no 309 episode 4 english subtitles
-Pelinsu, Heed to the words and calm down. -Też Well. Soon there will be a child, and here still do not bought. - Hello? Give her some time to calm down, then you talk. But wait a minute, I'll bring you something. Okay, sit down, and I'll send coffee. Oh corciano sat down to dinner without waiting for you, as he went this ... what's his name .... -Pilates Mom. Of course. I depend on you. - Thank you. Why did I agree to this, I do not like something, he never accepts. Create a free website or blog at - Betul not miss the occasion. For baby. Onur -No, I'm told. -Well. I can not build a normal relationship with this woman. Of course not. -It's Something important? Let's talk about yesterday. Reply. -Don't Get involved, to give birth are one flesh, and I want to know what he is doing and where it comes my baby. - Most important to the young they were happy. He saw me and liked me engagement him. Therefore, eat, do not you cry. What? -He Was furious ...... and it was ridiculous. Look at the power of money as change a man for one day. -Interesting As is done dinner. Well, right now that I do, I'll keep you informed. Congratulations girls. -In Order Lale, I'll drive you to where you want. I may be a little late, but what I'll send them to you by Samet. Come on, do not spin here too long. I really love the series. - What? How? Elif, strongly colored blouse, something like that. I will take to my sister and I get married as soon as possible. I feel sorry for her, in spite of this reaction. -Bank, Which he is heard talking to a doctor. Do not forget about it. Listen to, Yildiz. I experience very stressful days, I did not even know I was pregnant. How is this related to my daughter in law? - Yes mum. What are you doing here? Two days are no longer seen. -What Do I listen? What are they doing here journalists, Kurtulus? Pelinesu, you're right, but I believe that we need to do so. If they look at the situation, it may be that she's right. I say about your style. Oh, this Betul. Where is my fault? -If It happened to be on the show, audience much to jump. Tell them about this place, if you need a kwiaty.Chodź, come on. See you in class. You can not forgive the scandal, right? How do we know this. - Well, what do you say? My sweet, I was going to call you, but I was very busy. -Well, You are very much abreast, only that not every day you walk down the red carpet. -When You go out, do not really want to go for dinner, very worried, I immediately understood. My daughter in law, because she was very happy about it, shared it on social media. - Oh, how I szczupło look. Yesterday we solved the problem. I do not want any driver. Of course, the daughter, too, take what you want? You can not do that. -oj, Well, I'm going.


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