rust monster queen 5e
The rust monster was given a Challenge Rating of 3, meaning it was an appropriate challenge for a party of four 3rd-level adventurers. We usually complain that the 4th edition provides little to no information about the monster we look at, but it’s the exact opposite for our favorite monster, Rusty. Monstrous Compendium Volume Two, 1989 TSR Inc. In the early 1970s, Gary Gygax was playing Chainmail, a wargame that bore some precursors of Dungeons & Dragons. The text on this page is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a. Antennae. Before we talk about what makes the Rust Monster so special, let’s look at their more generic statistics and how they stack up. Because they aren’t very picky about who they propagate their species with, and that they mate very often, the female is more than likely down, and then 4 to 7 months later a baby Rust Monster will be born completely whole and ready to start devouring metals. Now, when it sees all that beautiful metal, which is typically worn by you, Mister Fighter, and it begins to charge you down, how should you respond? The Rust Monster still isn’t the smartest creature you’ll run into, but it remains one of the hungriest. Explore the Positive Quasi-Elemental Planes of Lightning, Mineral, Radiance, and Steam, the joiners of the major Inner Planes and the Positive Energy Plane. But then again, losing your longsword at level 2 isn’t that big of a deal. We respect your privacy and will only send one email on Saturday with our posts from the last week. The Rust Monster can pinpoint, by scent, the location of ferrous metal within 30 feet of it. The blade then disappears into rust as it hits the monster, then it’s the Rust Monsters turn who inoffensively attacks the fighter turning all of their plate armor into rust immediately. Looking at the lore for the Rust Monster, we are disappointed that there is no mention of its rightful place as the larva stage of a Rust Dragon, but at this point we weren’t holding our breath. Your magical stuff no longer immediately rusts into a small snack for the Rust Monster to feast upon. These different variations of the Rust Monsters can be found in deserts, tundras, swamps, and other geographical regions, all giving the Rust Monsters different ways of destroying your favorite sword. This could be by providing less optimal equipment early on in the dungeon that the PCs could use or letting them fashion makeshift weapons out of what they can find. Throughout the editions, the Rust Monster was slowly pulled back until the main ability that makes it fearsome ends up being pretty much useless. [19], Chris Sims of the on-line magazine Comics Alliance referred to the rust monster as "the most feared D&D monster".[20]. The lore stays pretty much the same, though it does specify the Rust Monster is only interested in ferrous metals, which still includes mithral or adamantine, but they no longer can eat silver, gold, and other metals. Bite. In the August 1984 issue of Dragon (Issue #88), the rust monster was described more fully in "The Ecology of the rust monster", supposedly by a sage. We find out much more information about the Rust Monster in Ed Greenwood’s Ecology of the Rust Monster (Dragon Magazine #88, 1984). Hit points 27 (5d8 + 5) Finally we have a monster that doesn’t want to eat the flesh from your bones but rather is very interested in what you are wearing. Rust Monsters will somehow journey, once they get incredibly old, to the Outer Plane of Acheron where they will gorge themselves for a whole year on the metal cubes located on Avalas. 5th edition strips away everything that makes the Rust Monster a creature worth fearing, causing grown goliaths to weep like children when their favorite toy is taken away. It doesn’t matter what it is so long as it has that delicious ferrous material in it, meaning anything with iron content. Look no further than its primary attack, Swarm of Teeth to understand just how deadly the swarm is. Monster … That’s like taking away a dragon’s breath weapon attack or saying that griffons have wings but can’t fly. In a new development, if a rust monster ate a magical weapon, the "residuum"—the substance that gave the magic weapon its powers—stayed in the rust monster's stomach; once the monster had been killed, the residuum could be recovered and reused to make a new weapon. If you try to beat them away with your sword, your weapon turns to rust upon touching them, it doesn’t matter if it is magical or not. of Attacks: 2Damage/Attack: NilSpecial Attacks: See belowSpecial Defenses: NilMagic Resistance: NilSize: M (5’ long)Morale: Average (9)XP Value: 270. [16] This information was also featured in the Paizo book Dragon: Monster Ecologies (2007). The second piece of information worth talking about is their relationship to dragons and Rust Dragons in particular. Iron Scent. When Rusty eats the pile of rust that was once your amazing mace of death, not surprisingly it ends up in its stomach. Combine that with an extra long tail and two long feelers on its face, that the artwork depicts as fuzzy, makes us worried it is going to feast on our face. Now, Rust Monsters can see your metal, which means no layering dung on your armor in a desperate attempt to not be smelled. All this plus the fact that the picture of the Rust Monster is worse than the previous editions, we have to wonder… where was the love for the Rust Monster? In 1977, the rust monster was updated for the Advanced D&D game, and was pictured for the first time, in an illustration by Dave Sutherland[1]:66 that depicted a round tick-like creature — albeit 3 feet high and 5 feet long — with a bony shell of armor, four mammal-like legs, two long antennae and a scaly prehensile tail ending in what appears to be a propeller. Appearing: 1-4 (1-4)Save As: Fighter 3Morale: 7Treasure Type: NilAlignment: NeutralXP Value: 300. The Rust Monster was created from a random toy and its legacy had a lasting impact on every character that would run into it. of Attacks: 1Damage/Attack: SpecialTreasure: Nil. There is a small section that briefly mentions that the Rust Monsters might be attracted to the metallic dragons due to their affinity to specific metals. Targets a creature wearing or wielding a rusting magic item of 10th level or lower or any non-magic rusting item; +9 vs.


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