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Thanks for visiting and introducing us to your blog! As a newish boomer blogger I have read this list with interest. United Kingdom About Blog Two monkeys travel group is a travel blog and website dedicated by kach Medina Umandap- Howe from the philippines and Jonathan Howe from the UK. *Debbra Dunning Brouillette is a Getting On Travel contributor. Let’s look at the best travel blogs, UK style. Here’s to 60+ female power! We have a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. We just started a blog in June 2017 but it’s off to a great start. “Whether you’re dreaming about travel, on the road or living abroad as an expat, Women on the Road will inspire and inform your travels with ethical, practical and fun advice.” Leyla shares first-hand experiences, sometimes learned the hard way, but always rewarding. Greate article. We look forward to more of your “tropical” travel stories in 2018! Thanks for bringing your blog to our attention! We loved Lisbon, this article on 12 things to do in Lisbon was great! Of course we’ll consider other excellent blogs for the next itineration of this list :-). A great way to end this epic post on 35 incredible couple travel bloggers. What a great list of sites! Social media stats like that are impressive — way to go! We had so much fun making this list; we see so many posts about solo travel or female travel blogs, but no one seems to be giving any love to the couple travel bloggers! https://www.McCoolTravel.com. So disappointed that we didn’t make it. Want your travel info in bites that are quick and easy to digest? A symbol of freedom. They sold me on visiting Bali also since I was so close. I appreciate you for the efforts you took for giving us a wonderful list of these bloggers. What’s really different about Getting On Travel (GOT) is that we have over 25 authors, each writing about luxury boomer travel from their own unique perspective. Who doesn’t like food and travel! From festivals in charming small towns such as Merrickville and Skaneateles, to luxurious weekends in Montreal and wine tours in Prince Edward County, she casts a wide net over Eastern Ontario, West Quebec and upstate New York. There’s no stuffiness or snobbery here though. All input most welcome, and please let us know how we can feature you. Thanks for providing such a great platform. Most recently, they’ve ventured to Egypt. These two teachers have been all over the place and done some great travels. These two are couple travel bloggers who seem to have a lot of fun while travelling. Showcasing the best of Mexico, the Caribbean, and southern Europe and North America, it celebrates seasonal, locally-sourced and traditional cuisines as well as local experiences, resorts and select hotels. How about RetireEarlyandTravel.com? Boomer bragging rights: She was an extra in Mick Jagger’s “Visions of Paradise” music video. David and Veronica’s kids were finally out of the house, so they “decided to sell the empty nest (and everything else we owned), set out on a journey, and chronicle our discoveries. An enthusiast of Zentangle (a meditative art form of drawing structured patterns), she weaves Zentangle into many of her posts. Expect to see posts on hiking Machu Pichu in the future – that’s still on her wish list. 10 Best Spots to Eat on One Happy Island. We didn’t want to just regurgitate only the most well-known. “I felt like a hole in the donut… empty on the inside” she explains. Sailing on a James Beard Foundation culinary cruise with Windstar Cruises: See “Luxury Meets Culinary Aboard the Wind Surf.”, *Anita Breland and Tom Fakler are Getting On Travel Contributors. Jonathan Look was an air traffic controller and a “blindly accumulating happy baby boomer.” Then he decided to retire early in 2011 and sold almost everything he owned to pursue a life of adventure, travel, writing and photography. BTW, you confounded us with “Zentangle” — we had to Google that :-). There was first a blur of tears after her marriage to her partner of 28 years disintegrated. On Adventures of Empty Nesters, Suzanne writes about their gourmet food trips, the vibrant destinations they visit and the sumptuous digs they bed down in. Such an amazing list of blogs to explore. Totally irreverent, their hugely popular Gypsy Nesters blog is all about having fun when traveling. As a responsible traveler with a keen sense of place, Alison seeks out sustainable initiatives wherever she visits. Sean and Jen – an American couple who left their conventional lives in 2013 and adopted a life of full-time travel. We are also now on SnapChat @SunsetTraveller and have added any SnapChat usernames we could find of the others below as well. Keep posting. Above graphic courtesy of Jonathan Look from LifePart2.com. We are based in Panama and most of our travels are around South America. Irene and Jerome started More Time To Travel to inspire other boomers over the age of 50.


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