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Twenty years ago, F. Ross Johnson was a household name. His breakthrough came when he was presented with the chance to lead the Montreal-based Canadian subsidiary of Standard Brands, a stodgy operation that included Chase & Sanborn coffee. Ross Johnson, at right, and on the cover of Time magazine in 1988. But they neglected their emotional growth. They want the fantasy life with a beautiful young thing, and they don't want children messing it up.'' In the middle of a conversation, Audrey Gruss leaps out of her chair, grabs a photograph of her husband in his polo duds, and kisses it, cooing, ''Isn't he adorable? And why Esther Ferguson, 46, who is married to James, 63, the former chairman of General Foods, brags, ''I'm the only woman in America to have been married to two CEOs of FORTUNE 500 companies.'' I couldn't be at the softball game because I had to be in London. By continuing to browse or by clicking 'Accept', you agree to our sites privacy policy. As Nancy Brinker, 42, size 10 and 6 feet tall with her boots on, puts it candidly: ''Trying to stay precious is not easy. Frederick Ross Johnson was born on Dec. 13, 1931, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the only child of a hardware salesman and a bookkeeper. When we had to give up traveling by private plane and join the rest of humanity in airports, I was spoiled to the point that I don't like to travel anymore.'' The impressive Hudson Valley estate belonging to the great-granddaughter of the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson, named Elizabeth Ross "Libet" Johnson, has … Mr. Johnson, shaggy-haired and fond of gold necklaces and open-collar shirts, promptly slashed the corporate staff by two-thirds and, to vitriolic backlash, moved the headquarters to Atlanta, from Winston-Salem, N.C., where it had been rooted for more than a century. Although Elizabeth Johnson has had an impressive portfolio of real estate in her lifetime, this sprawling property, called Lightning Tree Farm, is by far the grandest—did I mention there's an insane helipad on the property?! But Mr. Johnson says he keeps on top of things and is a regular reader of The Wall Street Journal. Ross can go to work, so he's not staying home and invading my time,'' she says. The Eighties have seen the rise of the celebrity CEO, who owes his fame to his fortune. So many people want me to get back into things, but I don’t have the technical side of it,” he says with a laugh. Windows open out onto a patio area that overlooks a swimming pool and the golf course beyond. Her husband, Martin, 46, runs Gruss & Co., a private investment partnership founded by his father, Joseph; the Gruss clan is reportedly worth in excess of $400 million. Schlage later was bought by Ingersoll Rand Corp. “And lo and behold, I was on the board of Ingersoll Rand,” Mr. Johnson says. Ah, but when she faces the prospect of pushing him around in a wheelchair, what's to prevent her from leaving him? JOHNSON--Elizabeth Ross. F. Ross Johnson, right, in 1982, when he was president of Nabisco, with Robert Schaeberle, the company’s chief executive at the time. Many of the women have a fast mistake in their past -- married at 23 and unmarried at 26 -- and they are determined not to be divorced again. Occasionally a stepmother & will take an active role in ensuring that her husband maintains ties with his progeny. Nancy Brinker, who started the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research seven years ago in memory of her sister, who died of the disease, admits, ''People turned out for our first fund-raising event on the strength of Norman's name, but I was able to take it from there.'' But after a while it can become a drag. Not anymore. A decade earlier, Elizabeth Ross Johnson—a brother called her Libet, which stuck—had commissioned a portrait of herself. Her first husband was G. William Moore, who ran Fieldcrest Mills. Disclaimer. A WarnerMedia Company. “It started to create a feeling of ‘what’s going on here with the management?’”. Johnson also served on the advisory board of Power Corporation of Canada. What happens when life in the fast lane starts pulling over to a slower track in deference to Harry's pacemaker? ''I directed all my anxieties and tensions into the job, I went on the road, I poured ten, 12 hours a day into work.'' Raised in Virginia, Moss took on the traditional housewifely tasks in her first marriage -- ''I was still so Southern I even cooked'' -- only to have her husband ask for a divorce after five years of marriage that included four moves for his business. He currently works as a President at Ford-mercury I Johnson-sewell. Ross Johnson, though, didn't have those or some other pastoral scene in mind. He later was named president of Standard Brands Ltd., then negotiated a merger with Nabisco, and later still, a merger between Nabisco and R.J. Reynolds. They've seen what went wrong in first marriages, both their own and their husbands'. “And that covered the whole four years,” he says. “It made K.K.R. ''Those first wives, boy they really stick together and support the one who was left,'' complains a second. Nearly 15 years ago, when Laura Pomerantz, now 41, married her husband John, 56, chairman of Leslie Fay, the women's clothing manufacturer, they already had three girls, ages 9, 7, and 5, from their previous marriages. She'd say things to me, such as, 'Don't think you'll ever be head of a company.' Soon after, Schaeberle left Nabisco, and Johnson took the helm, replacing many Nabisco executives with ones from Standard Brands. ''But people were afraid to tell me things because they thought I might tell him.'' Still, he managed to graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in commerce. Most executives report that they have become better, more thoughtful managers because their marital problems made them conscious of the personal lives of their employees. Yes, he has met James Garner, who portrayed him in “Barbarians at the Gate.”, “He used to come out to the Dinah Shore Open,” Mr. Johnson says. Johnson first worked as an accountant for General Electric in Montreal and as a vice-president of merchandising for the T. Eaton Company before being named president of Standard Brands Ltd.[3]. He fired 21 of the top 23 executives in his first year and led a revival that won him a promotion to lead the company’s international operations in New York. It was the biggest transaction of its day, and it left Mr. Johnson out of a job. The Distinguished Visitors Program at the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of the United States was endowed by Johnson in 2001. Mr. Johnson is wrapping up a phone conversation with his son Neil, who runs the family business, RJM Group. Though half of all American marriages contracted since 1970 will end in divorce, the man who would be king in the business world was expected to remain wed to the princess who floated down the aisle, a white cloud on her father's arm, the day after graduation. Because a man often finds he divorced his friends when he divorced his first wife, the current spouse must fill the void and create a new circle for her husband. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Says Carolyne Roehm of her three stepchildren: ''I'm here for them if they need my help, but I'm not trying to replace a parent in their lives.'' Mine is 98 or so,'' exclaims the youngish wife of a 53-year-old. When she traveled with her second husband, who just retired from General Foods, Ferguson was able to corner the likes of Henry Kissinger and William Simon and get them to serve as directors of her National Dropout Prevention Fund. But her primary job is remaking his life. I began bringing my girlfriend only when she became a serious interest and it was obvious that we were going to get married.'' Seconds who have been earning their own keep for a while definitely know how. Mr. Wilson proposed a friendly $4.9 billion takeover, which resulted in RJR Nabisco. The boy was getting engaged and wanted a jewel to present on the spot. James Fifield, the chief executive of EMI Music Worldwide, believes that as a result of his divorce, ''I'm definitely more sensitive to how the demands I put on people affect their families. He laughs, you smile and he answers one question you’ve been waiting to ask. Says one CEO: ''My first wife was unsupportive of the demands of my professional life. He is relaxed now, and looks back on his career with pride. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. His hair is white, but he still looks like the 57-year-old on the magazine cover. 2 job at General Steel Works, a maker of small appliances. Summary: Ross Johnson is 38 years old and was born on 07/26/1982. In 1981, a restive Mr. Johnson negotiated a $1.9 billion stock swap with the packaged-food juggernaut Nabisco, maker of Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers. ''I was afraid people would drop us, but right after Ross left RJR we were invited to the Canadian Prime Minister's 50th birthday party.'' For starters, she often has her own business, typically an enterprise serious enough to win respect for her but not so large as to overshadow her husband. If you've ever wondered why Carolyne Roehm's $2,000 evening gowns don't look the same on your spouse as they do on her, the answer is that she fits every piece of her collection on herself. After growing restlessness, he went into talks that led to the Nabisco-RJ Reynolds merger in 1985. Jackie Kennedy's Massachusetts Estate is For Sale, John Stamos's Calabasas Home is On The Market, Kylie Jenner’s "Starter Home" Is for Sale, Debbie Reynolds’s Ranch Is Listed for $4.2 Million.


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