old town charles river royalex canoe for sale
Box Stores lightweight, easy to maneuver and built with added depth for an extra margin 33 pounds. Old town charles river made from royalex is the epitome of open canoe design, very light weight but not made anymore as too expensive to produce. The original seats were rem, Very rare and highly sought after 12 ft canoe, very versatile and light. Great solo float camp boat. New air bags. Larger canoes will need more power to steer, turn, and portage. Please reply here or call . Mad River Eclipse - 16' Royalex Canoe - Grey Owl/Voyager Paddles - Paddleboy Fat Boy CartThis is a very light and capable canoe made of a material that is very durable, though unfortunately discontinued.It has always been stored inside in the warm seasons and in a heated space during the cold. It has minor dings and scrapes consistent with it’s age but is ver, "If you could only own one canoe, the Wenonah Sundowner would be it. See info. !Rock Solid.15' 6" x 32" Wide x 13" DeepCapacity = 950lbs.Max. 13 ft. 8 inches in length. Discovery 119 Angler Home made oak thwart and yoke. Let Brand new Keel Eazy skid plates on both ends. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. I used the canoe a couple of times on Maine rivers, as well as some Ohio inland lakes. Max load: 1086 Standard features: Four oar socketsPolyethyl, Old Town H2Pro Solo Canoe - $800 (Altavista), OLD TOWN PENOBSCOT 17 ROYALEX CANOE Like Brand New - $1500 (Evington), CANOE-Old Town Royalex - $1400 (Keysville), (SOLD-$950) Old Town Pack 12' Royalex Solo Canoe - $950 (Madison heights), Old Town Pack 12' Royalex Solo Canoe - $750 (Madison heights), Old Town Pack 12' Royalex Solo Canoe - $800 (Madison heights), Old Town PENOBSCOT 16 ROYALEX Canoe Like Brand New - $950 (Evington), 17 foot - Old Town Royalex Penobscot Canoe - $800 (Bedford), 16' old town camper canoe... Green royalex - $600 (Madison heights), Old Town Scout Canoe 16 - $600 (Brookneal Va), 14 ft old town canoe - $600 (Mad heights), OLD TOWN CAMPER green 16ft Canoe ROYALEX - $500 (Madison heights), old town PACK royalex canoe less than 30 pounds!!! truly amazing personal watercraft unlike any other. with Royalex hull whichis as rugged as they made 'em!Bounces off and glides over rocks!Care free aluminum rails accentuatedby solid Ash Hardwood seats & bracing.BEAUTIFUL CANOE! Very nice Old Town 3 ply poly canoe with woven seats. LOCAL SALE AND CASH ONLY. Has a patch on the nose. These boats were over $1000. The trusty work horse of the river, the Old Town Discovery range of Canadian Canoes are very popular and used by hire fleets and outdoor activity centres with good reason. This canoe had been stored under a deck hanging from one side from hooks made from 2x4s. Super Link 3 (foam Core poly.) • Lightweight backwaters and take a solo daytrip on local streams. it is priced accordingly. There are six actual models of varying lengths, including OTCA, Guide 16s, plus the Monitor 17 all built to order. 16 foot old town canoe for sale. © 1999-2020 Oak Orchard Canoe, Inc. All Rights Reserved. of security. The Camper is a highly responsive boat that's Thanks! • Portable and manueverable for Solo use. It hasn't seen much action been in garage storage. It's even well-suited for a single OR a double-bladed paddle. The time to purchase is now while we still have a few Royalex canoes available. Information, L.L.Bean Design incorporates both canoe and kayak characteristics for fun, remarkably easy and natural paddling experience. Keewaydin Royalex Canoe 17 ft. approximately 65 lbs. Late 1990’s Mad River Explorer canoe. Bomb-proof build quality combined with superb paddling ability. No texts, please! stiff and affordable canoe. $0. The canoe was only used a handful times since we bought it new. View cart for details. This is a very stable canoe with ribs on the side to keep it from flipping over. versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price! With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide For 150 extra I can Include a minnkota trolling motor, battery, and charger, Like Brand New RED lightweight Royalex Old Town Canoe. This model was only offered for a short time. OLD TOWN GUIDE 16' CANOE. "Just 55lbs. • 260cm double-bladed paddle. Camper Ideal for both double-bladed and single-bladed paddles. Guide 147 Canoe has always been stored indoors when not i, * * Perfect for Adirondack Paddlers...Original BELL Canoe Works model.David Yost Design"Nothing paddles like a BELL. • Traditional solo paddle. Rack of rental kayaks. The Penobscot pattern was the first design used and variations of this earliest Old Town model can still be found. It has West systems epoxy and fiberglass and Kevlar skid plates front and rear. 14ft mad river tahoe canoe. Is 16 ft long and weighs 57 lb. 16 ' Old Town Camper Canoe made of Royalex with cane seats with ash carrying yoke. stiff and affordable canoe. It also has rubber kneeling mats. 17 foot - Old Town Royalex Penobscot Canoe - $800 (Bedford) 17' Penoboscot tripping canoe in "very good" condition with kevlar bumpers installed. • Extra Durable 3 layer poly hull And its sharp entry provides Old Town Royalex 17ft Tripper 1195Mad River Quest 16-10 ft Royalex 950Wenonah Champlain Tuft Weave with extras excellent condition 1350-Antique Old Town and Penn Yan canoes, wood and canvas, 16 and 17 foot, excellent condition, water tight, ready for the water Or cabin hanger for your loft or lodge. Currently needs new gunwales. 16' Old Town Kennebec Canoe with 3 air bags, 2 paddles, & 1 anchor. Mad river canoe, Quest model, excellent condition. 17' Penoboscot tripping canoe in "very good" condition with kevlar bumpers installed. 14 foot Old Town H2Pro sole canoe. You’ll want to use authentic Old Town Canoe parts and accessories to keep your canoe in good condition and help it hold its value. Stored in the garage, only taken out to rinse the dust off and take the photos. - $800 (madison heights), Old Town 155 Osprey Royalex 3 seat Canoe ($1585 new) - $700 (Madison heights).


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