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Sandora. Tomato Juice $0.00. They contain natural sugar, mainly glucose, pectin and tannins, as well as carotene (provitamin A), vitamins PP, C, R, a considerable amount of iron salts. PepsiAmericas held a 60% interest in Sandora, … Natural products made from wild Siberian plants and herbs, Kitchen Textile, mugs, khokhloma painted wooden spoons. Tomato Juice $0.00. Apple - White grape nectar $0.00. It is fact - food and drink should be healthy. Sadochok. Item: #53215 Country: Ukraine. BLACK CURRANT-GRAPE NECTAR $0.00. Sandora LLC (Ukrainian: Сандора) is a Ukrainian juice company based in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Showing 23 items Sortby. You can correct shipping details at any time late, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Wonderberry Red Whortleberry Mors, 33.81 oz / 1 liter, Wonderberry Cranberry Mors, 33.81 oz / 1 liter, Wonderberry Wildberry Mors, 33.81 oz / 1 liter, We genuinely care about our customers and their needs. VEGETABLE JUICE 0.00. Founded in 1995, the company currently holds a 47 percent share of the Ukrainian juice market. Sandora.

Grains, Spices, Sauces, Preserves and Pickled Vegetables. You subscribed! Sadochok. Sadochok. Our online store offers the best range of natural juice for sale: All goods you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide. Download Catalog Sadochok. Sadochok. Sandora. Please check or define your shipping area and zip code. Remove OR View cart Products related to this item. BLACK CURRANT-GRAPE NECTAR … Sandora. Our online store offers the best range of natural juice for sale: Apricot Juice; Mango Nectar Chocolate and Caramel Candies, Bars and Boxes. Sandora. Showing 6 items Sortby. VEGETABLE JUICE $0.00. 100% Plum - Apple Juice (Natural) 0.00. From classic tastes to original mixes – choose your favourite Sandora Представляємо Sandora «Фрукти Цілі» - нову серію соків та нектарів, котрі мають природну користь, близьку до тієї, яку Ви отримуєте, споживаючи цілі свіжі фрукти. PepsiCo acquired PepsiAmericas in 2010 and took full ownership of Sandora. PepsiAmericas held a 60% interest in Sandora, and PepsiCo held 40% interest in Sandora. 100% Plum - Apple Juice (Natural) $0.00. Subscribe to our newsletter. Sandora; Magic Berry; Our juices are delicious, fragrant and extremely benificial for one's health. Properly selected organic drinks will make you stronger, healthier and more resistant to viruses and colds. Show more. Item: #53202 Country: Ukraine.

Add to your menu a glass of natural juice and get all the benefits of nature.

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