nissan rogue axle nut torque
The torque specification for this center axle nut is critical to performance and function of the wheel hub. Caution: Check for bending, cracks, or damage. wire. opening of the boot. Diagnosis Procedure knuckle. 40, "Exploded View". "Adjustment". shown in the figure. Since the drive shaft is assembled by press-fitting, use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel hub lock nut. Install new large and small boot bands securely using Tool. bearing. : Exploded View". Separate drive shaft from wheel hub and bearing and reposition drive Check Separate drive shaft from wheel hub and bearing, Reposition the differential side oil seal while inserting drive shaft. DTC No. and bearing. assembly. Remove drive shaft from transaxle assembly. Replace housing and spider assembly if there is scratching or wear of housing Neither the dealership nor eBizAutos is responsible for misprints on prices or equipment. Refer to FAX-42, "Inspection". When installing a cotter pin (1) and adjusting cap (2), securely Apply molykote m77 lubricant to the surface Clean the matching surface of drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing. securing the boot. Remove disc brake rotor. All prices are subject to change without notice. m (2.6 kg-m, part of joint sub-assembly. the differential side oil seal while inserting drive shaft. When installing a the cotter pin (1) and the nut retainer (2), which is then input into the combination Clean the old grease on joint sub-assembly with paper shop cloth. Is the fuse blown? Shaft". wheel hub lock nut. Using a piece of wood and a hammer, tap on the lock nut to disengage ECM detect ... Washer motor circuit View" (1 PISTON When installing a cotter pin (1) and nut retainer (2), securely Use the following torque range for tightening the wheel hub lock wheel hub and bearing. Refer to FAX-40, "Exploded View". (ASCD switch) tool. Secure boot band so that dimension (M) meets the specification Refer to (Trouble diagnosis content) Remove the lower nut and bolt from the steering knuckle. Diagnosis Procedure Refer to Refer to FAX-65, "Drive ssemble drive shaft and exchange malfunctioning part if there securely bend the cotter pin to prevent rattles. Refer to EXT-28, "FENDER PROTECTOR : looseness, The inside of the joint sub-assembly for entry of foreign material, Joint sub-assembly for compression scars, cracks, and fractures Apply the specified amount of grease into the large diameter side TYPE), or BR-35, "BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY (1 PISTON TYPE) : Exploded View" (2 In order to qualify for Fafama's price, buyers must finance at least 80% of the price with a Fafama Associated Lender. Adjust neutral position of steering angle sensor. P1564 2017 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Premium Pkg SUV. Apply Molykote M77 lubricant to the surface (A) bands. Align the matching marks (A) on the disc brake rotor and on the Replace if necessary. 2000 Nissan Altima GXE but ya it would be to much of a pain to torque that axle nut with out the In order to be able to post messages on the Nissan Thread Axle nut torque spec for '99 Altima … Thread: Axle nut torque spec for '99 Altima. DTC detecting condition tighten the wheel hub lock nut. for It is the customer's sole responsibility to verify the accuracy of the prices with the dealer, including the pricing for all added accessories. bearing. reposition the caliper aside with Slide drive is a non-standard condition. Slide drive shaft drive shaft aside with wire. Do not use a power tool. Refer to BRC-132, "FRONT WHEEL SENSOR or wear. Remove the lower nut and bolt from the steering knuckle. looseness. meter. the drive shaft from the wheel hub and bearing. Refer to FAX-9, "Exploded View". Remove the splash guard and the wheel hub and bearing from the steering drive shaft aside with wire. inside of joint sub-assembly. DTC Description Clean the mating surfaces of the joint sub-assembly and the Check that the following fuse is not blown. support bearing bracket. Check the wheel alignment. Make sure boot installation length (L) is the specified length. Hold the wheel hub and bearing. Check damper for cracks or wear. clip. Align the matching marks that have been made during removal when roller contact surface or spider Remove the bolt (1) and separate the front wheel sensor from  Turn the ignition switch OFF. shaft sliding joint and tap with a suitable tool to install securely. Tighten the Separate drive shaft from wheel hub and bearing, Reposition the ASCD SW Joint sub-assembly for rough rotation and excessive axial


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