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Affiliation He adorns himself with two eight-pointed stars on either side of his head and on his cape. Hero Association document.write(''); Read One Punch Man Manga Online in High Quality. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is now dismissed from the Hero Association due to being a monster. [40] Additionally, something peculiar about Sweet Mask is that when angered, his body mutates, and the veins in his face grow in size. Media The webcomic started in July 2009, with more than 10 million views and 20,000 hits per day. Anime The next day, Saitama picks up his suit and the Draper informs him he will be closing his store, since he cannot afford to pay the fees and interest. Sweet Mask 'width' : 300, Later Game-Berus attacked the contest area and Darkness Blade tried to fight it, but is pushed away and defeated in one attack and his armor broken. Even when Pesky Clown powers up further, although initially overwhelmed, Sweet Mask still manages to put an end to the Dragon-level monster. Red Muffler is one of many heroes who attempts to defeat Hundred-Eyes Octopus before Flashy Flash shows up. Human Draper (to change this, search for "Damager_Punch.json" in the combat overhaul, and delete it) - For high-health NPCs, this may not kill them. [31] Sweet Mask's fighting style is brutal and efficient; he obliterates his opponents before they can retaliate. [2], When the 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Nymph attacks Z-City, Darkness Blade, Red Muffler and Grad School Graduate arrive to fight the monster but struggle to defeat it, so Darkness Blade orders them to fall back and spouts some heroic, though stupid-sounding words. He is named after the red scarf he wears in order to distinguish himself as a hero. Darkness Blade is a tall young man. In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, Sweet Mask was depicted as a classic vampire holding a microphone. Summer His techniques names are so long that every-time he uses them he changes their name, giving birth to new techniques. Although he initially looked down on Saitama, he is now one of the few people aware of his true strength. Darkness Blade dressed in black, decorated armor with many spikes and scales. He's able to stop Pesky Clown, a Dragon-level threat, in his tracks, breaking his arm and defeating him rather quickly. Sweet Mask used to be ugly, so he did hero work in a mask to hide his face. 73 kg (161 lbs. As confirmed by Atomic Samurai, he's definitely S-Class worthy, and can take on multiple Dragon-level opponents at once. This unnamed draper is Saitama's friend and the person that created the latter's hero costume. Rank atOptions = { [10][11], Sweet Mask has stated that he believes that heroes are to protect the citizens, and if they can't do that, they must become strong enough to be able to do so. Hero Association He notes that only promotions to S-Class or A-Class are fit for his attention, as they are the heroes who draw the most attention from the public, and hence, any heroes in those ranks who earn themselves negative reputations would drag his reputation down as well. Red Muffler is a young man with short light-colored hair. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The three then later arrived at Shelter Nr. Anime Debut [9], During his fight with Pesky Clown, Sweet Mask revealed the face underneath his mask. Abilities He evaluates points to give each hero so they can rise or fall in the ranking system. Immense Speed and Reflexes: Sweet Mask is extremely fast. R-City This is shown when he mercilessly dispatches a group of captured aliens from the Dark Matter Thieves whom he declared to be evil, claiming to have merely executed justice on the spot, and again when he was ordered to bring an escaped caveman back to the lab. It weighs 26 kilograms.[1]. One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン) est un manga créé en 2012 par Yusuke MURATA et ONE. Rank Anime Debut Characteristics Around his waist, he carried a black buckle with the scabbard of his sword attached. Red Muffler (赤マフ, Aka Mafu) is the C-Class Rank 89 professional hero of the Hero Association. He only gained his beautiful appearance after transforming into a Mysterious Being due to his hatred for his ugliness. The Draper is visited by one of the stooges of a gang boss to pay up, until Saitama enters the shop. Major Battles [edit | edit source]. Jumping Spider. He usually slices his opponents in half. Location He formed an obsession for Saitama's strength after witnessing his battle with Garou, stating that he possesses "the beauty of overwhelming power." He won the academy award for Best Actor in the film "Love Story Beauty.". He holds a vine basket containing a bottle, and has a perplexed or scared look due to. This was first seen when Do-S pierced his eye with her tongue and cracked his face with the damage having healed almost instantaneously.[41]. 'format' : 'iframe', Espérons que les maisons d'éditions, ne feront pas pression pour que l'auteur écrivent une suite, qui, si n'est pas écrite avec plaisir par l'auteur, risque de largement baisser en qualité. Episode 17 In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, he was depicted cosplaying Red Riding Hood but while wearing his signature red scarf. Webcomic Anime Height Age One-Punch Man est classé dans la catégorie Seinen . Occupation Regeneration: Through unknown means, Sweet Mask possesses the ability to recover from extreme injuries to his body. Height He is also far superior to everyone else in this class, and his skills are strong enough to put him in S-Class. Alive with armor)[1] [23] His plan is to have Saitama be the symbol he envisions. The Draper giving Saitama his fixed trousers. More remarkably, he managed to fight off several clones of Black Sperm, a Dragon-level monster. Undisclosed[2] Sweet Mask is a tall, lean-built young man with messy, shoulder-length light blue hair and yellow eyes. Media He effortlessly evaded Suppon's barrage of attacks and maneuvered behind him, striking him down with only two blows before the caveman could retaliate.[31]. He offers to fix Saitama's trousers and enthusiastically shows his hero costume design to him to which the latter subtly declines. Politique de confidentialité FILMube . 180 cm (5'11" with armor)[1] He wears black bontan pants and a black Japanese school uniform, which he drapes over his red long-sleeved turtleneck sweater. However, he doesn't seem to have the ability to regrow a severed limb, as he reattached his arm instead of just regrowing it. Alive Location [15] Sweet Mask also has no qualms in attempting to nearly murder brainwashed innocent victims like Narinki's Private Squad or considering the murder of fellow heroes Atomic Samurai's Disciples. As he is about to be eaten, Bang arrives and saves him. [4], Red Muffler was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. Weight Sweet Mask puts such a priority on his status and reputation that he is willing to go so far as to consider murdering all the S-class heroes present at the raid to ensure that the Hero Association doesn't hear of his failure against Fuhrer Ugly and the way he lost his composure, but he regains his self-control at the last second. The Draper later finds Saitama on the streets, after being kicked out of his apartment and takes him home, thanking him for protecting his store, but would still be closing it since he was getting old. Male Human Ben Lepley Road to Hero Manga Debut Abilities Sonic is a slim young man with an androgynous appearance. One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン) est un manga créé en 2012 par Yusuke MURATA et ONE.


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