select two principles of ethical communication explain why you feel they are important
The gestures of the sender should correspond with the message he sends. According to this principle, the communication should always be in a simple language. Provision for Interaction and Participation in Oral Communication: In verbal communication, care should be taken to see that it does not become a monologue by the com­municator. A third example of ethical communication could involve a physician and his or her patient. In order to make the message effective it is necessary that the recipient’s attention must be drawn to the message communicated to him. How often a manager should communicate with a subordinate or group of subordinates on the same subject? There should be a feedback information from the recipient to know whether he has understood the message in the same sense in which the sender has meant it. The need to make communication an effective instrument of organisational cohesiveness and control over it are well recognized. Hence, the message should be sent before the actual need keeping in mind the time required for communication. The industrial problems may be minimized by establishing an effective system of communication because a sense of co-operativeness will make the industrial relations better. 2. Answering all questions asked while replying to an enquiry, the sender has to note all the points and answer all of them. Efficiency of communicator and communicates is also affected. Uploader Agreement. They should seek not only to be understood but also to understand. Some of the principles of effective communication are:-, 1. The communication should always be consistent with the objectives, policies and programmes of the enterprise. The messages should reach the receiver whenever they are needed. These are the ‘Ten commandments of good communication’. Plagiarism Prevention 5. Be sure your actions support your communication. Effective commu­nication necessitates a minimum of two partici­pants who should interact with each other. Consistency should be maintained in sending messages. Moreover, careful attention should be given to the style of expression, use of diagrams, charts, pictures, etc., in the communication. On the contrary, in case of a less capable receiver more details are needed. It should be worded in such a way that the receiver understands the same thing which the sender wants to convey. Management, Functions, Directing, Process, Communication, Effective Communication. There are seven C’s of effective communication: It means preparing every message standing into the shoes of the receiver. 8. Being mindful of what you share on social media and ensuring that any news articles you share are not fake would be another great example of ethical communication. What is the difference between formal and informal organizational communications? 4. (l) Effective communication is possible if the receiver has the skill of patient and perceptive listening. (n) The communication system should be flexible enough to absorb additional loads of information, to incorporate new techniques of information transmission and to adapt with the changing organisational requirements. Information of ideas should be communicated at the proper time. The message should be clear and complete. Following principles should be followed in order to make the communication effective: Principle of clarity, i.e., every point in the com­munication should be clear having no ambiguity and conveying the same sense and spirit. The information sent to the receiver should be sufficient and complete in every respect. Any delay in communication may not serve any purpose rather decisions become of historical importance only. The communication […] The system should allow free flow of information from the points of origin to destination. Start your 48-hour free trial and unlock all the summaries, Q&A, and analyses you need to get better grades now. This naturally will depend on the purpose of communication and the type of receiver(s). So, the sender or communicator must make efforts to achieve the objective of this response. Though all details should be included in the message, the sender should be as brief as possible. A communicator is judged not only by what he says but also by what he does. and using empathy are some of the ways which can make communication courteous and effective. I will put this into perspective with some examples as requested. Incorrect transmission will lead to incorrect action. The principle of feedback is very important to make the communication effective. In order to make the communication system effective, the following principles or factors may be followed: The idea to be transmitted should always be in common and easily understandable language so that the communicatee may interpret the idea in the same sense and spirit, in which it is communicated. ii. Planning for communication aims at determining as to when, how and through what medium communication is to be done among people working at different levels. Choosing simple language and using simple words in place of high sounding words. The American Management Association has laid ten principles of effective communication. This is used to draw out the other person. Already a member? Be mindful, when you communicate, of the overtones as well as the basic content of your message. Any delay in communicating the messages will serve no purpose except to make them (messages) mere historical documents as they lose their importance and effectiveness by the lapse of time. Understanding 16. Informal communication system speeds up the transmission of formal messages. The code of ethics under which medical professionals operate is very strict with regard to honesty and integrity, but there are bad individuals in every profession, including medicine. So, the sender should stop talking, because without stopping the talking, one cannot listen. Adequacy 7. Examine the purposes of communication. The sufficiency of information depends on the ability of the receiver. Timeliness. Top subjects are Literature, Business, and Social Sciences. It means that he should see whether the receiver has understood the message or not. Image Guidelines 4. Consult with others, wherever appropriate, in planning communications. This implies that the information should be adequate and complete in all respect. This decision of time helps him in reducing the effect of man’s emotions and moods. Communication is effective when the workers are receptive to it and are able to give relevant feedback. A manager says to his workers, “We want to increase production to meet the increasing demand. Take the opportunity, when it arises, to convey something of help or value to the receiver. Avoiding ambiguity by correct punctuation, personal pronoun, proverbs, etc. This would clearly involve unethical communication. Today, almost every manufacturer of toothpaste claims his product to be the best in the market, this leaves the consumer, particularly the gullible among them, utterly confused about which toothpaste to choose from among the several ‘bests’. One way to understand this is to think about relevant ethical dilemmas or test cases. Therefore, the effective communication system is one which achieved its objectives. Communication networks refer to the routes through which communication flow to the desti­nation person for whom it is meant. 6. Effective communication means communication free from barriers. 4. The sender should consider the interest and needs of the receiver of message. And for this, a guard over the manner of functioning of informal groups, while transmitting a formal communication, is but imperative. The message should be transmitted in clear words. Proper Time 8. Complete information makes communication effective. For this purpose, the idea to be communicated must be very clear in the minds of the communicator. Incomplete and inadequate informa­tion delays actions and destroys understanding and relations. What the sender wants to convey must also be what the receiver wants to receive. In order to make communication effective, the receiver’s attention should be drawn towards message. The suggestions of all the persons concerned should be invited while making plans for communication.


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