plane crash in kerr lake
A headstone for Charles McDaniel is in a family plot in Palmerville. A young pilot who wanted to signal to his bride instead died virtually before her eyes, near his home, taking his copilot with him. From sit-ins to landmark lawsuits, NC role in Civil Rights Movement was ‘huge’, Curious NC: Answering your questions about alleged election fraud in the 9th district. It’s possible, she wrote, that the crewmen were still strapped in when their seats were hurled from the wreckage. CuriousNC checks in. They’re among the lingering questions about a wartime tragedy that struck far from enemy lines. Feds say it’s not Indian enough. NC farm valley Fonta Flora was a ‘magical place.’ Now it’s at the bottom of a lake. Nine months after Coble’s search, a Stanly County commercial diver claimed that a small submarine had located the wreck, but took no photographs. He wanted to know if the twin-engine plane had ever been found and about the crew who flew it. The dam forms the lake along the Pee Dee River, about 50 miles southeast of Charlotte. Summerlin, 81, was a boy standing on his daddy’s porch when he heard the plane crash. She found it highly likely that as McDaniel swooped low over the lake before climbing to fly over his parent’s house, the right wing dipped and plunged the plane into the lake at high speed. NC saved $1M building a rest area in the middle of I-77. Largest tribe in East called NC home for centuries. Buying bottled water? Coble, who has a master’s degree from East Carolina University and had devoted much of her career to working with sunken aircraft, began researching the crash. Many incumbents survived, Trump or Biden? Circumstantial evidence, Coble concluded in her report, “weighs heavily” in favor of the bomber’s wreckage having been located. Curious NC investigates. The plane that became known as the Badin Bomber crashed into the lake on June 8, 1944. The Naval Historical Center and an underwater survey company offered equipment and a Florida archaeological firm was hired. McDaniel and his co-pilot, Navy Ensign John Withrow of Beaver Falls, Pa., were to ferry the new bomber from an Ohio factory to the Marine Corps base at Cherry Point near the North Carolina coast. McDaniel’s widow grieved for years, Coble wrote, and died in 1986. As he flew east toward Cherry Point, he diverted his course by a few miles to circle the lake in a prearranged signal that he wouldn’t be back in Charlotte that night. As the legend for Kerr Lake goes a Navy diver sent into the lake to recover the wreckage of a small plane. And we’d always look there, and there he would be.”. It is a medium-range craft designed primarily for the transport of cargo or people. A search by a Navy Reserve team was plagued by problems. Tell us what you want to know about NC, and our CuriousNC reporters will get answers. How many African Americans were lynched in North Carolina? 143 Pound Monster Blue Catfish caught at in Kerr Lake. But even newcomers to the leafy shores of Badin Lake, about an hour northeast of Charlotte, soon learn that a World War II bomber rests somewhere in its murky depths. Now the Badin museum displays the plane’s nose wheel and, outside, a four-foot granite monument to the crew that was dedicated in 2001. Sheriff Allen said the crashed plane leaked fuel into the lake, which delayed efforts to send divers in. “They never saw the plane or its occupants again.”. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. “The plane reportedly made the circle twice, with no apparent trouble, but on the third circuit, the family listened in horror as a sputtering sound was followed by a loud explosion,” Coble wrote. CuriousNC looks into readers’ top 5 issues for 2019.


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