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Truly a sight to behold. Wow! Either that, or purple hair is now a part of the House dress-code as freaky, ugly Democrat Rosa Delauro who is already difficult to look at showed up with purple hair for work today. [11], She won re-election to her tenth term with 77% of the vote. This thing always reminds me of Alice The Goon on Pop Eye. Congressman Bruce Morrison of Connecticut's 3rd congressional district retired in order to run for governor of Connecticut. Do the R’s have anyone male or female who can compete with the self-expression of the D’s? Her outfit would be a perfect match of obama’s purple lips! Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article indicated Representative DeLauro will be chairing a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. She commended the anti-domestic violence advocates for turning attention and resources to address the domestic violence public health crisis. [39], DeLauro introduced HR 875,[40] the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. As cited by a couple of sharp-eyed watchers of C-SPAN (who managed to keep their eyes open long enough), DeLauro decided to rock the purple in a show of solidarity with the hungry and homeless. (VIDEO) What If They Held a Biden Rally, but the Trumpsters Outnumbered Them? She said, you’re drunk again. Pretty much like Congress. Cited by the good folks over at, the 14-term congresswoman’s personal fortune is slightly more than $15.2 million. DeLauro, 75, insisted it is not some latent ‘60’s thing, a release of her inner flower child. King George III levied taxes constantly and refused to listen to the people’s grievances and desires. As cited by a couple of sharp-eyed watchers of C-SPAN (who managed to keep their eyes open long enough), DeLauro decided to rock the purple in a show of solidarity with the hungry and homeless. DeLauro celebrated 25 years as an ovarian cancer survivor in 2010. Please. Democratic Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro rocked an all-purple look on the floor of the House Of Representatives Tuesday and almost everyone was confused, Click the Image Below To Enter Our Bullpen. A post shared by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on Oct 22, 2015 at 6:32pm PDT, @AVRadio #NP The Star Spangled Banner Purple Haze Jimi Solo Jimmy Hendrix Live At Woodstock, — DILAMBERT (@dianik_bg) November 11, 2016. Think of this: most campaign posters have images of the candidate. The scary thing is people actually vote to keep this nut Congress. Do it for me. On behalf of the few sane voters left in the Nutmeg State, I had nothing to do with voting this perennial embarrassment into office. Third Twin. [33] Earlier, in 1998 she voted to increase the minimum gun crime sentence. “They (Mexican Church leaders) did nothing new, surprising or arbitrary. In another example of phoniness, Life News reported in 2007 during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, His Holiness bluntly proclaimed that legislators who claimed to be Catholic, but were staunch defenders of abortion had de facto excommunicated themselves. Bob February 28, 2018 at 6:05 pm She looks worse than a ugly dog . Sorry, DeLauro. They want Ronnie Woods back in the band. ‘A strange vibe’: An Election Day unlike others... New Haven-area colleges and universities see... Biden declared the CT winner as Dems seek to expand... CT sees 985 new COVID cases, 41 more hospitalizations, Ex-con charged with beating, robbing elderly man. In 2006 she voted against the Trigger Lock Amendment that ends the use of funds from the Commerce Department FY2007 Appropriation bill to enforce laws requiring guns to be sold with locks. Can’t she wait until he’s worked the kinks out? Cutting through the fog of liberalism since 2009. Rep. Rosa DeLauro wearing purple on House floor today for National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week. ‘A strange vibe’: An Election Day unlike others ends weird... Recap: Comparing CT COVID rates to election results. RottyLover, I hope that things turn around for you real soon and you find some peace in your life for you and your husband. Hillary Clinton Thanked by Communist Chinese for Slamming POTUS as ‘Racist’, Alyssa Milano, Face Mask, Crochet, Virtue Signalling, Hypocrite, Politics, Right-Wing News, Arguably the most hard-left leaning member of the House of Representatives, Dealing with being born genetically unfortunate, Being excommunicated from the Catholic Church. It’s difficult to tell since CSPAN doesn’t really pick up the entire outfit, but it’s just clear enough to make out the important stuff. DeLauro won re-election to her twelfth term with 74.6%[15] of the vote against Republican candidate Wayne Winsley, a former member of the Navy. [31], She has voted in support of stronger regulation of firearms in the United States. Support of a major home-state defense contractor is Capitol Hill bread-and-butter, Democrat or Republican. Did she have electric boots? [38] The bill was not voted on by the Senate. When I see things like this it is so difficult to fathom how something of this nature gets into any kind of position of influence or importance. [25], Despite DeLauro's strong pro-choice stance, she was a noted supporter of David Bonior in his race against Steny Hoyer for House Majority Whip in 1991, seconding his nomination at a meeting of the Democratic caucus. The program aims to increase awareness about pregnancy and breastfeeding by starting a nationwide media campaign and provides grants for research on certain exposures that affect pregnancy and breastfed infants. She is a member of the Democratic Party. The article has been changed to reflect this. Rosa DeLauro; only slightly more attractive than the Dragon Lady. I can’t win. The other truism, after seeing an article about Hope Hicks, is conservative women are more eye appealing. I didn’t think anyone could top Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the the ugly meter, but she went above and beyond. They simply announced publicly what is contained in the law of the Church… which expresses our appreciation for life and that human individuality, human personality is present from the first moment (of life),” he added. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) and Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) today joined Mark Cousineau, President of the Community Investment Corporation (CIC), CIC’s Business Advisor Joe McCaffrey, Executive Director of Bijou Theater Gary Peterson, and CEO of Divvies Mark Sandler to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on small businesses and announce a nearly $3.5 million grant … Check out “Irish sobriety test” for fun. DeLauro also helped to pass the Lobbying and Donation Regulations bill that put in place new regulations about lobbyists and donations for Congress members. Again, thank you. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), seen here with Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) flash thumbs up as they arrive for a Democratic caucus meeting in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center November 14, 2018 in Washington. Despite DeLauro’s somewhat different spin on hashtags instead of leadership, her one minute of wearing purple for the downtrodden doesn’t mention that she’s one of the wealthiest members of Congress. How can we help? But I also asked the question long on the minds of close DeLauro watchers: What’s with the purple streaks in your hair? Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is quite famous for a number of reasons: As cited by a couple of sharp-eyed watchers of C-SPAN (who managed to keep their eyes open long enough), DeLauro decided to rock the purple in a show of solidarity with the hungry and homeless. [26] DeLauro cited their work together during the Iran-Contra scandal, and stated that Bonior's "position as whip will not impact the momentum the choice issue has in Congress right now.


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