rhino hunt forensics
Various analytical methods exist, examples of which include:-. USB key seized from one of the University’s labs. flagged illegal rhino traffic. Computer Forensics Expert Witness report in Latex for Rhino Hunt Case the network traces? My hypothesis was right. I skimmed over the different options and decided to challenge myself with The Rhino Hunt, developed by NIST. Identifying the number and type of operating system(s). JPSEEK is a program which allow you to hide a file in a jpeg visual image, and with a password, retrieve that file at a later time (DarknessGate, 2016). Notice that each step has been created in line with a specified principle. addition to the USB key drive image, three network traces are also administrator at the University Notes of what happened when and why to allow others to reproduce the investigation. This includes boot settings, the exact hardware configurations, log on passwords etc. DNA analysis, fingerprinting etc. Unfortunately, the computer had no hard drive. Data is extracted at the physical level without regard to any file systems present on the drive. Digital evidence is fragile and can be easily altered, damaged, or destroyed by improper handling or examination. Results from data analysis and graphic image analysis. Also, speaking about stego… Is it possible that the alligator pictures contain rhino images or secret messages embedded in them? This makes sense as the computer was found without a hard drive. of the dd image is on the CD-ROM Even the act of opening files can alter timestamp information destroying information on when the file was last accessed. In your report, provide answers to as many of the following What is recoverable from the dd image of the USB key? Reviewing relationships between files. It would make sense, but I have no clue of which algorithm could have been used. Take a before and after screen shots showing your recovered file. 80348c58eec4c328ef1f7709adc56a54 RHINOUSB.dd. Methods used to reveal possible hidden data include: Many programs used by the owner and files created by them, can provide insight into the capability both of the system and the knowledge of the user. To enhance the collection and analysis of DAN evidence from wildlife seizures made in the country, we're supporting their forensics laboratory in implementing the latest ivory, rhino and pangolin DNA tests that can identify the geographic origin of large seizures, helping … We also discuss what we think is missing. This trace also contains HTTP traffic. The city of New Orleans passed a law in 2004 making possession of nine or more unique rhinoceros images a serious crime. It may not have come with your version of Kali. This tool is especially useful to detect any intrusion attempts. The session starts by exchanging some parameters and the remote machine asking for a username and a password. There are a number of digital forensic frameworks in use by private companies and law enforecement agencies. Make a list of the general forensic principles that should govern forensic investigations. I should be able to retrieve the files from the network packets, I’ll begin with rhino1.jpg. Remove/delete # symbol at the start of each file type line to uncomment the file types you want to look for. The suspect enters the following credentials. Where is it now? Overall, our results show that the majority of datasets are experiment generated (56.4%) followed by real world data (36.7%). The image and trace files are in a zip archive (Lyle, 2005). Some recognise files hang around in the 'wastebasket' waiting to be recovered in emergencies or a change in mind i.e those 'Woops! I shouldn't have done that' moments. possible: c0d0093eb1664cd7b73f3a5225ae3f30 Explain how Scalpel works in your notebook. The file signature of a JPEG file is composed of two bytes: FF D8 as can be seen in the screenshot. He wants to change his password. 5. *rhino3.log More info about DEFT can be found here. The notes are used as the basis for the report.Notes should include: This is the report given to the investigator who taking into account the findings will decide on what happens next. I proceed to document the images found by computing the MD5 checksum. Identify and obtain storage devices required to. the missing hard drive and an image from the USB device. Analysis may require a review of the request for service, legal authority for the search of the digital evidence, investiga-tive leads, and/or analytical leads. An example of this analysis would be using the last modified date and time to establish when the contents of a file were last changed. If you haven't got an image file to practice on, download Practice Image and use that instead. Extraction of file slack and unallocated space. Explain the main phases of the Forensic Process. In addition to the USB key drive image, three network, traces are also available that were provided by the network administrator and involve the, machine with the missing hard drive (Lyle ,2005). Sadly, no. The CFReDS site is a repository of reference sets/images of simulated digital evidence for examination. I can only guess. Is there any evidence that connects All the other are variations on this theme, making sub-divsions of certain steps to create additional stages or looping around to emphasise the iterative nature of some steps i.e Evidence assessment may reveal evidence which in turn exposes new evidence which may trigger further evidence assessment. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. The network administrator at the University of New Orleans recently alerted police when his instance of RHINOVORE flagged illegal rhino traffic. Evidence in the case includes a computer and USB key seized from one of the University’s labs. Recover at least nine rhino I first check the integrity of the files rhino.log, rhino2.log and rhino3.log. These should be checked to make sure they are 'forensically clean' so that investigators can be sure any evidence belongs to case being investigated, rather than leftover from other cases. 120 files of different sizes filled with the message “CHARLIE” and one last character. DFRWS2005-RODEO.zip. But something tells me it’s gonna be FTP. This information may be obtained through interviews with the system administrator, users, and employees. The network administrator at the a law in Try to recover deleted files from the image you made of your USB drive in the previous exercise. The USB key was imaged and a copy Do other forensic processes need to be performed on the evidence e.g. They also think that their internet history can be deleted along with incriminating emails. What’s the username/password for the account? Research and explain the difference between physical and logical extraction. cd21eaf4acfb50f71ffff857d7968341 What’s the username/password for the account. University of New Orleans recently alerted police when his instance of RHINOVORE This is a screenshot of the first session: And here’s a screenshot of the second one: Here are some suspicious files: rhino1.jpg, rhino3.jpg and contraband.zip. drive. I found this awesome website which has a great compilation of challenges, research results and CTFs. This paper targets two main goals. But after I do it, I find that it has been encrypted. Users believe that deleting files removes all trace of their existence. Checking the Potential for Penetration. The hashes listed for the enclosed files are: I ensured the hashes matched in the examiner work station: With everything setup, I continued to the first two listed tasks: My first approach is to run the strings command against the .dd file to capture Reviewing system and application logs that may be present for example error logs, installation logs, connection logs, security logs, etc. Specific files related to the initial request. The USB key was imaged and, a copy of the dd image is on a CD-ROM. Single pieces of evidence from one source will probably be insufficient to reach a definite conclusion. account? Forensics Evidence & Analysis Lab 4 Rhino Hunt Case Task 1 – Study the Rhino Hunt Case: Read the case carefully and note down the evidences types you will be looking for. Who gave the accused a telnet/ftp account? million lines searching for keywords, such as password. Orleans recently alerted police when his instance of RHINOVORE flagged illegal rhino traffic. Unzip the folder - right click and choose extract, Carve out from the image file, using which ever tool you think best, files containing pictures of, Provide a list of the essential principals that should be followed in the forensic process, Describe the main steps of the Forensic Process. What relevant file transfers appear in Other information on remote storage, remotes user access and any offsite backups taken. Evidence in the case includes a computer and USB Various challenges will be posted here that test participants' knowledge and skills in various areas of digital forensics, such as disk, memory, and network forensics. Mixed and others. Task: Practical exercise and documentation on Computer Forensics Investigative Process on the “Rhino Case” Requirements: Work through the practical exercise and create an 700 word discussion with screenshots for each of the seven questions (not including the list of works cited) and name at least three scholarly references. Once I’ve done this, I proceed to open the first file with Wireshark. It looks like someone is leaving a message for John. Let’s gather some more information of the file: Before I perform any file recovery or string search on the image, I open it with a hex editor. Two images (7 - 8) have been recovered from the rhino2.log trace. Evidence in the case includes a computer and USB key seized from one of the, University’s labs. you’ve been given. As the previous excercise revealed specific types of file types can be searched out from the image and placed in a specific folder for further analysis. The suspect is the primary user of this machine, who has been pursuing his Ph.D. at the University since 1972. In addition to the USB key drive image, three network traces are also available—these were provided by the network administrator and involve the machine with the missing hard drive. The image and trace files are in a serious crime. create an authentic experience. Is there any evidence that connects the USB key and the network traces? I skimmed over the different options and decided to challenge myself with The Rhino Hunt, developed by NIST. Who gave the accused a telnet/ftp Name of the investigator together results and conclusions. Of course, Or use the image file of a friends pen drive. Disconnect storage devices (using the power connector or data cable from the back of the drive or from the motherboard) to prevent the destruction, damage, or alteration of data. As the primary aim of any digital forensics investigation, is to allow others to follow the same procedures and steps and still end with same result and conclusions, considerable effort must be spent on developing policies and standard operating procedures (SOP) in how to deal with each step and phase of the investigation. The names of the pictures are rhino4.jpg and rhino5.gif. Data is from the drive is based on the file system(s) present on the drive. The We just save the data as RAW with the name “rhino1.jpg”. What could the password be? The Rhino Hunt forensic puzzle also did not create any damage within, the network that would require a digital forensic investigation to find and repair any damage to, the network where the malicious actor was present. Ok, so the next logical step is to take a look at the other recovered files, staring by the .doc file, which title is, f0335017_She_died_in_February_at_the_age_of_74.doc. All other files, including any deleted files found that support the findings. questions as Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit inside a virtualbox host only After saving the file, Georgia executes ls -l and something catches my attention. Techniques used to hide or mask data, such as encryption, steganography, hidden attrib-utes, hidden partitions, and file name anomalies. then to his USB key when he was discovered. Extraction of password-protected, encrypted, and compressed data. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. After the login, the user gnome starts executing some commands on the shell: ls, du, df… and then, passwd.


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