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Madame Viper | This background character, a member of a businessmen's club and a friend of J. Jonah Jameson, would reappear in The Amazing Spider-Man #25, 26, and 27, and when Norman was formally introduced in issue #37, he too was stated to be a member of the club and friend of Jameson's.[2][8]. Menace | [86], It has been shown that since having suppressed the rampaging Green Goblin personality and becoming the more dominant personality, Osborn has proven to be just as (if not more) evil and cruel. Marvel's Spider-Man Osborn experimented on Li using the mysterious chemical substance, the Devil's Breath. Electro | Jigsaw | [75] He leverages this widely publicized success, positioning himself as the new director of the S.H.I.E.L.D.-like paramilitary force H.A.M.M.E.R. Frightful Four | Rhino II | Overdrive | I didn't know there was any doubt about Osborn being the Goblin. On page 66, Saffel reprints the panel of. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Kingpin | Prowler | Doctor Octopus | Tombstone | Scorpion | Green Goblin | Vanessa Fisk | Richard Fisk A.I.M. Amberson, a brilliant student in the fields of science, became an alcoholic after losing control of a manufacturing company and fortune, and became physically abusive toward the family. He wears a green costume underneath bulletproof chainmail with an overlapping purple tunic. The Green Goblin. Riot | While Parker is going about civilian life, Osborn surprises and knocks Parker out with an asphyxiation grenade, taking the youth to his waterfront base. Peter places the Spider-Man top on a flagpole so that Osborn can see it burn, but privately vows that he will find a way to defeat Osborn as Peter rather than Spider-Man. [6] However, Lee prefaced this statement by admitting that, due to his self-professed poor memory, he may have been confusing the Green Goblin with a different character,[6] and in an earlier essay he had said that he could not remember whether Norman Osborn being the Green Goblin was his idea or Ditko's. [80], Harry is approached by Norman with the offer of a job within the Dark Avengers. They referenced storylines such as "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" and "Dark Reign" saga as one of his most prominent roles. Following some verbal clues from the Goblin, Peter also discovers where he had hidden May, and rescues the latter as well. Magneto | However, he has expressed satisfaction at plastic surgery that 'restored' him to a twisted version of his original features, and intended to use a modified version of the formula to essentially 'infect' the entire country of Symkaria to become goblin-level soldiers without the intellectual capacity to defy him. [74], During the "Secret Invasion" by shape-shifting extra-terrestrials, the Skrulls, Osborn shoots and kills the Skrull queen Veranke. Origin Marvel's Spider-Man: Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Electro, Mister Negative, Rhino, Scorpion & Vulture) | Inner Demons | Norman Osborn | Silver Sable | Hammerhead | Black Cat | Kingpin | Screwball | Shocker | Taskmaster | Tombstone | Walter Hardy | Yuriko Watanabe. Norman Osborn Ringer | [129], Following his time in prison, A.I.M scientists converted Osborn into a Super-Adaptoid, capable of absorbing the abilities of any mutant, mutate, alien, android or other such superpowered being by touching them. This explains why certain main characters of Marvel's Spider-Man despise Norman, but there's more to the story. [69], Years after Gwen's death, it is revealed that Osborn had a one-night stand with Gwen after being overwhelmed by his charisma, which led to Gwen's pregnancy with his illegitimate twin children. Spider-Man 3: Venom | Sandman | New Goblin | Lizard | Scorpion | Kraven the Hunter | Calypso | Kingpin | Rhino | Morbius | Shriek | J. Jonah Jameson Morlun | Doctor Doom | Spider Man Ps4 2018 - Secret Ending And Post Credit Scenes. Among others, Neil Ross, Alan Rachins, Steve Blum, Steven Weber and Josh Keaton provided the character's voice throughout various animated Spider-Man series over the years. [57] Frustrated by Parker's perseverance despite everything that's been inflicted,[58] Osborn publicly reveals that he's alive on Halloween. While Devil's Breath is incredibly useful, Li was a failed experiment for Norman and Oscorp. However, this narrative was rejected by newly-promoted editor in chief Bob Harras,[17] and eventually Norman was chosen to be the mastermind. Ellis admitted not being very familiar with the character, saying: "All I remember of the Norman Osborn character was from the Spider-Man reprints my parents used to buy me when I was very young, and Norman Osborn was this guy with a weird rippled crewcut who was always sweating and his eyes were always bulging out of his head. Incarcerated in the Raft penitentiary, he blames his Goblin alter-ego for ruining his chance to protect the world. In the prequel novel for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover by David Liss, even more is revealed about Norman and his shady practices.


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