macabre experiment destined to plunge the shinobi world into ruin. Question. Itachi tells Kabuto that he wants to eliminate him to stop the Soul Reincarnation process. Kabuto revives an overwhelming force in the form of Madara, who pursues Naruto in order to reclaim Kyubi, the nine-tailed demon fox. A prisoner of Nagato's spell, Naruto is overcome by anger and begs the fox to give him strength, but Kushina intervenes to reason with him. An android that looks like Naruto suddenly appears in Konoha to strip him of his chakra. Madara, who has taken an interest in Naruto, makes a sudden appearance before Naruto and reveals the truth behind Itachi's actions. Thanks to his mother’s help and love, Naruto manages to conquer Kyubi’s hatred. Naruto and Utakata search for the source of strange phenomena in the village. Meanwhile, Yukimaru remembers his mother. Hidan proves to be able to stay alive even after being mortally wounded. Kankuro proves to be no match for Sasori's scorpion-like tail. Shikamaru and his companions are trying to stop the tyrannical power of Gengo, who is already probing Shikamaru's soul for his weaknesses. Naruto accuses Sasuke of wanting to kill Sakura and Sasuke tells him he murdered Danzo. The ninjas of the village hidden by leaves escape their young master by replacing him with Naruto. Gamatatsu makes progress in his training. On a mission to hunt down the remaining Tailed Beasts, Sasuke squares off with Killer Bee and gets in over his head. The Tailless Tailed Beast. However, despite the security, the medical Jonins have been murdered. Akatsuki prepares to launch an offensive on the shinobi villages. Jubi begins his second transformation and destroys the command headquarters of the ninja alliance, decimating several ninjas. Recently started watching Naruto since I have a lot of free time and all my friends have been suggesting me to watch. Madara casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu towards the Moon to try to take control of ninjas all over the world. Sora falls into despair after a horrible betrayal. Gamabunta and the other toads are defeated while Naruto is captured by Pain. Shikamaru decides that separating Hidan and Kakuzu is the only chance they have at conquering the duo, so he sets out to create a diversion. Naruto, Minato and the others must do everything they can to stop him. S6 E01: Deep Cover!? The end seems near for one team member. Naruto, Guy, Yamato and Aoba meet an imposter pretending to be Naruto Uzumaki and a mysterious ninja officer called Iggy. Register to help make the wiki even better! In front of Gaara, the Second Tsuchikage summons the Fourth Kazekage, the Third Raikage, and the Second Mizukage who wonder why they are there. Can anyone help me out here? Naruto and Sakura struggle with Kakashi's jingle-bell test. In Konoha, Shino remembers a Team 8 mission with Hinata and Kiba from back when they were Genin. Celebrity Ninja Art - Money Style Jutsu! A samurai unit led by Mifune rushes to the aid of the ambush unit. On his way to the battlefield, Naruto finds himself face to face with A and Tsunade, who refuse to let him pass. Team Taka and Orochimaru infiltrate the Uzumaki clan’s lair so that Orochimaru can regain use of his hands. Sasuke's jealousy of Naruto causes a rift. When Sai sees two children arguing he remembers how he became part of Team 7 and his first, tense conversation with Naruto. They trek to Tenchi Bridge to meet Sasori's spy. It's up to Kakashi to appoint the shinobi who will miss Naruto and Hinata's wedding to make sure the village is kept safe. Will the two ninjas be able to find common ground? Madara decides to test his new technique on Naruto. Is This the Island of Paradise? He tells Yamato that he managed to separate Kyubi’s chakra. During their mission Yokaze and Io are wounded. Naruto learns from Sai that Sakura intends to kill Sasuke with her own hands, and Gaara asks what action Naruto will take as Sasuke's friend. Mina is frightened by her visions of Naruto and serpents. S7 E13: The Battle at Sea: The Power Unleashed! While hunting down a fugitive, Shisui and Itachi must confront three Anbu members who have injured a Konoha messenger. Orochimaru's grand scheme involving Yūkimaru and Guren is revealed. Asuma struggles to battle Kitane. When Naruto finds out that the country is at war, he decides to get involved and put an end to it. Ino, Choji and Sakura face a Suna team while they try to win an oasis. Asuma suspects someone has been using Sora, and realizes why the village is endangered. Naruto unleashes his collaboration jutsu in a battle against the Three-Tails. Gaara replaces Oonoki to protect him from the Second Mizukage attack but gets trapped in a giant sand pyramid that the ninjas try to seal off. Kyubi tries to make Naruto understand that he can’t stop the hatred caused by the war alone. Naruto's Recollection, S8 E15: Multiple Traps! Will the Uchiwa and the Chinoike disappear from shinobi history? Naruto begins his Sage jutsu training under Fukasaku, but quickly grows impatient with the first challenge. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While Kabuto tries to combine the Oto quartet’s techniques with Orochimaru’s, Itachi manages to trap him using a forbidden technique. Hearing the Akatsuki attack, Tsunade attempts to contact Fukasaku. The fate of Konoha depends on it. While Kabuto and Deidara confront the Third Tsuchikage and his sidekicks, Manda takes the opportunity to launch an offensive against turtle island. Orochimaru gives the envelope with information from Danzo about Konoha's ANBU to Kabuto. Tsunade sends Kakashi on a mission when an alarming message from Guy arrives. As Zetsu tries to resuscitate Kaguya, the world's Chakra is about to be reunified. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Meanwhile, Asuma's team reports its mission's tragic result to Tsunade. When Neji convinces him that all is not lost in Konoha, the mysterious masked man decides to reveal his true identity. The specter of the Hermit Rikudo returns to his roots and Ninshu's origins. After a wartime victory, Jiraiya encounters three starving children and agrees to help them. Killer Bee tries to teach him the biju bomb technique but Kyubi refuses to let Naruto morph into him. Madara manages to resist the Tailed Beasts, with White Zetsu’s help. But Guren isn't about to give up Yūkimaru without a fight. After rejoining his friends, Sasuke announces his decision to become a Hokage. Temari's team, along with Kankuro and Ebizo, continues to make its way toward the Land of Rivers. Recovering from their wounds, Naruto and Sakura accompany Yamato in pursuit of Sai. With a total of 90 reported filler episodes, Naruto has a high filler percentage of 41%. Guy sacrifices himself by opening the death gate. However, Naruto’s memory changes the situation. Soon the jutsu begins to spin out of control. User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand! Hidan and Kakuzu head to the Fire Temple to begin their next mission. Guy decides to stand up to Madara by opening the eighth celestial gate so he can confront him. Shikamaru reveals that a strategy has been developed to stop the imposters. Will he be able to solve the human bomb mystery? Kakashi's team is forced into an unplanned battle.


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