remington versa max sportsman review
It may be a bit heavy and the forend may be a bit bulkier than other shotguns out there, but shotguns where those are better cost quite a bit more. If you want the versions more geared directly to hunting, you can get one for $700 to $800 pretty easily. Safety is at the rear of the trigger guard next to the trigger. I’m actually planning to get one this week! I will buy another firearm product without hesitation from Buds. The Versa Max has emerged as one of the favorite 3 gun shotguns because: Remington has picked up on this and now offers the Versa Max Competition Tactical to serve the 3 gun crowd. I shoot a lot of guns. With the Versa Max Tactical and Competition Tactical, I’ve shot quite a few rounds of buckshot and slugs with the cylinder bore tube. Forend gets in the way of running a long, easy to hit, bolt release. Second, I hate that you can’t get an 18in barrel on the “tactical” gun. Remington’s new Versa Max shotgun is starting to get on my nerves. And I have had more Remington long guns than any other brand. You get different amounts of recoil with different loads, which can greatly affect the energy put into the bolt in pure inertia systems. This system makes for an extremely versatile shotgun that is equally at home busting up clays, shooting geese, or even shooting a stage of 3 gun though it is a bit heavy. Take a closer look at the Remington Versa Max Sportsman by watching this video: Shell carrier – As it hangs down below the gun receiver, it might take a bit of getting used to for some shooters. Fit is important on any firearm, but never as important as it is with your shotgun. fiber optic sight and have been extremely happy with the combo. It got hot and sandy in the sunflower fields. At least the safety is very easy and clicky. I’ve a stoeger 3000 which is a little rough on recoil and a beretta a400 that shoots slugs only which is far operated and easier on recoil. Versa Max won. They are the only shells that have failed to work in my VM (normally runs like a top). For me they didn’t work at all. But modified with the lowest comb height, added 3/4 inch on the length of pull, and moving to a 2-inch drop at the heel and 1/4-inch right cast, the gun fits perfectly. Its weight doesn’t hinder creating a perfect shot, helping the user in control. Uses Pro Bore chokes. The 1st was the more expensive waterfowl pro a few years ago. Affordable – Quite inexpensive but of great quality. While I appreciate the review, I’m not giving up my Remington 870 P. – Top folding stock: Check. The Remington Versa Max is gas operated, which means that it bleeds a bit of the high pressure gas just behind the shot cup down through some ports in the barrel into a piston system that drives the action. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. The gun is easy to. Any round, any condition. Whatever you do, DON’T pick up a brand new Versa Max, light target loads (7/8 oz), and head out to a 3 gun match. Funny thing…the only reason I went with the VM initially was that the JM930 was backordered at the time! Benelli isn’t super old but Cmon, is Remington even Remington anymore???? The receiver is drilled for an optic rail, and that rail is included with the package. / This beauty is very well commended for its Versa Port gas system, giving the shotgun an advantage in many ways. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Oh, and since when is shooting birds “work”?!;-). ...more, This is the 2nd versamax I've owned. I also experimented with minishells in my VM Tac Comp. The internals are polished and smooth without burs or rough edges where there shouldn’t be. Recoil is soft even with heavy loads. After all, a slug, either from a modern shotgun or from a smoothbore blackpowder gun, can take large game at the most common hunting ranges. Omg…Someone doesn’t believe what I believe, or think the way I think, “you (must be) out of your mind.” Don’t be upset because you spent a couple of a hundred bucks more for the Black Eagle II, it’s a fine shotgun. . gas piston. It’s “tactical black.” I don’t care because it’ll get rattle-canned anyway. The effect is subtle to the eye, but fare more meaningful once you mount the gun. The ability to modify comb height and length of pull out of the box has been common in lots shotguns and rifles for a long time now. ...more, Awesome gun for the money. Anything with high brass is no problem. I reached out to a couple of friends who allowed me to borrow their Versa Max shotguns for some hunts, and I also reached back out to Remington to try out some other versions.


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