orvis recon vs helios 3

I’d like to see some sort of a hook keeper (mainly on the heavier rods… think streamers), but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. I'm wondering if I should trade/exchange up to a Helios 3? It was alive in one instant and dead the next. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. Is it a great buy? I owned one years ago. If you are in the market for a mid-priced rod, I don’t think you can do better than the Recon. Actually at the time of writing this, the Helios 3F has the lightest swing weight we’ve tested to date (for an 8-weight). New tapers and materials were rolled into the blanks, but it’s what they did with those new blanks that makes the biggest difference in the performance of the H3. It was an entry-level model and overly pliant—lacking the stiff punch most contemporary rods use to sling line through the air. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It was an unexpected surprise. I’ll take a thirty-foot cast to a tea cup all day, and that’s what Orvis was after. Eventually, when I failed to quit the sport, my father sprung for a new rod more suited to 12-inch fish. At the H3 price point, anglers can choose from many rods that are right at the cutting edge of technology and performance. love your video,pls do more. For most fly fishers, it will get the job done for the vast majority of fishing situations.

At the head of the pack was the Orvis Helios 3. With their new methods and new equipment, Orvis tested each section of the blank, measuring the deflections with newly developed software, which translates the data to graphs for comparison and analysis. Captcha loading...In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. The Recon may be middle of the road in price, but in every other way it’s way out front.

I was just entering the industry when the Helios 2 was launched. Here’s the thing. They had worked on a five-year project to ensure these lines flew straight. Tom Rosenbauer’s Hydros reel on his Orvis rod. It should work well with your favorite full sink line. To get a hold of me, take a "firstnamelastname" guess at. For Helios 3, new Recon (2020) and the new Clearwater rods, Orvis has introduced a new section replacement program with a 5-business day turnaround. I don’t know what the conversations were like at Orvis when this rod was being developed but I’d be shocked if no one expressed concerns that it was too good for the money and might cut into sales of the H2. Ultimately, pronouncing a fly rod as “the greatest” is a hollow exercise. It’s a tip flex action. A worker attaches a burl wood reel seat to an Orvis Recon rod. As I whipped out line in ever increasing lengths, my arm motion slowed, giving the loop time to unfurl in back of the boat and correspondingly in front. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Orvis designed the new fast-action Recon to fit in between the Helios 3F and 3D — basically, it’s intended to have more power than the 3F but more feel than the 3D. If a meet-in-the-middle compromise rod gets your attention, the Recon is for you — especially if your Made-in-America rod-buying budget means you’re only going to get one new rod in the near future. Orvis was able to buy a license to the resin because the outfitter wouldn’t be using the goo to craft helicopter blades the way the guy’s other customers would.

If you really want to own the rod, just wrap over the label with black tape and secure it with UV resin.
I doubt there’s any avid fly fisherman who hasn’t read/heard/seen it yet. As we walked through the factory, Combs clamped an H3 prototype onto the wall and triggered a “break test.” We watched from a plexiglass barrier as a machine pulled the rod into a tortured “U”—the tip was almost touching the butt before the spine finally splintered graphite around the room. It is a joy to cast. My son loved it as well, here is a picture with a 20 inch he caught with the rod. This fly is relatively easy to tie and is tied on a strong hook.

Orvis has set the H3 apart from the crowd and we haven’t yet begun to speak on its performance, which is something to be excited about.
It demands your attention and it is far from traditional. The government found 4.3 million fly anglers in its latest count, and Orvis estimates that another 8 million Americans go out and cast a couple of times a year.

(I say all this as a guy who has an H1 and H2, and who is also a gear whore who will likely end up with a H3), All this focus on gear ‘improvements’ just makes it more complex than needed.

Shop the Orvis Recon direct from Orvis and pair it with a Hydros Reel to make a combo! It is true $425 is a lot of money. It also delivers excellent performance compared to high-end rods that cost nearly twice as much. Dem was the days…. “Everybody who sees this rod from across a river is going to immediately be able to tell,” said Combs. This is pretty high-tech for a 150-year-old company that peddles goods for one of the oldest pastimes in the world, but Orvis has long sold itself as cutting edge. This rod does it all, and I am astonished at how well for it’s weight and price.

I bought an HD3, 11 wt a few weeks ago for a tarpon trip to Cuba last week. I called up my local Orvis store after the rod snapped on a 1.5# bass, and they told me they would have to send it in for repair rather than getting a rod at the store for a replacement(understandable, but not the same experience provided). I just cast the Recon in a 9FT.

That changed when I fell in love with the Helios II. . It’s a lot more accurate at longer distances than the Helios 2 was (and it was no slouch). The line rolled straight in the air, the furry hook fluttered down and floated naturally, the trout rose and sipped, the rod tip, sober as a dancer, rose up. Anyone have experience with both? Lots of different rods can load well, but to me, a great rod feels crisp and light at the end of a cast — and the Recon feels crisp and light. They’ve produced three winners in a row. Orvis hopes to attract a bigger number.)

For me, I felt like it gave me about 10 extra feet.

For trout, the most common do-it-all fly rod is a 9′ 5-weight, which is what we tested. Press J to jump to the feed. The metal is an anodized aluminum with a pewter finish that reduces glare and fish-scaring reflections. If the fly gets grabbed really quickly after it lands, that thing can cost you the fish or it can damage the line. Be sure not to overlook the H3F. . I’ll be interested to see your comments on the Recon. Whether the H2 is "the best," however, would be hotly contested at any fly shop in the world. It’s the perfect rod for a day when fishing dry flies turns to hucking streamers. For longer casts, you’re going to have to pay a bit more attention to your casting stroke, which is pretty much what you have to do with every rod at long distances. Public access was not an order of the day. A space-age, nine-foot wisp of carbon is one of the few competitive advantages Orvis has over an outfit such as L.L. At 45-feet something odd started happening.


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