pickett's mill battlefield haunted
Photo defect, or something else? A: It’s hard to fake a negative, which is why I only use 35mm film. And they don’t cross over into whatever it is we’re supposed to cross over to after death, whereas a spirit, on the other hand, has crossed over, and can come and go as they please. OCTOBER 1, 2000 – HELL HOLE/NEW HOPE CEMETERY. For some people, ghost stories are tall tales that are not meant to be taken seriously. Q: What other pieces of equipment do you use to hunt for ghosts? A: Well, I’ve always been interested in ghosts and ghost stories, and when we (got Internet access), which was about four years ago, the first thing I did was look up ghost stories. A: Because they don’t understand what a ghost is, and they also don’t understand what witchcraft is and Wicca is. Like other formally rural areas in Metro Atlanta, the Pickett’s Mill-New Hope-Dallas region is hearing the loud footsteps of development. New Hope is only a few miles west of Atlanta, so I figured this would probably work, especially since Cheri has to drive all the way from Athens that night. In the 1980s-90s, Metro Atlanta’s rapid growth threatened the old battlefields. A: There are theories that it has to do, believe it or not, with the ground. Spirits, we think, do that. I returned to the Visitor’s Center and asked the rangers about the possibility of a ghost hunt at night on the battlefield. The visitor center has a short introductory film and. They’re afraid to look beyond what they can see immediately. So if you’re careful about ruling those sorts of things out, and once you have what’s actually recorded onto the negative, then you may have an anomaly there that could be a ghost. But the rough terrain, poor communication, confusing maps and powerful thunderstorms constantly hindered him. For others, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena are serious subjects that warrant respectful, scientific research. Even though (the ghost) was an elderly lady, she did not tell anybody about it. Other symptoms are walking through what feels like a prickly electric field where one should not be or is not normally. It’s really, really rare for an entity to hurt anybody. And if that happens at the same time we have a 20 degree temperature drop, and somebody sees something like a shadow, and a dog or cat runs away – you know, there’s a whole bunch of symptoms at the same time – then we’ll take it pretty seriously. Reports came in of strange moans and groans from deep within the woods around the “Hell Hole.” Shadowy figures could be seen running through the forest. Large or small, any amount helps! What happened there? I’ll give you an example. Battle of Pickett’s Mill Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site. Poloroids don’t have a negative, but they are little bit harder to fake. And we the living shouldn’t be, either. And we were trying to recreate a scene in which these little girls had seen a woman walk into the room. Until someone comes along who can prove to me without a doubt that he/she knows the Absolute Truth, then as far as I’m concerned, your opinion or outlook on life is as good as mine. My house is by the Pickett’s Mill Battlefield and the soldiers did march through my backyard at one time (not sure if that has anything to do with what I hear and see but I know I have heard Pickett’s Mill is a haunted place). Access to the trails on these days is through the museum with paid historic site admission. Everyone seems to have a story about a personal experience with a ghost, a haunted house down the road, or the presence of a loved one recently deceased. The museum is open Thursday-Saturday. Do you think your house may be haunted? This picture was taken in a Duluth, Georgia driveway – at the home where the murder of a woman had taken place years before. So sometimes there are explanations, but whether it’s gas or limestone rubbing underneath the house, you need to know about those things. Not only that, but the field detector was suddenly inoperative. So I went to the cemetery just a little past dusk and started snapping a whole roll of pictures, got them back, and sure enough, there were blobs all over them! Cheri arrived at my house around 5:30PM. Sometimes nausea is another symptom of a haunting, because an entity seems to pass right through a person. I even went as far as inviting them to come out and pose! [CDATA[ Speaking for myself, I don’t know if I’m a “believer,” but I know I’m not a “disbeliever.” Nothing in life surprises me anymore. That war took out so many people and it’s still romanticized to this day. he’s heard footsteps within the past month and once when she was in the basement, she heard heavy footsteps above. A ghost, we think, is some form of energy. Whether or not that’s a placebo effect in the homeowner’s mind, I don’t know, but whatever is going on in the home will stop for a while, if not permanently. Cheri suddenly yelled out to me, and as I walked back to her, I could see her breath in the flashlight beam – almost, we joked, like the kid in “The Sixth Sense.” At times, it looked like Cheri was standing in a freezer. Why are you in my house, or, what’s wrong with me, I don’t seem to be able to snap out of it, or whatever. I think everybody has intuition. To get used to the equipment, we explored the field around the parking lot. If they understood what that stuff was, they would know it was in no way related to ghost hunting. Also, this part of the country is where Native Americans were driven off of their land. We’d like to see after five years time if what we get correlates – so far it does seem to be correlating – with reported hauntings and the symptoms, I’ll call them, of a haunting that the people report, and what we find when we go there. An Interview with Cheri Mohr Drake of the Georgia Haunt Hunt Team conducted in September 2000. And you need to make sure it’s not a lens flare, and that you weren’t shooting toward the light. You know, almost any battlefield location in the state, actually. And the strange part was, this cold spot moved – and moved fast! This was taken after a sudden temperature drop. // .

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