royal surrey hospital day surgery unit map
Print this page The accessible toilet does not have an unobstructed minimum turning space of 150cm x 150cm. As you face the toilet pan the transfer space is on both sides. or call us on 0845 113 0012. Royal Surrey County Hospital provides emergency and general hospital services to a population of more than 330,000 across south west Surrey. Volunteers do not receive disability awareness / equality training. 01483 571 122 ext 6632/2570, Radiotherapy Private Patients The width of the door opening is 80cm (2ft 7in). There is not sufficient space next to the bed/couch for a mobile hoist to operate. The staff were polite and informative every step of the way. You will have been referred here by your GP, and Accident and Emergency Doctor or an Outpatients department. The contrast between the internal door and wall is good. The door(s) is/are double width but one door is locked. Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm The car park does not have a height restriction barrier. The buses run at different frequencies at weekends and on public bank holidays. The telephone number for the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is 01483 402 757. The towel dispenser is placed higher than 100cm (3ft 3in). There is a chair with armrests on both sides. The route from the car park to the entrance is accessible to a wheelchair user with assistance. Language interpreters can be provided on request. Tell us what was good and what could be improved, say thanks or call for change There is level access to the consultation / treatment room. Why be part of our Royal Surrey family? A set of frequently asked questions has been developed by various cancer charities.​. The soap dispenser cannot be reached from seated on the toilet. The Oncology Hotline advice number 01483 571122 is available 24 hours a day for any queries regarding your appointment or treatment. Parking on the hospital site can be busy so it is worth leaving some extra time to ensure that you are not late for your appointment. The Day Surgery Unit and Overnight Ward are on the first floor of the hospital in the West Wing, above the Outpatients Department. We will inform your consultant and let you know what to do next. About: There are no chairs with armrests available. The name / number of the room surveyed was; Consultation Room 2. Take the exit signed to the Cathedral and the University. As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on both sides. If you or anyone in your household has suspected Coronavirus symptoms, please contact us using the contact details on your appointment letter. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience, Outside Access (Surgical Short Stay Unit (Elective Surgery)), Ward (Surgical Short Stay Unit - Elective Surgery), Consultation / Treatment Room (Consultation), Accessible Toilet (Left Hand Transfer), To view the web page described above click here (opens in new tab), To see the hospital parking charges please click here (opens new tab), Royal Surrey County Hospital Main Building link (new tab) - click here, Royal Surrey County Hospital Parking Guide link (new tab) - click here. There is not a play area or toys/books for a child to play with. The hospital does have a dedicated car park. The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 48cm (1ft 7in). If you experience Coronavirus symptoms on the day of your planned procedure, please do not come in for your appointment, instead, telephone the department and we will inform your consultant and tell you what to do next . Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm For short admissions you will most likely remain on Emergency Assessment Unit. Many thanks to the staff at the Royal Surrey Day Surgery Unit who were absolutely fantastic in every respect. All rights reserved. The name / number of the room surveyed was; Room 1. There is not a designated drop-off point. There is not a/are not door(s) into the waiting room / area. The room does not have background music playing. The width of the accessible toilet door is 85cm (2ft 9in). The car park is located at the rear of the hospital. The width of the door opening is 86cm (2ft 10in). The toilet roll holder can be reached from seated on the toilet. There is a free 20 minute pick up and drop off point at the front of the hospital and Blue Badge bays are available next to all entrances. There is a flashing fire alarm beacon within the waiting room / area. The ramp/slope is located in front of the entrance. Back to top of page The Check in/Check out option means that you pay on exit which can be an advantage if you are not entirely sure how long you will need to park. There is not a space for a wheelchair user to wait within the seating area. All rights reserved. As the Emergency Assessment Unit is a short stay facility you may be transferred to another ward for further care and/or treatment. We also request that patients do not remain in the department between their radiopharmaceutical injection and scan and recommend that they return to their car, wherever possible, during this period. Day Surgery Unit . In order to comply with social distancing recommendations, you will find that staff working in close contact with you (within 1 metre) will now be wearing masks, gloves and aprons. The type of flooring in walkways and corridors is vinyl/laminate. The dimensions of the accessible toilet are 228cm x 258cm (7ft 6in x 8ft 6in). The drop-off point is located in front of the Main Hospital entrance. Wall mounted grab rails are available for the toilet. The contrast between the internal door and wall is good. The station is on the main line between London Waterloo and Portsmouth, with Reading and Dorking connections.


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