prefontaine vs without limits
Re: Without Limits vs. Prefontaine « Reply #14 on: October 31, 2009, 08:33:17 pm » For what it's worth, I just finished reading Bowerman and the Men of Oregon , a biography of Bill Bowerman by Kenny Moore, and according to Moore, Without Limits is a more accurate representation of both Bowerman and Prefontaine, capturing aspects of both men's characters more accurately than Prefontaine . Who was 5th in th 5000m in China? Thanks Andrew! Thanks for the review. Biopic, Book Adaptation, Bryce Zabel, Drama, Popular Smacks. Most of the movie going public with little connection to Oregon really don’t care about this inaccuracy. Munich was, of course, simulated, but the rest was not Hollywood – it was where the story took place. We all felt like we were a part of Pre, and running with him, and he felt that, too. Small point, but if we are splitting hairs, I have to dock them for this choice. These movies have helped me to appreciate all the runners not just the winners. On the other hand, Amy Locane as love-interest Nancy Alleman really made sense to me as the kind of woman he’d probably be most attracted to. Both movies are good, and it is a close race all the way to the finish line but, for me, I think the race, entertainment wise, is easily won by PREFONTAINE. His is a wonderful performance but throughout he is always movie star Donald Sutherland in the role. The guy, Sutherland, is all business in the passionate approach to his chosen career, but I have to give the nod to Gunny. My only wish, not mentioned in the film would be to have some sort of OTHER male supporting role that Donald Sutherland could have lent his expertise to. This showdown makes me want to watch not one, but both movies! Bryce Zabel I played Age of Wonders and Megaman this week, vintage ... contact us with comments, complaints or suggestions. If I had not read this article I would not have known the film was shot outside Eugene. Posting Member Posts: 194. And, given that she was his last girlfriend, represents the best look at the direction he was headed. Personally, I liked your review, and agree. If I'm tired, who cares? His car overturned and his chest was literally crushed, extinguishing his incredible lung-power forever. Both movies are great. The girlfriend thing always had me wondering, but never enough to figure out who was who. There are still many shoes, race medals, and candles that are placed there every day by people. Pre rocks though. pete87998 9 years ago 11/30/2010 9:54pm CST. Jared Leto got the starring role and former Marine drill sergeant F. Lee Ermy got the plum role of his track coach Bill Bowerman. Anyways a few weeks ago I starting buying every DVD I always wanted but didn’t own….so I bought Prefontaine on ebay last week, thinking I was buying Without Limits. Agreed, Justin. Pre is THE Man!! Member Registered. I was in Eugene this summer and Pre is still very popular there. Without Limits … Take care. You're missing a lot if you don't watch older movies. So it would have to be Without Limits for me…. THAT ALONE PUTS YOU AT THE “UBER-GOD” LEVEL OF COOL!!! Of course, both films end with Prefontaine’s death, driving a sports car, under the influence, in 1975. Back To Index Forum Index. Having lived in that same dorm myself (ah, the fine tradition of Douglass-Walton) got me interested in running here at UO. And, I don’t say that because I went in agreeing with what you say (although I do;) but because it is so well written, logical and points justified. (wrap your brain around THAT level of honor for Steve!) Walken is always Walken, etc. Thanks for adding to the overall expertise of this post. Keep in mind that Pre had won 78% of his races… & He never lost at home. Most women I know did NOT vote for her, they hate her. I guess I’ve voted twice now GO PRE! I will need to rent Without Limits. They have it where he’s right about to get back with her and all that, the whole star-crossed lovers thing. I grew up in Oregon, followed Steve’s running career at the U of O, was 19 when Steve died and attended his funeral at the Marshfield track in Coos Bay, OR. people in life are driven by their fears. I love both of them......I must agree w/you though. First the very enlightening advice and now, a very thorough movie review. But thanks for trying. Re: Without Limits vs. Prefontaine « Reply #15 on: November 03, 2009, 07:34:46 pm » So when is that, Sasha? His character wasn’t smooth like icing, but what he managed to do, especially on his home field, was awe inspiring. THE AVENGERS. The “flash forward to the aged contemporaries documentary feel” seemed slightly campy because Al Bundy was one of them… But when I realized “OMG!!! I was also a regular extra in the stands at UPS and UW. I felt Without Limits was a warmer movie, overall more appealing than Prefontaine. Thanks for the review on both films, have to get them now to watch.I like the concept of the Comrades Marathon where the Geraldine Waltson Trophy is given to the very last finisher, you really have to fight a lot of demons in other to keep going not knowing if you will make it before the gun goes. No, maybe just call me naive and ignorant. Go Pre!, we yelled, and we all thought we knew him. I'll be posting another comment again after I read it! As a former cross-country runner I had to laugh that neither film gave ANY time to that aspect of his college running career, even though it was in some ways more amazing than his track performances. Weird, since the love story in Limits was such a MAJOR part of the story. I was with the Kim Brooke agency. So much for truth-in-packaging. There’s an interesting backstory to it: the Without Limits production did everything they could think of to sabotage ours because they knew we would beat them in the “race” to theatrical release. I understand Mary was a consultant to that film, but this was a seriously delusional way for the script to go. So sad…BUT what a life he had…I think that movie inspires anyone no matter what your age!!! I thought he gave a far more effeminate, difficult performance. I totally haven't read this post yet, but I can tell you I will be reading it closer than I do most blogs. It is probably true that Billy Crudup is better in the role, that Without Limits looks like the slightly more expensive filmmaking effort, and that it was shot on the University of Oregon campus which gives it an even greater sense of accuracy. Jared Leto plays him in Prefontaine (1997) then a year later Billy Crudup, a much more likable actor, played a much more likable Prefontaine (he was also the coach in "1 Mile" I'm sure not coincidentally.) Crudup's version also has Donald Sutherland as the coach while Leto has R. Lee Ermey and the dad from Married With Children. I can’t get over the fact that “Without Limits” opens in Munich in 1972, with the John Williams “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” playing in the background. I mean, Jack’s always Jack, right? Pre’s pushed him to run like no one else. I'll try again later. Anyone ever watch Santa Clarita Diet? It really interests me though the differences in the films, particularly about the girlfriends. I love him. He's also a member of the Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and a past enthusiast of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. Here’s how they put it: “There are distinct differences in the films, because each story’s point of view comes from a different track coach and a different girlfriend, all of whom claim to be the biggest influence on Pre’s life. I am sure that Steve said a lot of things that have been lost over the years, but helping define why he raced was this gem that he left us with, “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. By the way, the photo you see on the above right, that’s Pre as a high schooler at the State Championship race I saw him win on May 24, 1968. There is an interesting chapter in Bill Bowerman’s biography about the split between the two movies. I’ve read Pre’s biography by Tom Jordan, I’ve read Bill Bowerman’s biography “Men of Oregon” by Kenny Moore and I have seen both movies. Donald Sutherland does take the cake as Bowerman though!I've actually been thinking of getting some tattoo in honor of Pre ... ssh, don't tell my mom!~RR. In today’s world of insanely obsessive fantasy sports fanatics, video games where you can assemble “all-time” teams and find more statistics in a weekly sports review than you could possibly know what to do with, Pre would have been a shoe-in for “99% owned”. This reminds me that I really should buy Without Limits. It’s awesome too. And I like the way you put it — Without Limits is a “warmer” movie. If Prefontaine had been made with Billy Crudup, it would have been closer to the right movie. She has a bunch of pics of him. Drawing inspiration from career experiences as a CNN correspondent, TV Academy chairman, creator of five produced primetime network TV series, and fast-food frycook, Bryce is the Editor-in-Chief of "Movie Smackdown." This film came from a team that included Tom Cruise as an executive producer and writer-director Robert Towne (Chinatown), plus a great performance as Pre by Billy Crudup and a nuanced one from Donald Sutherland playing Bill Bowerman, Pre’s college track coach. But watching both the Ironman in Kona and the Chicago Marathon this past weekend, I have to agree with Kovas, it came down to less than a mile for the winner to push himself pass his limit to win the race, when talents are matched there is no runnaway front leader. He and Mark Hiefield fought each other the entire race and it ended with Pre taking it in 9:02.7. And I just voted for PREFONTAINE. Because I love film-making and I love truth… and I absolutely WORSHIP story… I had to also watch Without Limits. Prefontaine seemed like a hallow imitation of Pre’s life. My opinion may be a bit skewed because of that. It’s a true story but, in the end, like La Bamba or The Buddy Holly Story, you know it’s not going to end well. I knew there were 2 movies released closely, but my memory was a little cloudy. If you can’t get that right in a running movie, nothing else matters. Sutherland’s character clearly was more dominant in the 2nd film, but that is certainly due to his status as a marquee actor, especially in the late 90’s. I’ve visited Eugene and Hayward in 1986 & 2008 and I didn’t notice anything that looked inauthentic, and now realizing it was filmed in Tacoma, my opinion really hasn’t changed. But once our film came out and tanked at the box office, they withheld their film for 18 months in hopes that it wouldn’t negatively affect their film. Really?…that is your complaint…you are probably devastated that the music for the movie Patton was written 40 years after WWII…..I feel for you. That's talent, pure and simple. My mother retains the scrapbook of newspaper clippings she and I assembled over the years of his exploits. I think the Olympic race footage from WL was a bit more comprehensive and probably better. In the last race, Dave Bedford was one of the runners, so I looked for the red socks - but, of course, whoever did the clothes never saw a color photo of Dave, so wouldn't know that!I was angry with Pre's speech early in the film where he says there's no such thing as talent, he just can handle more pain than others - he had a VO2max of 84.4 and a maximal heart rate of 214! Prefontaine vs. Goodbye Norma Jean, though I never knew you at all... Leto was so good in Dallas Buyer's club. Seeing both really would give you a clearer picture but, of course, that wasn’t the Smackdown and telling you to do that would be cheating. haha. , i did not even know there was another prefontaine movie until i found this here, and i have watched Prefontaine 5 times, thanks.


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