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A power of attorney form directs an “Agent” or “Attorney-in-Fact” to act in their place for financial, health, custody, or any specific matter. You may feel pressured when drafting the power of attorney to give the named agent power that you’re not comfortable with them holding. Our support agents are standing by to assist you. See the image below for instructions. Tax Power of Attorney – This form is used when a person seeks to have someone else represent them in matters involving the California Tax Service Center. You should have one primary agent and one or two backups listed on your POA, just in case something tragic happens to Agent number one. When an agent signs a document on the Principal’s behalf, he or she must do it in a certain format that clearly shows all that are involved that they are signing on behalf of the Principal. A power of attorney form or "poa" is a legal contract that is used to give another party "the agent" authorization to act on behalf of someone in affairs relating to legal matters. The person who will hold the power will either be referred to as either the agent or as the attorney-in-fact. When a power of attorney is ready to be signed, bring it to a Notary public. It’s also important for you to consider an advanced directive or living will. One of the highlights of choosing a power of attorney over legal guardianship is that parents signing a power of attorney do not have to appear in court. A POA is required to be signed according to state laws to be in legal effect. Living Will – Helps users to record their desired procedure regarding situations involving them being on life support. However, even if you don’t think that trust of any sort is in your best interest, you should keep in mind that your named agent or attorney-in-fact may think otherwise. If they should become incapacitated, the form becomes void. Without this document or signature, property and wealth will be distributed by the courts and may be contested by interested parties, such as family, business colleagues, or other acquaintances. Try to be detailed as possible and always write special instructions to give clarity about your wishes. Do you need someone to make medical decisions? It’s when relying on personal relationships when giving power that you must give some thought as to who to choose. Your loved one may need more than one type of power of attorney. They must be able to understand what they’re signing and how it affects them. There are many elements you should consider when it comes to drafting your power of attorney, and you must think about those things because it helps you minimize complications later in your life, especially if something unfortunate were to happen to you. For a general power of attorney to be activated, the principal should have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement. Most states require a power of attorney to be notarized to legally take effect. Common responsibilities include: Management of principal’s financial assets, Making critical health care decisions, including the decision to begin, continue or cease medical procedures, The making of financial or other types of gifts or donations. The person assigning the “power” is known as the “Principal” and should only elect a person that is considered trustworthy. Appointing a health care watchdog in the event you become incapacitated, Giving your financial advisors decision making power, Giving power for a limited time to a person of choice, Give broad or general powers about anything and to anyone, Issuing a revocation of power of attorney form which will void your current power of attorney, Creating a new power of attorney and notifying all parties involved with the previous power of attorney. Vehicle Power of Attorney – Allows the owner to select someone else to either sell or register the vehicle. Make sure that you explain it very, very clearly. All rights reserved. With a general power of attorney, the powers granted to the agent end if you become incapacitated or if you die. It still gives power to the agent to act on behalf of the principal. The person authorized to make decisions is known as the agent or the attorney-in-fact. They get divorced. A power of attorney legally goes into effect when the Principal signs the document witnessed by one or more people, depending on state requirements. A common reason someone would use this type of POA is if the person were leaving the United States for a specific time and intends on returning. Limited Power of Attorney – A designation for a special task given to someone else. Create a high quality document online now! A limited power of attorney involves the principal granting specific powers to the agent. Real Estate Power of Attorney – For the sale, management, or purchasing of real property on behalf of someone else. Whether it be a hired professional or a personal colleague, this personal must be someone that you can count on when it comes time for them to act on the powers you have given them. Parental (Minor Children) Power of Attorney – This form permits a parent to grant the power to a temporary guardian to make decisions on behalf of their children in case the parent has to be away from the children for a period of time and therefore unable to make everyday decisions for them. In order to give a person power of attorney on your behalf, you need to create a document called a power of attorney form. Be sure that the following information is provided for each witness: Full Address (including city, state and zip code). Additionally, a durable power of attorney means that the agent can continue to act even if the individual can no longer make decisions. The important part, as stated in the last section, is to make sure that the person you've chosen truly has only the best interest of the principal in mind. Some states require that the document be signed in front of a notary. Keep in mind that your Agent must be at least 18 years of age and be of sound mind. Both a limited and special power of attorney is limited to handle certain affairs on behalf of the principal because the principal is unavailable or unable to do it for some reason.


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