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A complete menu of grouse fare might itself fill a book. The ruffed grouse does not migrate and lives all of its life within the same few hectares. Gray Partridge, Calgary, February 19, 2017. Isle Lake Alberta This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show ads that are more relevant to your interests. Hunting of the ruffed grouse is common in the northern and far western United States as well as Canada, Often done with shotguns. The colour of the grouse is affected by its habitat as it uses camouflage to protect itself from predators. Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society. Photo by Tony LePrieur. Gray Partridge are usually found near open grassy fields, and are often seen in residential areas. 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This is because the grouse spends most of its time in thick brush, aspen stands, and second growth pines. Listen for the harsh, usually two-note crowing of the males in Fish Creek Park, especially along the river. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Birds & Beers is a social get-together open to any interested birders. Bird sightings, especially rare or reportable birds, should be posted to the Listserv Albertabird. One grouse crop yielded a live salamander in a salad of watercress. Ring-necked Pheasant (male), Fish Creek Park, February 20, 2017. The scientific name, bonasa umbellus, comes from Latin: bonasa meaning “good when roasted” and umbellus meaning “a sunshade.” This refers to its distinguishing dark-coloured neck feathers, particularly large in the male, that are also called the ruff. Pheasants, Grouse, and Partridges of Calgary,, U of C Peregrine Falcons, 1995-2015 (pdf). Photo by Tony LePrieur. In the spring you may see pairs but since they have large broods, by summer they are often in family groups of up to 20 birds. The ruffed grouse is one of 18 species of grouse. In Calgary, Ruffed Grouse can be found in the boreal forest where it creeps into the west end of the city. They can be bought to be raised privately and apparently are often used to train hunting dogs, and inevitably some escape into the wild. Photo by Tony LePrieur. Cornell Labs All About Birds Online Field Guide. The Weaselhead is probably the most reliable location. I should also mention the Chukar, another introduced Eurasian game bird that is established in some parts of western North America. In the winter, they will burrow into the snow for warmth, and may suddenly burst out of the snow when approached too closely. Although it is primarily a ground-dwelling bird it is very skilled at flying in short spurts and can make rapid twists and turns, which helps it fly in amid thick forest growth. Hunting of the ruffed grouse can be challenging. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new blog posts by email. According to nature writer Don L. Johnson: More than any other characteristic, it is the ruffed grouse's ability to thrive on a wide range of foods that has allowed it to adapt to such a wide and varied range of habitat on this continent. Brown-morph birds have tails of the same color and pattern, but the rest of the plumage is much more brown, giving the appearance of a more uniform bird with less light plumage below and a conspicuously grey tail. Photo by Tony LePrieur. Photo by Dan Arndt. [6] Other nicknames for ruffed grouse include drummer or thunder-chicken. Ruffed Grouse are the only native game bird that you can regularly find in Calgary. Ring-necked Pheasant (male), Fish Creek Park, March 4, 2017. Would you like to share your photos of birds from the Calgary area? Here is a link to the. Canadian Geographic is a magazine of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Species name: Bonasa umbellus Average length: 40 cm to 48 cmAverage weight: 500 gramsLife expectancy: Average less than 1 year; birds that survive their first year often live 2-3 years. Gray Partridge are native to Europe and are also well-established here. It is a game bird that resembles a chicken and has several common names including partridge, woods pheasant and ruffled grouse. Diversity is what makes Alberta a wonderful upland bird destination. [citation needed], Minnesota is the top ruffed grouse–producing state in the U.S.[11][failed verification]. Ruffed grouse by the numbers Back to video As far as I know he didn’t wear rhinestone Nudie suits, ride around the country with several semis full of gear and fill hockey barns with fans. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Ring-necked Pheasants (female), Fish Creek Park, February 20, 2017. Both genders are similarly marked and sized, making them difficult to tell apart, even in hand. 15 402, 518-520, 524, 525, 528-542, 936. They are an important game bird hunted by humans and also by foxes, bobcat, coyotes, hawks and falcons. The RCGS acknowledges that its offices are located on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Peoples, who have been guardians of, and in relationship with, these lands for thousands of years. Leave a comment on the blog, or email us and we'll be happy to help! Review: Swarovski ATX-85 Angled Spotting Scope - Yes, it's that good. Personalized birding and wildlife tours in southern Alberta, led by Daniel Arndt. Photo by David Mitchell. (See this post for more of Dan’s photos from a lek.). We meet regularly at the Royal Canadian Legion at 9202 Horton Road SW in Calgary, from 6 to 9 pm. The greater sage grouse is one of the most impressive and most threatened varieties. There are small pockets where the wild population is self-sustaining, but there isn’t sufficient good habitat for them and these pockets are not connected. It is the only species in the genus Bonasa. It is also very hard to detect a foraging grouse bobbing about in the thicket due to their camouflage. Photo by Tom Amerongen. Rare or notable birds should also be reported to James Fox at fox.james.ed[at], 780.999.0642. Ring-necked Pheasant (female), Fish Creek Park, February 20, 2017. Chukar, West Springs, SW Calgary, July 2012. The ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is a medium-sized grouse occurring in forests from the Appalachian Mountains across Canada to Alaska.It is non-migratory.It is the only species in the genus Bonasa.. Birds will return to these spots during the late afternoon to bathe in dust and to socialize and mate. It's an excellent place to read about recent sightings, share your lists and report rare birds. The ruffed grouse is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a "partridge", an unrelated phasianid, and occasionally confused with the grey partridge, a bird of open areas rather than woodlands. If you see one of these birds, send us an email. Unlike other grouse species, the ruffed grouse relies entirely on a non-vocal acoustic display, known as drumming. Please contact the Cooking Last year they released 26,000 pheasants in 41 locations. The ruffed grouses' flecked plumage can range in colour from grey to red or a shade of mahogany. They are well-established in the wild in North America, but more are raised and released in Alberta every year as game birds. Download a printable version of this page, See more of our Animal of the Month features for kids, Subscribe to Can Geo Today >Digital Edition >Our FREE Newsletters >. Ring-necked Pheasant (male), Fish Creek Park, October 18, 2015. These chunky, medium-sized birds weigh from 450–750 g (0.99–1.65 lb), measure from 40 to 50 cm (16 to 20 in) in length and span 50–64 cm (20–25 in) across their short, strong wings. Xeno-canto: bird sounds from around the world. Ruffed Grouse, Weaselhead Nature Area, February 22, 2017. If you venture out of town you can also see Spruce Grouse and Dusky Grouse in the foothills, and White-tailed Ptarmigan in the mountains. The male ruffed grouse is known for its spring mating ritual, known as “drumming.” It stands on a platform, such as a rock, log or stump, and begins beating its wings slowly and then more rapidly, creating a hollow, drumming sound. The genus Bonasa was applied by British naturalist John Francis Stephens in 1819. Photo by Tony LePrieur. permits may obtained online through the Alberta Parks web site. Ruffed grouse frequently seek gravel and clover along road beds during early morning and late afternoon. The ruffed grouse population has a cycle, and follows the cycle no matter how much or how little hunting there is.


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