return to mecca
Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Pilgrims wearing face masks reentered the Grand Mosque in small groups, Kuwait's ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah dies aged 91. In Return to Mecca, Avi Lipkin reviews the biblical history of Mecca and Medina and the Israelites' sojourn in the Arabian desert for 38 years followed by two years in the deserts just to the East of the Jordan River. Some 6,000 pilgrims each day can perform the umrah 'meticulously and within a specified period of time', Saudi Hajj Minister Mohammad Benten said.

Pilgrimage is the backbone of a plan to expand tourism under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's drive to diversify the economy of the world's top oil exporter. ', Some 6,000 pilgrims are allowed each day to perform the umrah 'meticulously and within a specified period of time', Saudi Hajj Minister Mohammad Benten said, From October 18, a second stage will allow the number of umrah pilgrims to be increased to 15,000 per day. Umrah Pilgrims from Outside Saudi Arabia Return to Mecca from: Fajar Januarta. It added that the umrah would be allowed to return to full capacity once the threat of the pandemic has abated. And... How to survive nightmare before christmas: As Lockdown 2.0 threatens to sink the economy... here's our... White New Zealand author has her books pulled after calling face tattoo on country's first Maori foreign... Transgender sex offender who appeared in court as a man and a woman on the same occasion in 'legal first' is... Navy cut cigarettes! Is a Covid-19 vaccine coming at the start of December? Visitors from abroad will be permitted in the third stage from November 1, when capacity will be raised to 20,000 and 60,000, respectively. Saudi Arabia had suspended the umrah in March and scaled back the annual hajj over fears that the coronavirus could spread to Islam's holiest cities. Economists have estimated Mecca's hotel sector may lose at least 40% of pilgrimage-driven income this year. Worshippers circled the Kaaba, a stone structure that is the most sacred in Islam and the direction which Muslims face to pray. State TV showed on Sunday what appeared to be fewer than 50 people circling the Kaaba at the same time and walking several metres apart.
A limited number of citizens and residents permitted to enter Mecca’s Grand Mosque during first phase of reopening. Only Saudi citizens and residents will be permitted to enter the mosque during this first phase of reopening, and each pilgrim has up to three hours to complete the pilgrimage. We have missed the spiritual feeling of pilgrims roaming the city. Saudi Arabia hosted a drastically reduced haj in late July for the first time in modern history, with a few thousand domestic pilgrims instead of the usual sea of some three million Muslims, Worshippers have returned to Mecca after Saudi authorities partially resumed the year-round umrah pilgrimage on Sunday, At midnight, small groups of registered pilgrims wearing face masks were pictured preparing to enter the Grand Mosque while socially distancing. Tucker Carlson raises serious questions... Conservative pundits blast liberal media for writing off Trump and say average Americans are 'fed up' with... America (and the world) holds its breath: Millions vote to deliver their verdict on the most divisive ever... Are infections ALREADY flattening? Despite taking early and sweeping measures to contain the virus, Saudi Arabia has recorded nearly 336,000 cases, including 4,850 deaths. The stress relief you need! First dog cafe opens in Saudi Arabia: Owners can dine... the number of umrah pilgrims to be increased to 15,000 per day. At midnight, registered pilgrims wearing face masks were pictured preparing to enter the Grand Mosque in small groups, while officials ensured they adhered to social distancing. © 2020 BBC. Coronavirus safety measures mean worshippers are no longer allowed to touch the Kaaba, which is draped in black cloth adorned with Arabic calligraphy in gold, Saudi Arabia hosted a reduced haj in late July for the first time in modern history, with a few thousand domestic pilgrims instead of the usual three million Muslims. Please note: purchases made using Afterpay cannot be refunded in store and must be returned via post (see Option 2 below).


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