paper mario side quests
Stay mobile, aim for the head, and he’ll be polished off relatively quickly, leaving you with an appointment…with hope. Move off to the right here and use Thudley on the large blue block to find Carrie, another Pixl. You have two primary ways of damaging Francis here, but the most common will be to grab one of the bombs as it crawls along on the floor and throw it at Francis just as he phases into sight. Proceed to the right until you reach the second screen filled with mirrors; it'll be near the door you enter this screen from. Follow them to their source and use Tippi to reveal a spaceship. You can also bust open a pipe in the Flipside 2F section that will lead you to the Flipside 3F section that’s blocked off by a fence. Go into 3D to find it. Oh, the pain. Some of these blocks will have numbers on their sides. Cooking Disk Y: The old folk’s home in Flopside 1st Floor. on April 3, 2009 at 10:55AM PDT. That said, there are some pretty decent recipes to be had here. Start making your way backwards to the river. Float across the first big gap with Peach, then drop down to him. Radical! You can talk to them if you like. Thoreau, the first Pixl you find, is capable of picking up almost anything you see, including enemies. Still, he’s not too difficult to land if you want to beat him by jumping on his head; just land on him quickly when he’s on the ground before he takes off. Bring it to Merluvlee. After they leave, they can be seen playing in the background of the Crimson Tower entrance. Use Boomer and set down bombs in front of him before he charges and detonate them as he charges, and he’ll go down fairly quickly. Tippi acts as your voice in dialogues when Mario can’t speak, and will help you find hidden items on the screen if you point your Wiimote at it. Buy as many pianta tokens you can get, spend them all on power rush badges you have to have alot of BP that you get from battle. Return to the river Tywgs, dive in, find the hole in the bottom of the surface, and unlock the door there. Oh, ho ho…ho. Although he doesn’t have the special movement or attack abilities of the other characters, his ability to switch into a 3D view of the world by pressing A will let you find secret areas, bop on hidden enemies, and will often be required for moving forward in the world. Each of the first three portraits will have a weak floor underneath it if you check them in 3D mode. Nice. Spanning across 20 years with 6 games, including the recently released Paper Mario: The Origami King, and 1 crossover. Purp claims that Piper was quiet, but had a magnetic aura around him that held the friends together. Jump onto it, press the minus and 1 keys at the same time, and the Star Block will be revealed. Defeating him will net you the Dashell Pixl, who will let you move more quickly when used. Jump over them and ignore the blue ball that’s in your path. Now, with key in hand, return to the seventh screen and reflip gravity. The only other item to find here is a Super Shroom Shake that’s located in the foreground. (You can drop down into one of the holes here to find a Merlon Card and a Merluvlee Card.) With that done, head to the right and flip into 3D to find a statue of Yoshi. In addition, Thoreau can be used to hit switches that you otherwise can’t access. Now, heading through the glass and out the door on the other side of the church will lead you to Flopside, a mirror image of Flipside, but a bit shabbier and more run down. Here’s a rundown of Dimentio’s attacks in this form. When Bleck comes down towards you, or flies across above you, spring up and hit him from below for lots of damage. Many non-healing items can be upgraded, as well, including attack items like Ice Blocks and POW Blocks. After dealing a goodly amount of damage to Croacus’ first form, he’ll detach from his stems and start floating around the room, while also sending out some shredding blades to give you a headache. Either way, you’ll need to use Thoreau to perform the actions here, so keep him available. The next screen will feature two doors, but the Koopa will prevent you from traveling through the lowest one. A bit tricky here! After jumping over the large red door that's protected by blocks, you'll come to Bestovius' house. There's a long passage off to the right here in 3D mode, but move past it first to get some extra kills and also pick up a Courage Shell. Be careful moving up and down while inside the Pits, as sometimes jumping up to a platform above you will result in an enemy falling on your head that you had no opportunity to see.


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