pierre trudeau essay
Pierre Elliott Trudeau is the representation of this. 2000 ed 8 “Pierre Elliot Trudeau.” (2000). Trudeau makes it clear in his book that duringthe early years of the Duplessis government, he was a staunch admirer ofprovincial autonomy, but with the archaic sequence of events following theconflicts that arouse between Federal and Provincial matters in Quebec, hehad taken a stance on Federalism that involved security, economicprosperity and centralized authority. a.async = 1; Through the use of, A great Prime Minster should always do what is appropriate for Canada, no matter how many obstacles and burdens he or she faced. His acceptance into theUniversity of Montreal would mark the beginning of his adventures into theCanadian political spectrum. Such cumulative appraisal and observation made by past fellow bureaucrat provides high testimonial for the ex-Democratic Socialist. Finally, Trudeau amended the Constitution which gave, Pierre Trudeau is one of Canada’s most renowned Prime Ministers. of French-Canadian society, determined to destroy its mythology and Although it can be argued that Trudeau’s behavior was outlandish and informal at times, it could be considered charismatic, however, his behavior to politics was superior. Pierre Philippe Yves Elliot Trudeau, better known as Pierre Trudeau, was an author, a university professor, a lawyer and a politician. As a champion of federalism and being in the office of the Prime Minister, Trudeau was able to influence the course by championing the cause of federalism against the call for Quebec nationalism given by Parti Quebecois led by Rene Levesque. This facet has rankled many French liberals, who deem that such a society has not emerged naturally but some how created by the likes of Trudeau. The Quebec Separatist Movement began due to Quebec’s citizens ambition to become independent and, French Canadian heritage came in the form Pierre Trudeau's 'Just Society' ideology. Graduating from prestigious institutions such asHarvard and The School of Economics in England, Turdeau returned to Canadain 1949 and resumed his social science endeavors. He represented the quintessential Canadian liberal politician of his times, hobnobbing with the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono while imposing what some say the draconian War Measures Act in 1980 to quell the wave of terrorism unleashed by the separatists in Quebec. Persuaded by friends, Pierre Trudeau was elected to the Canadian house and soon became a Minister for Justice in the Liberal cabinet of Pearson. The liberals continued to ignore the fact that Trudeau ensured through his personal charisma and espousal of free ideals that the social transformation in Canada was brought about without causing revolutionary change. Pierre Trudeau Essay. Trudeau introduced to Canada the refined art of single combat; it was the politics of "Doing It My Way"-the politics of going my way or being left behind. changes to Canada were the occurrences known as the Great Canadian Flag Debate, the Quiet Revolution and the occurrence known as Trudeaumania; these important occurrences are still significant to Canada as they continue to bring change to Canada through the things in which they caused. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements, Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, was once described as”A French Canadian proud of his identity and culture, yet a biting criticof French-Canadian society, determined to destroy its mythology andillusions”. Here again the aspirations of the Franco phones were not fully met as they found that they could not really use French in all parts of the country as freely as they did in Quebec, thereby they continued to bear a grudge against him in this sphere. The World Book Encyclopedia. Copyright © 2000-2020. Get a verified writer to help you with Pierre Trudeau Biography.


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