piggy distorted memory
Black Baseball Bat Same as ammo but harder to find (Metro). Gurt's Chapter. MIKEYDOOD thinks that Memory is a future family member that is trying to warn George about the infected, this is be false due to Memory attacking George in Distorted Memory. The sound of her jumpscare is the same as Five Nights At Tubbyland but slowed down. It includes the ending of the Distorted Memory map! Behavior Kills You? D&D Beyond Player. This is the only map without a Bot skin. When given Pony, he will slice the wooden plank that is boarded to a lock (City). Jobs/Occupation Main Information DISTORTED MEMORY BEGINS AT 1:03:49 this is a VOD replay of our Piggy Distorted Memory livestream from earlier! Memory The Infected Ones Welcome to the Piggy Wiki! MiniToon revealed that Memory is a part of the Piggy family, most likely a nightmare version of. As said by MiniToon on his Discord, it turns out that Memory is female. The map is based on House, with black goo and additional rooms. We hope you enjoy your time here at the Piggy Wiki! Yes Chapter 5. Go to this page to find pages that are in need of information, categories, etc.! Minitoon also revealed that Memory came from a dream that he had (confirmed on Q&A Livestream). Store or Chapter 2 (Book 2) The piggy bot in Store has the Dessa skin. Memory on a Piggy shirt (Third row, third column). he must have been worried about George despite being a robot, and he has(one) red eye so it can be him, Since infected cant control themselves, zizzy also must have been worrying. Chapter 6. Appearance. Roblox GamingBros 1 weeks ago. Bat (colored black) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. George wakes up at the mall, were robby is located. Many people think this is based on a creepypasta/lost episode called “Why?”. why? Her weapon can be found here, except in Piggy, it's pitch black. Weapon Distorted Memory was a map in Piggy. The quest of this chapter is to escape and find Penny. Mintoon revealed that the Memory skin is not George or Penny. Piggy family (possibly) Distorted Memory. Ghost PigHallucination (to George) ... Chapter 3. 200 Chapter 8. Sheis also the main antagonist of Distorted Memory. Distorted Memory Plant - Chapter 12 is the last chapter of Piggy. She also levitates, and holds her bat with both of her hands instead of one of the hands. Map(s) Physical Information (possibly) Based From https://robloxpiggy.fandom.com/wiki/Memory?oldid=55658. Species Enemies Skin's Information She is a re-skin of Piggy, with bigger eyes and a longer bat.She levitates instead of walking, most likely because she may be a ghost or as the name suggests, just a memory.


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