pumpkin seed oil vs saw palmetto
Munch on a few pumpkin seeds for that zinc boost and swallow a teaspoon or two of the oil every day. Following the injections, the rats were given either pumpkin seed oil or corn oil for 20 days. journal, it was concluded that pumpkin seed oil can improve BPH symptoms. An. Styrian pumpkin seed oil is extremely rich in omega fatty acids. Pumpkin Seed Oil an Effective Complementary Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). Magnesium has been said to prevent heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest and even stroke, but Dr. Mercola says “an estimated 80 percent of Americans are deficient in this important mineral.”. In a controlled study from the Nutrition Research and Practice journal, it was concluded that pumpkin seed oil can improve BPH symptoms. […] Copper helps drive your metabolism by helping your cells produce energy. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy is a fairly common condition for men. Want to protect it? I have a few questions regarding PSO: Does PSO works the same was as Saw Palmetto and Fin - i.e. For more on the ins and outs of pumpkin … Styrian pumpkin seed oil, according to Real Raw Food, is 5 times richer in vitamin E than olive oil when compared. You can decide which is best for you based on what your personal health goals are. Furthermore, they stimulate circulation and increase the speed and processing of the livers and kidneys. However, there were no adverse side effects experienced from using pumpkin seed oils for prostate health. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that omega–6s play a key role in normal growth and development along with brain function. The biggest help, though, is how magnesium promotes heart health. In terms of your bladder, pumpkin seed oil, in particular, has been known to help treat overactive bladder or OAB. In order to get these fats you have to be conscious of getting them into your system through your diet. While this article only reviewed a small sample of studies, the research on pumpkin seed oil and prostate health is encouraging. I have studied Saw Palmetto through literature searches and its DHT claimed blocking ability does not transfer to hair growth. http://superfoodprofiles.com/pumpkin-seed-oil-nutrition-dosage The results of this study show that the symptoms of BPH for all patients receiving treatment with pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto oil, or a combination of pumpkin seed oil plus saw palmetto oil were improved over 12 months, in comparison with placebo. It’s important that your omega–3s and –6s balance, though. An ideal, healthy ratio of omega–6s to –3s is between 1:1 and 4:1. Saw Palmetto. While you can get your vitamin E intake through both the seeds and the oil, you’ll get more vitamin E in a much smaller amount (and therefore fewer calories) when taking the oil. To learn more about your omega balance, check out our recent post, here. Your cells rely on a constant supply of energy to function, since the millions of chemical reactions occurring in your cells require some energy input. , reduce inflammation, promote heart health and are important for brain performance and memory. But the most significant improvement after a six-month period occurring in the pumpkin seed oil group. The oils are a natural source of fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium and zinc. We’ve got a more in-depth blog post about the surprising benefits of pumpkin oil for your bladder, here. Pumpkin Seed Oil vs. However, when there isn’t enough of those essential fatty acids, you must get omega–9 from your diet. , omega–9 fatty acids promote heart health, balance cholesterol levels and improve your immune system. the pressed oil from the seeds each has its own set of benefits? After 12 months of treatment, researchers found: 3. We want to be your preferred destination for factual and accurate information on the use of healthy oils and natural health products. For your immune system, the mineral that brings the biggest benefit is zinc. Possible help with maintaining normal bladder functioning. Your body makes it itself when there is enough omega–3 and omega–6 essential fatty acids in your system. The research isn’t clear on whether or not minerals come through into pressed pumpkin oil and if so, how much. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/09/30/pumpkin-seed-benefits.aspx A recent study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine suggests pumpkin seed may be able to prevent symptoms of OAB and other urinary issues. pumpkin seeds have been connected with a reduction in toxins in the body, due to its diuretic properties, as well as the antioxidant activity. vitamin E “is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant. Advanced Info . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elaine-gavalas/pumpkins-health_b_2088998.html. You’ll get a lot of the benefits from even a small dose. says that omega–6s play a key role in normal growth and development along with brain function. Per 100 grams of pumpkin seed, you get 35.10 mg of tocopherol. And if you’re getting the extra Styrian benefits from taking a Styrian oil, you’ll do just fine. We’ve broken down the benefits of both pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oils. Traditional pumpkin seed oils made from Styrian pumpkin seeds were reported to contain high levels of essential fatty acids, zinc, plant sterols and antioxidants. SFGate says that “zinc and copper work together and separately to control metabolism — the series of chemical reactions that support your body’s function.


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