notion templates ali abdaal
Use this template to capture notes from all meetings in one accessible spot. Healthy team communication is all about transparency and making as much information available asynchronously as possible. Watch this video to get a better understanding of how to use this template. It’s appreciating and fully enjoying what money brings into your life and yet never purchasing anything that isn’t needed and wanted. Notes can be tagged by meeting type to make them easy to find. As a student, I found it helpful to centralise organising aspects of both school and my personal life in one place. I use this template as a database to store all of my frequently bought groceries. You can also create a blog homepage to link out to all your posts — gallery view is particularly handy for that if you want to showcase the images in your posts. Use this template to easily list and edit openings at your company. I can sort by category (including "Favorites" or "Haven't Tried") and easily copy & paste the Shopping List into my separate Groceries page to simplify my grocery shopping process. ), and its status (scheduled, in progress, complete). Use this template as the basis for what a post might look like. Notes can be tagged by meeting type to make them easy to find. Hobbies & fun. We hope it helps! Give everyone at your company one source of truth for important information, policies, announcements and more. Onboarding check listThere's lots to do in the process, using this template will help you get it right. Make a good first impression on your candidates. I use Notion for almost everything. Twitter - Facebook - Product Hunt - Email. Helps you and your audience focus on what really matters: Your story. Be sure to click on January to see the full system. Use the filters, the categories and the search bar, Select multiple templates, look at the description and find the one, Duplicate the perfect template and enjoy all this time saved from building. Use this content calendar to schedule and track all the content you're putting out — from blog posts to podcasts to tweets. You can also turn your calendar into a different type of database view. It’s often difficult to keep track of invested money, and it can be a challenge to know which investments are giving you the best bang for your buck. Get hiring right by putting the right process in place: 1. By the end of the 22 days your number of unbroken Push-ups should increase by 1.5 times. Your account is fully activated, you now have access to all content. You might like to try it out - let me know how it goes. Looks beautiful on every device. The less time you spend managing the list part of your to-do list, the better. While it is not particularly complex, it is a joy for me to work within. Especially helpful for new employees who join and want to get a sense of how past decisions were made, the history of relationships, precedents for new projects, and more. Track the success of your hashtags, in a related hashtag database. (Images from Unsplash). The feature I love the most though is the ability to instantly scale your ingredients to change the servings number. I manage two Notion accounts, one for myself and one for my agency collective. Task and assignment system5. Notion's editing interface can be as simple as a blank piece of paper, or as complex as a multimedia website creator. It's a user-friendly dashboard that gives a preview to all your writings (or basically anything!). Properties on this board let you set the priority of a task, a due date, who is assigned, and its completion status. Global view, no scrolling, fast research! See when each meeting took place and who was there. This template comes with all year monthly pages: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December! My 'Finances' template includes a categorized Kanban board of my expenses, debts, and extra expenses and Cash Flow Calendar so I can visually see when I have money coming in and out. Try using monthly report too! Easy to change and edit, also easy to track changes and pivots. Hi! If you’re an Org user and watch Abdaal’s video, you will be struck with how easily the things he’s doing translates almost directly into Org mode. I'm not only fairly new to Notion, but also new to owning a very small Etsy shop where I plan on selling some simple fan art stickers. helpful tips for using this template the right way. To give you the best of Notion. Full tutorial will be available on Youtube soon. Red Gregory's Inventory Management System, Notion YT Video About Relations & Roll Ups. I also tried other plan creation tools like Strategyzer, and it turns out that it's more like mind mapping which was an experience that I didn't enjoy (maybe you will), and it was so basic and doesn't give me much freedom to track changes or make add feedback quickly. 🐞 Bugs are tasks to fix things. This template is my personal task management and habit formation system that can be used to help other people track their daily routines and plan out their daily or weekly The minds had long ago come up with a proper name for it; they called it the Irreal, but they thought of it as Infinite Fun. This is an app-like recipe manger template. The tags help with search at a later time. Easily see what you've completed. This template includes 4 sections of content for you to 1) understand yourself better and 2) accelerate your self-growth journey.  Each page is also complete with examples and resources (that I personally use) to help you get started on completing your personal wiki. I found it took a weight off of my shoulders to put this all in one place, and also encouraged me to reflect on my productivity and try journaling!I'll be updating the template as I improve my own setup. I hope this can serve as some inspiration for others who are trying to establish regular and healthy habits in their lives. I created other views and named them as categories. Use this template to track all of your project work.


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