pg27u vs pg27uq

The input pack is typical of a G-Sync monitor. I also found it annoying that I had to tweak the X27 to match the PG27UQ. Just one thing. Like the Dell UP2718Q, it sports 384 independently addressable zones and can hit that magic 1,000-nit brightness level. In the second set of images you will the colors are much better on the PG27UQ, especially the red blood that traces the top and bottom of the load screen. Other images may keep their color and simply appear brighter. I am also posting some additional pics. When we reviewed this monitor in 2018 it was $2,000; currently it's selling for $1,300.

There is an extra choice to increase SDR brightness, which is useful. You will receive a verification email shortly. On the x27 you have to dig quite a bit more to find some of the settings you may want to change. They both have LED lights on the bottom. Discussion in 'Monitors' started by kieran_read, 10 Apr 2020. You’ll also need the Windows 10 update from October 2017 to enable HDR. I have done HDR gaming with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. I have never used my tvs as monitors, so this is my first experience with HDR on PC. If you were to scrap LCD in the monitor market now, you basically have no monitors at all,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Both include HDCP 2.2 content protection. We originally shared our Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ review testing back in October 19 , 2018. At this price point I definitely expected something more gracious. My intention was to highlight how the monitors looked out of the box. This is the first screen we’ve seen that utilizes the bandwidth capabilities of DisplayPort 1.4. The blacks were also blacker, while still preserving detail.

Update: It was brought to my attention that the bit about backlight bleed on the Acer may have been misleading. I also want 32'' 4k version. At 2k and after having to play around with settings for HDR, I would at least like to be able to plug and play without messing around with the color settings. Overall I would have to tilt it to the PG27UQ. You can control the effects in the OSD and even sync them to other ROG hardware components.

It’s extremely capable for gaming, video, color-critical work and general tasks. There is a loud fan included. To cement its status as a premium monitor, the PG27UQ includes a factory-certified calibration. I am actually attracted to the Acer because of its more simplistic look, but I have to say the Asus does look cooler. Its a neat subtle feature that made a huge difference to me, as far as usabily. I will throw sound in here as well. You will notice that this cannot be seen on the x27. I also don't need HDR, it's immature gimmick at the moment. The PG27UQ also displays all the options in each menu, without you having to actually go into each choice and cycle through to see what you choices are. They still have different color settings by default. The fourth button in the photo is a power toggle, and yes, you might push it accidentally sometimes. The stand on both of them feels like it is made of cheap plastic. I will begin with the windows experience on these monitors, using HDR. You can edit the settings for both LEDs in their respective OSDs. I also found the high refresh rate to be super beneficial. I found the Asus to be easier to swivel and tilt. Better yet, get the April 2018 update to add an HDR brightness slider to the Control Panel. The monitor also comes with a high-quality cable and an external power supply. I'm not 13years old any more, wish i was :). Currently have i7 8700 and planning on getting a 2080ti, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. On these IPS monitors, they can't even come close to perfect blacks. You can access the OSD by using the rather the rather cheap feeling buttons on the back. It feels as if I am missing some of the finer details. That is ridiculous. The reds were more vivid and well... red on the PG27UQ. There are many options that change colors and brightness with breathing and flashing accents. But after spending many hours testing and gaming, we think it’s worth every penny. That did include turning on the SDR backlight.

I don't need that stupid holographic or RGB lighting at the back. I also found 27 inches to be too small for 4k. I also state that after playing around with the Acer, they are identical.

Both monitors with HDR on in HDR games really add a layer of realism to the world. Only $1300 instead. In fact I had to reset my pc 6x as a result of this!!! There can never be too much resolution, and there’s no such thing as a refresh rate that’s too high. I also repeat this in my final impression. This is awesome because 98hz is actually the highest rate these monitors can run at without sacrificing visual fidelity in colors. I did a lot of HDR gameplay testing in Assassins Creed Origins. There is a spine on the left side of the image of the PG27UQ. Reds on the X27 default settings and FALD on. You can edit the settings for both LEDs in their respective OSDs. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The tripod design takes up quite a bit more desk space than the x27's simple two leg stand.


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