northwest airlink flight 5719 memorial
As the most populous town in Minnesota’s northern interior, Hibbing also plays host to Range Regional Airport, which serves as an important connection with the metropolitan areas far to the south. United Airlines Flight 585 was a scheduled passenger flight on March 3, 1991 from Denver to Colorado Springs, Colorado, carrying 20 passengers and 5 crew members on board. Proper procedure called for him to announce any sink rate greater than 1,000 feet per minute; 1,000 feet and 300 feet above any assigned altitude; 500 and 100 feet above the MDA, as indicated on their approach charts; and the attainment of any assigned altitude or the MDA. just begun.’’. flight? Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. It struck the top of a tree, continued for 634 feet (193 m), and struck a group of aspen trees. After his most recent check ride, the check airman commented that while his performance was satisfactory, he was “bothered” by Falitz’s attitude. When training to fly the Saab 340, his instructor wrote that Falitz communicated poorly with other crewmembers, and that while he liked him as a person, he was headstrong, argumentative, and thought he was always right, qualities which made him difficult to teach. To seasoned investigators, physical evidence indicated that the plane had struck the ground at a shallow angle, apparently under control. They were the only people aboard the aircraft. Still, some important questions remained. headline: “Northwest air crash in Hibbing kills 18. An email has been sent to with a link to confirm list signup. “In and out they came, the people who were waiting. Families began to Although they were not landing on runway 31, it was still possible to use part of that runway’s ILS; specifically, the localizer, which broadcasts a narrow bidirectional beam that the pilots can follow to align with the runway. At this point, only 37 seconds remained until impact with the ground, and almost all of this time was consumed by the activation of the airport lighting, a task which should have been completed earlier in the approach. The only airline serving Range Regional Airport in the 1990s was Northwest Airlink. Because it was such a hassle to monitor flights in this way, he had only ever done so four times, which was insufficient to notice the pattern of violations. Instead of descending to an intermediate altitude as described in the procedure, Falitz kept them high almost all the way through the DME arc, then pitched down and entered a descent of 2,250 feet per minute, more than twice the maximum prescribed by both company rules and federal regulations. Only runway 31 — the same runway in the opposite direction — had such a system. The aircraft was further delayed when it was deemed overweight for departure, requiring the removal of one passenger from the aircraft.


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