petition for letters of administration alabama
/Length 617 0000001710 00000 n /O 47 /Linearized 1 << Petitioner is an adult individual eighteen years of age or older. 48 0 obj /Parent 42 0 R 59 0 obj << PETITION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION A. /Pages 42 0 R /P 0 Donation Letter Template 8 Document(s) Business Letter Template 41 Document(s) Letter of Recommendation for Teacher 2 Document(s) Cover Letter Examples 91 Document(s) Petition Template 1 Document(s) Letter of Intent Template 3 Document(s) Demand Letter Sample 1 Document(s) Employment Verification Letter Template 6 Document(s) 0000003591 00000 n %%EOF 0000000731 00000 n 45 15 \�A`Po��"�-�,� ���� a(����e�[@�'�1�Y��[�;4�fu��t�%:�T~��5skWW ��hj�.= ����eń�cP�h��)q�NH*+��4��;n�"�M��Z,. %�쏢 >> �H� �!��c��G�����U#~,EnmM��JVd��8�7M��o��?�jl�n�4�4���N�� #>����8~�MxƐ�"�v`J+0)ǟѥ@G If the spouse, heirs, or largest in-state creditor fails to petition the probate court for letters of administration within 40 days, their right to priority is waived. /Metadata 44 0 R we only represent personal representatives, New Rules Can Save Money on Alabama Probate Expenses, Updated 2011 Value Threshold for Alabama Small Estates, Note to Alabama Probate Attorneys: File in the Right Court, How to Open an Estate for Probate in Alabama, Alabama Intestate Law: Intestacy, Intestate Succession, and Heirs at Law, Answers to Common Alabama Probate Questions. The following forms are available in portable document format (PDF) for the public and other users of the AOC website.For your convenience, the forms may be saved to your computer and used without accessing the internet. stream >> 0000000629 00000 n “Next of kin” (an archaic term used to refer to the heirs of the estate); Any other person, except that in counties of over 400,000 persons, the county or general administrator is next in line behind the largest in-state creditor of the state. 0000019802 00000 n ^ G o f � � � � � �� " ^ � � � )� � � � B @> � � � � #� �endstream 46 0 obj Place of filing § 43-2-40 1. 0000000017 00000 n /N 12 � H � ( PETITION FOR SUMMARY ADMINISTRATION OF THE ESTATE OF: NO. >> 0000004983 00000 n Process. %���� Are you thinking of taking on the role of administering an Alabama estate? /E 39776 /Names << /Dests 29 0 R>> 0000020380 00000 n 0000036826 00000 n and Administration of the University of Alabama with a second edition, by Professor Ransone, later published in 1974. If informal administration is not available in your case, you need to file a petition to serve as administrator. The petition for letters of administration is the most common petition used when the deceased did not have a will. /L 79805 '��N�x��)�V��0��G��?�NM�"�I�Eb� ��X�i�����umq���8�Yjq�Z�ק�&��(#�]T]ɬ�U�-0����z#��r8��(ѱ^5�ct����N��׃��N��ʰ��A�E��t�ש2��q�_������2X��F��96�!-��I�� �N�U�b��0�a���:vU~@ 9�:�A'�I:��� ֭(�I�5-�y8&���$�~�J| ��U��㾔z?ك)1��W����x��*` ��Zk;���7�j+ ��QY a�tm�jq���:��8�idk� �� � �Ɛ���g4btΓ�:����DfS���m�~d�-�����cĭ���]4aY�y�=2�d))����7�� �6�7�֣��Q"jgk˔� �Ң�ѽD����ȕ���4���-!��0g��A������-I�}u�;��˶׃����EBΠNߴ_���6�����4+?��+�'vQ���@a'͚��R}!�~���9vsi4��([��#��k�_�����#�Ud���g4h����!��p�@x�c���Mp(W��x��/�!�i�,�7��KXC� /Prev 78769 /Type /Catalog There are several ways to select an administrator. If so, read on to get a quick overview of what it means to be a personal representative (PR) in Alabama. /Resources << Under the last category, the county administrator has priority over the general public in Mobile and Jefferson County estates. /S 525 /H [ 731 689 ] endobj /Size 60 /Contents 48 0 R endobj Use of this petition will result in the probate court appointing an administrator who will settle the estate. /Length 1546 endobj Welcome to E-Forms. x��\mo�F�ޯ�z���;����N�"�[AE! 0000001420 00000 n 0000003340 00000 n 47 0 obj l&����e�h�[���p��,��5,(7A��W�C�-����Too&ۖ���;��R�.�a�il0��1��ߒց���]�9a�-�O�1� /CropBox [-0.0000 -0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] 0000004539 00000 n /ProcSet [/PDF /Text] County where non-resident decedent leaves assets 3. %PDF-1.4 <> The fourth edition was edited by Robert L. McCurley, Jr. County where non-resident decedent’s assets are brought after death 4. /T 78781 0000018859 00000 n � �� t � . stream :_____ _____ COMES NOW, Petitioner, _____, Pro Se and files the following Petition for Summary Administration of the Estate of _____ pursuant to Alabama Statutes Section 43-2-692 and would state as follows: 1. 5 0 obj << /Filter [/FlateDecode ] >> The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth editions were edited by Penny A. Davis. The Probate Court of Jefferson County, Alabama serves over 700,000 citizens helping them in each life state from birth to marriage to death. x��Z�n#7��?� �U,���C���?0nY�!��Cj!�[�l�/�X�$��V=�zU����s�w�{{��������Y��q���J���ww�˿_y���y�������w�~ɾ[�m����C:����\0�_oo~�݇;_��p���G��,���ßr��%}�D����� c�[7| /Type /Page trailer /Root 46 0 R 0 startxref 0000018613 00000 n >> County where decedent was an inhabitant at the time of death 2. ^1��>4�=H���T�na=���ô�T�f�m3��A��p���?K��p0[��ŷ�3��S�������hX{:�z��U�GK�]�斝�uV����ݠve�`�H���I���Aj�e�:%D�6�ۏ� �7�2��B�~_��� �i�z��q�}��՛���%`�]�J�.�^/N���?�U���#��n�h, �W�. /MediaBox [-0.0000 -0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] >> /Font << /F12 49 0 R /F17 54 0 R >> << /Info 43 0 R Log in. /TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] ���*��x�c�)$��%���X&0�ّ��;�ny� e��N?�z:�=��nû� �>E����g� 䕈_m���"���Td↮��J���=Yyj'(�zD^�l�γ�z,����Ǔ:�`�cg��ͥ��qQ��Q�"���.���@��H�$���(.��U?T+�,ct�lUWYwPݑ�c�orG��6j�ڞ��`F�$����� 6c#o{����\{.�8�/>�V��9�vCA٢TF��:ѯ��Ȭ�R�Yz��|�� S>؈-~n,G_ �b!t��1�a�Q�jG�b9�D�p�b�$��W�_��O4Lt��j'(��`����$�3d �֜�؂�PJZ�H3,m�h�Dpܼ����9ĻY���9�����H��7nI2 I6���)��FS4)��U�ۆ-����=3jQ-��%`̼���0s05���f�l��!sX�o>'UY�ڬ��8޳'d,@�� R�}F$c+\���l$��C[WMf��O��R�.�c����7k�{�.���}�]�J�����-�M\)���V���҄�KS���:P�5��[sS���z� :���"�rD/�X$k3!�л@n1�MyLd�Kpo��X�C�P?�[�f�3��� ��\۠��"˥S)�e�ogq&�����7�o��@��l��;I��!�I�+��Ltz�����J� 4�N��/�C�����\@��5�;��s֥(���=�����H]Ag#2��p�)�t��7 ��tlY+vbޢxv!b^;���T���C�pu�Y��r��j'��v���N��|^V ��. >> [��B�U���_�Y��w��;K� ���u�g�C���˪�7^�[T�?�o�.��?�\~�n��������::]T��]U���RVr�Sjy�n���AS��U*�v66�Q��4�7BZ��Zn�d�8�~(i�����},}\�L*��pM�����I���p��_kc8��TLY'*�:j��X���uŌZ��ӮZ�"k�Ϧ\k��}(e�0�2�[��ua�k%���b�I��g�P����T|�t'h@T�>Ї߮7�U\��q��H���8,)��������">ڟS�����Uq����u͜�}���JSi��}�m��V�ղ�K�n����$�3�J��BQ���?� �W��)�=�CԆ3��^]tbZ�s���^�^KƵu��k�5�TOBW�\TJ 8h5 %mX����-&{0���D猼�d{< ����~Y��5����usg,� cXA)���Y'�Bt�� T�D �X�`�N���@B_�,�H��)5FJ0�i5���l /ID [<6cf5815424b9cbba66e3b3df214ec9f8><6cf5815424b9cbba66e3b3df214ec9f8>] Have you been named as an executor in someone’s will? %PDF-1.4 endobj xref << In 1982, the Alabama Law Institute published a third edition which was edited by Keith B. Norman. 0000015663 00000 n << 45 0 obj stream The formal estate administration process varies some by state, but under Massachusetts law, which is fairly representative, the following persons, in this order, may act as administrator unless the probate court decides to appoint someone else: The decedent’s surviving spouse.


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