promaster ecodiesel problems
We used the option to store bikes inside under the bed a couple of times, when visiting urban areas, and sometimes when campgoungs restrict the lenght of the vehicle. I should check into what product they use – maybe it could be adapted for RV use. Great test drive. Even if you take it to the dealership, always notify Promaster so they can follow up with everything. There are 40 complaints filed for the 2015 RAM PROMASTER. Don’t tell her, but I’ve already located materials for making curved cabinet doors, and I’m working on double-paned windows (Why those aren’t standard in RVs is beyond me…). But the problems that ail the ProMaster will not be solved by more ProMaster. Found review with driving impressions of the diesel promaster travato 59G. Irate ecodiesel owners have pointed their fingers at various potential catalysts. I agree with you about the driving characteristics of the gas vs. diesel. We’ve got an older Sprinter T1N 140 wheelbase conversion and the Promaster 159 appears to be the best replacement option that still fits our 20ft garage length. I too really enjoy your website and videos! 74 thoughts on “ Dodge Ram ProMaster Diesel – Driving Impressions ” Lesa Herrera June 23, 2019 at 4:14 pm. Promaster diesel problems Thread starter bigdogg; Start date Sep 14, 2015; bigdogg Expert Expediter. • All rights reserved. (If it were up to the manufacturers, we’d all be driving around with that tired, old corner bed floor plan until the end of time. Adam in his gasoline van, is getting 15-17 mpg, but didn’t notice a big drop from when the van was empty to once it was fully built out. But the reason is that the van itself is cheap (about 15000€/17000$ less than a Mercedes Sprinter) making the campervan much cheaper too. It sounds good on paper, but there could be trouble lurking ahead for prospective ecodiesel owners. Cheers! Which Sportsmobile were you talking to? If you do the math, most people would likely find that you don’t save as much as you might think by getting a diesel. Firstly, Fiat Ducatos had a lot of problems with their manual gearboxes. It seemed to handle passing semis with no issues either. It you’re interested, email me and I can send over the details. You can send them a floor plan of your own design. This could lead to rusty injectors that you couldn’t get out of the engine head causing high bills. I could live with a fixed bed at that height, but the flexibility of ajustable height is real luxury. (HTTP response code 503). In total, I’m getting close to 500 miles per tank vs. Adam’s gas van gets between 350-400 miles per tank. It’s different than anything I’ve ever driven, and would take some getting used to.). Very utilitarian looking – more like a camping accessory and less like a home on wheels. Fantastic vehicle. I like the flexibility that provides… if we weren’t taking the bikes for some reason, we could lower the bed to make life easier on ourselves. They fit in the aisle if you put them face them in opposite directions. That’s how they Americanized it? I’ll check out the site – mais je parle français seulement un petit peu – et très mal. Hopefully, they bring it back some day…. You have your YouTube comments disabled. Owner/Operator. I’ m guessing you’re going for a set up like that ca. Get the latest posts from The Fit RV delivered right to your inbox every Monday night! Woof. We just purchased one and are awaiting delivery. But the Smart Car dealer told me that many people who have never driven a manual shift before freak out. I wanted to ask James this question: have you seen the Trakka Torino Xtra from Australia? After it was all ordered, the oil, filters, cabin and air filter set me back a good $250 – not to mention the motor holds 9L of oil which was about another $90. I was considering a diesel Promaster 2500 for added room, but your comments address my concerns. 2) Storage space for toys. because he bought new, he has a maintenance package with his van that takes care of all his oil changes for him. The only draw back is there is no bike storage in the back like the vans you find in Europe. James – I noticed in an earlier thread that you drove a gas Travato 59K. At least the Smart Car drive prepared me for what to expect in the ProMaster diesel. Well, not in North America anyway… It’s not as wide as the ProMaster, so I don’t think I could put a bed sideways in it. Couple’s sprinter with the rear elevated bed and bike storage and roof top “deck”. Anyway just a thought. It will be interesting to see how that holds up in long-term tests. They now make the same engine in the 2014 Sprinter with a 7 speed automatic in the rear wheel drive or 5 speed automatic as a full time four wheel drive. We appreciate all your photos. Got a short run to Sacramento, then sat for three more days in Fairfield. At that point though, when I order one, I’ll have them let me template one out so I can start planning. 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