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We all know the sad tale of vicious rumors and false accusations that lead to Chief Gallagher’s incarceration for nearly a year before his court martial. He doesn’t take any prisoners whatsoever! The Trident issue is an administrative action triggered by his conviction for a war crime that embarrassed the Navy.. Only the BS ones of posing with a corpse, for which all the others that posed with it received no punishment at all, right?? And he had a second career as an actor. Ray Parker Jr Death, There’s a time to take what you have and get out. Did you really think that was going to be the end of it? Is it just me or do you fantasize about other men? Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Whether the enemy who kills you is thirteen or thirty-three makes little difference–you’re still dead. It … Just like the A-Team, except real. Overwhelm and devastate! Wonder if the Big Navy Flag has already got himself an after retirement gig lined up? What’s next, do we rule out ‘Airplane!’ references? It’s much easier being the bad guy.”. I never met Lars, who I guess is also Commisar, but I do think it’s weird that all of you are so obsessed with him. Those qualms are earned everyday. What’s next, will Green now try to Court Martial Chief Gallagher because he got a parking ticket in front of HQ from an overzealous SP fifteen years ago? Magic Plan App For Pc, I think the admirals know that. Upvotes, Retired NFO. Did he ever rat-fuck a case of MREs in the OCF compound in Bagram (I doubt any of you even know what the OCF compound was). The Navy’s official press release was this: “The Navy follows the lawful orders of the president. Or are you really too stupid to understand that you’re the fool? As in “Did this dumb motherfucker really just do this dumb shit here? “We see the youth of America as not very ambitious and subject to a lower value system. How Do I Make Ikea Lack Table Taller, I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from. Marcinko was way ahead of the curve in understanding the future of terrorism and how to conquer it. Virginia Weidler Death, November 21, 2019. Market data provided by Factset. This is a perfect example of Big Navy not being able to let go of its stupidity. every mistake they make, 2020 will be watching you. I went to Sub School with someone who, about two years later, got himself disqualified submarines and transferred to Diego Garcia. The president clearly thinks they do (I agree with the president on this one). In his earlier years, "Demo Dick" was the United States' premier counterterrorism operator. Wall Mounted Shampoo And Conditioner Dispenser, This board was one of the measures they are using. Good. Northland Green Gecko For Sale, Such pictures have been taken in all previous wars, and while unsavory, they damn sure don’t warrant charges.. and seeing he was isis, and what a disease of the mind islam is, I doubt seriously that he wasn’t a full on fanatic, and not forced into it at all…. They should take care that they do not sail into waters where there be dragons. Legal Statement. “We wanna fuck that guy. Chief Gallagher is a marked man caught in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a problem. Although I’ve been away from it for a while, I still clearly remember how appalled so many of us at the teams were when (some) of those senior officers were selected from the SPECWAR community for flag rank. You progtard always spin the truth. Here’s the deal: Without Lars or me, this blog would be incredibly boring. The CINC has made it simple for RADM Green: do no further harm to CPO Gallagher. or redistributed. The president clearly thinks he is giving orders. The SecNav (a Trump appointee) and CNO both think there is a crisis n the SEAL community, and by any objective measure they are correct. A Busy Creature's Day Eating Pdf, . It was tons better under Bush. As they always used to say, NAVSPECWAR eats its young. Admiral Green. After all, he says, he was inspired to enter the SEAL arena when, as a youngster, he watched Richard Widmark’s 1951 film “The Frogmen.” “Movies influence more than we know,” Marcinko said. Tweets from his official account are public and official statements. I know you can’t wait to see what I write next, and that’s kind of fun. Then if somebody hurts his feelings the Trident can be revoked. You think Trump is pissed now, wait until he finds out someone on the White House staff is making deals behind his back. “My feeling is once a SEAL always a SEAL, once KGB always KGB. Market data provided by Factset. This isn’t the perfumed princes trying to get a warfighter because they are jealous or because they want to sell a book later. These have been Princess Bride references, by he way. This isn’t a pissing contest. Nancy Dubuc Salary, I heard that Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the Rear) is always taking applications. Forgot Hilton Honors Member Number, When Marcinko’s Red Team captured a nuc sub in the Groton sub base, that was the final straw for the Admirals. And if that isn't enough, Richard Marcinko is also a multiple New York Times best-selling fiction writer, whose “Curse of the Infidel,” the latest offering in the “Rogue Warrior” series, doesn’t disappoint. Diggy Diggy Hole 10 Hours, Red Cell had been organized to attempt to infiltrate and otherwise test the security of U.S. military bases and other installations sensitive to U.S. security interests worldwide. Walk On Water Chapter 45, TRUMP45. What I am is someone with enouh military experience to know BS when I see it and the willingness to read outside a very narrow source of news. If not, he maybe ought to start leaving a few resumes’ here and there. If you were the Secretary of the Navy, would you have taken his tweet as an order? All market data delayed 20 minutes. It’s like Green thinks he is responsible for the entire SpecWar community and upholding their standards of conduct. The SecNav is basically saying that presidential tweets do not constitute policy. Were you confused by the president’s guidance on Gallagher’s trident? Both of them have never had a job that didn’t have a government paycheck attached to it. It should be interesting to see if Green refuses to drop this bone and puts himself at risk of being replaced by his commander. This classified unit, established several years earlier under the wing of SEAL Team 2, is where the concepts and tactics were honed that would become the foundation of SEAL Team 6. What are we wearing (aside from the tiara)? Michael Palmer Nuc Plans, he’s highly opinionated. Thus, the infamous SEAL Team 6 was born. And he killed a lot more people. The SpecWar community is in a crisis with a lot of indiscipline and actual criminal behavior. They know they can be fired. If in good conscience he can not or will not comply, then Green should retire immediately, if not sooner. In the last few days, the chattering class has been speculating about what the Navy would do to Chief Gallagher despite being acquitted of the crimes he was accused of. I applaud the CINC for putting the hammer down on this subject! Wenn Sie sich einloggen oder registrieren (auch via Facebook) akzeptieren Sie die We the Undersigned Hereby Petition President Donald J Trump for the Presidential Pardon of a National Hero and Icon Within the United States Special Warfare Community, Commander Richard Marcinko, USN, Retired.Commander Marcinko a former Commanding Officer of SEAL Team 2, was also the founder and first Commanding Officer of SEAL Team 6 and Red Cell, a classified Counter and Anti-Terrorist units. Under Clinton it was “here are your 15 blank rounds for this 14 day force on force training exercise, try not to use them all at once”. The P for provisional. Obviously, the President learned from that. Vindman should be sent over there also and report to the Gallagher. BTW your 7 heros that rolled on the Chief did the same thing and were never prosecuted. Regardless of his many supporters there are enough Clintonistas and Obamites left in the ranks to make a high profile enlisted man’s life hell. Donald Trump (in his best Darth Vader voice: Admiral, I AM the CinC! You seem to think I will be insulted if you call me a prof, a lefty, or a Never Trumper.


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