personal brand essay examples
It will show that my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular social media accounts are active and contain status updates attracting the professional audience. Copyright © 2016 Kylie Garner Personal Branding Photographer - Brisbane, Australia | Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest. I have designed a CV with the cover letter and references. Let’s say you’re a digital marketer. Brand The report give Nike as an excellent corporate brand example, it can provide advertising without specific products promotion but only the logo and brand name, it represents that Nike is aim to improving the brand image (Lair, 2005). When it comes to style, confidence and looking good through personal branding… You can’t go past the beautiful Majella from The Stylery Co. As a fashion stylist and image consultant, Majella has a knack for style and an eye for detail like no other. (You could re-organize this to follow that formula word-for-word and say: “I help manufacturing organizations energize, focus and align their operations….”). She uses no props and a neutral background, but WOW! Photographer: TBA. These are all statements that are made by Katrina Hillard’s personal branding. Digital community – this represents your social media following, handles, friends, profiles and influencers. What do you want your personal brand to represent? I will also avoid the influence from negative personalities and individuals while sharing my vision, being motivated to achieve my goals and creating my personal profile. What you need to do is to be conscious of it and make it work in your best interests. I will contribute to discussions related to my area of expertise to guarantee that I am well known in it. The digital footprint that one leaves behind is important in self-positioning. So while you soak up the goodness, think about your own personal brand identity and what message you want to communicate to your audience. As most people undertake the networking process as involving selling, I will ensure the following fact. It is also essential to evaluate professional relations. 2020 © Photographer: TBA. There’s a lot that goes into building a strong personal brand. Don’t worry if you’re still not sure how to go about creating your personal branding statement. The Future of Personal Branding Last November, I wrote a blog on the rise of the personal brand as the next great disconnect in online marketing. GradesFixer. It is created one block at a time, ensuring that all the requirements are met every step of the way (Bence 2014). Her location shoots and the resulting photos are simply amazing! It is important to be ready to address the concerns and critics in a professional way to guarantee that I do not ruin my reputation. The tones used in her brand photography tie in perfectly with her brand colours used throughout her online presence. However, everyone should work on developing a personal brand. At a business level, branding is common. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay … What comes to your mind when you think of Richard Branson? I will have to build up an authentic self in developing my trademark and reputation. Felicia Hatcher’s motivation speeches are legendary. It will affect my strategic behaviour. If you’re going to use this layout/formula for creating your own personal branding statement, you want to be narrow and focused, just like this example is. Her branding features dark backgrounds which brings out her exquisite natural beauty. This is another example of personal branding done exceptionally well. Natalie MacNeil is the driving force behind She takes on the World, where she teaches women how to build a thriving and influential business and brand. It’s worth creating a personal branding statement whether you’re a job seeker, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Using a question is also a way to spark intrigue and curiosity. I know it can be a little weird to add an adorable pug to this list, but when you have 6.1 million fans on Facebook and 3.2 million fans on Instagram, it’s pretty safe to say you’re the King of Personal Branding or as Doug the Pug would say King of Pop Culture. Emma Isaacs is another great example of an entrepreneur who could easily take the corporate route with her personal branding, but instead she has chosen a more laid back attitude to her styling that only makes her more endearing to her audience. Naomi Simson is another example of an entrepreneur who wears their personal style well. I also plan on posting my CV in online professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, in order to ensure that it makes it the ultimate social media resume. It can be difficult to imagine what the ideal statement should look like on your own, so we’ve assembled some best personal brand statement examples from multiple categories. In the future, I also plan on starting to think of myself as a brand. I have based my plans, goals, objectives, and strategies towards designing, creating, and developing my personal brand. Her clothes and accessories often carry her unique ‘lucky bee’ pattern, along with her signature blue/green tones. The question is related to the most efficient strategies to ensure that the person becomes recognized by building authority and following. Note that you could also adapt this to fit the go-to formula we looked at earlier: I help ___ do ___. Christina has provided a perfect example of how a relaxed corporate personal brand can be done this exceptionally well. Web: Today’s job market and business markets are more competitive than ever. 11. We can give you the essay examples you need for future learning. Nat comes across as very relatable and her brand images tie in perfectly with the products and services she offers. Her personal brand is a delightful mix of fun, playful, classy and elegant. Personal branding is so important in today’s business world. The portfolio as well includes taking special consideration in my popular social networks to guarantee that the friends I maintain are important in the career growth. Don’t follow the masses. Brittany Berger is a leading content marketer that uses a slightly different angle to get clients. 33 Stunning Personal Branding examples. 9 Amazing Personal Brand Statement Examples. When looking at Lisa Messenger’s personal brand, straight away you get a sense of her style, passion and a woman who is not afraid to push boundaries. However, everyone should work on developing a personal brand. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. one After getting to know what I have, having claimed my niche and set my mind towards the target brand, I plan on getting online. In order to hit my target and annual benchmarks, I will ensure that I follow the way how my target audience perceives me. The experiences of every entrepreneur are a proof that hard work and persistence are required for an individual to be successful (Chritton, 2012). Leandra Brady Walker’s personal branding is an excellent example of having a great presence without having to conform to one individual style. In this section, I’ll show you around a few examples. It may take more than twenty years to build the good reputation, but only five minutes to ruin it. of our top-10 writers. Straight away Rachel’s personality shines out through all her brand photography. From her branding throughout The Collective Hub, to her books and her events, Lisa makes the most of each shoot repurposing the images across all platforms which results in a consistency like no other and a personal brand statement that sets her well apart from the rest. The brands are important; and they exist to ensure that the development process is smooth and leaves a footprint among colleagues, friends, workplaces, and bosses. It is best achieved by having the necessary confidence required in sharing my vision and brand with my audience without sounding as if I am selling myself. Personal blogs – having a personal website can help you share useful stuff and interact with people on the Internet. My decision to apply to graduate school for an MBA has been a rather unconventional journey. He knew it so well it was almost his position in the finance organization, because he not only was the “go-to" person, he was a critical asset to that group because of it. Typical offline resources include –, Do your best to ensure these six critical aspects of your personal brand are well taken care of and this would require a lot of effort on your part but it would be worth it at the end of the day. Now it’s your turn to create one for yourself. Actually there is no need to wonder, Dr Leandra Brady Walker… AKA The Cosmopolitan Hippy shows how perfectly. The most unique aspect of my personal branding process will be building relationships. Personal branding clarifies and communicating the unique people generated in different way to reach their goals and it is an expression of our unique, such as skills, strengths or natural talents. A strong brand can yield maximum benefits, whether one works in an organization or is leading it. Danielle LaPorte’s brand represents a woman who is not afraid to live life on her terms. I have deliberately left out huge personal brands like Oprah or Gary Vee. The biggest mistake that one can make is starting the self-positioning process just for the sake of it. You need two main types of resources to build a great personal brand – offline and online resources. Now let’s move on to some personal brand statement examples that get a bit more creative…. In fact, the size of your followership or friendship on social media reflects the strength of your personal brand. Before I launch into giving examples, let's recap the definition of personal branding. If you can concisely describe exactly what you can do for people you’re sure to come up with a powerful personal branding statement. Large corporations? It is a very important tool for creating official contacts especially during meetings, forums, interviews, and other social functions. Danielle LaPorte’s personal brand is impressive and definitely creates impact, in the best way of course! According to the advice that I have received from experts, I have learnt the following fact. Margie Warrell presents a beautiful calming presence through her brand photography. I once knew a finance analyst who, in his own words, was an “Excel God." But every business and website wants more traffic, and Neil Patel has the knowledge and know-how to make it happen. This includes cookies from third party social media sites and ads. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? And it probably goes without saying… No one does personal branding while wearing active wear quite like the queen of fitness herself! I have set the goals that I want to achieve in life, written down a personal brand statement, which involves what my career does include and the path I would like to take. The domain means that I have to find an area that does not have many competitors (Grams 2011). So, don’t wait any longer doing your boring writing tasks. Whether you are a popular figure or not, you are a brand. Mari could have promised to help people become a social media “expert,” “professional,” or “whiz.” But by saying she’ll help you achieve mastery of the subject she really sets herself apart from her peers. It is to ensure that I master my domain. Before I enter the second self-branding and positioning process, I plan on selecting a niche.


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