shaw academy toolkit pdf
DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY AND TIME, GO STUDY AT A WELL ESTABLISHED INSTITUTION!!! Took a course through T-Mobile deal. I found an Instagram account under I have attended all the lessons but now when I cant do my final assessment as I am being asked to pay before I can do my final assessment and get a certificate. Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY. Please, be aware of this situation and share this information. The amount of advertising and selling is ludicrous, but when you need assistance they are no where to be found. I want my money back you thieving liars! In consequence, I received an email asking me to remove the block in the way that they could refund me the money. the links are nowhere to be found. it’s almost like the teacher forgot that she was teaching us marketing and started to market directly to us. Shaw academy has a good service to sell so why are they screwing it up by not having live agents to answer calls or deal with complaints? more free course I am done . This is the last week of the first month, and therefore the end of the trial. pretty shoddy, be warned… no communication regarding problems or issues. What to do? Please can you let me know. He emailed Shaw Academy explaining that he did not want a toolkit and did not click on the pop-up – he clicked on the “x”. a new page will open and the “join webinar” link on that page should actually work. Signed up for a course, emailing them with no response. Keith, I bought the online course voucher from Groupon for only NZD$9 and attended the online pre-recorded 8 lessons during Feb-March this year ( 2 lessons each week for a month ). Of course, I didn’t remove it as the money never left the bank and I believe their motives were unclear. Online Study Australia has no association with it. However, for the amount you have been charged, I would like to offer a complimentary 6-month additional trial membership, a Certificate of Completion, and also 3 remaining module toolkits absolutely free. Even if you sign up for a month’s free trial, you’ll be charged for sure for the next month’s plan even if you have cancelled it, or probably for lame toolkits, course material, etc. DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANKING DETAILS OVER TO THESE CORRUPT THIEVING LIARS. Help me please. Hi, same as several others, I was happy with the course. To date I have not spent a single dollar. I hope this will help you in achieving your goal for which you joined with us and we want to help you further.”, Shaw academy is the worst thing ever. I want a refund asap or else I will take legal action against Shaw Academy! On the same day they charged my card for the 6 months and for the one month that was supposed to be free (or at least already covered by the 6-months payment). The ad said $9 for DIPLOMA in Social Media Marketing – no conditions of up-selling attached – nothing to say that I have to pay to sit the Final Exam. There is also a website There courses are to easy to be accredited in my opinion, its a money making scheme…so I did a few courses, informative but weak (you cannot build a career off it, not really), and guess what they have these attractive month to month payment schemes that are not communicated properly. Even emailed the ‘Paul’ guy that has responded above and still no response. Advance your career and gain an online certificate by mastering subjects from learning english to photography to nutrition. Had a good experience. I had emails saying the subscription was suspended and logging into the site said so how come, suddenly, it was not? I am due to complete the course later this month, if they ask me to pay more money to sit the exam I’m going to feel cheated. At least say they are prerecorded. Something needs to be done about them. I was charged 39 euros for course material after I only clicked on the page to get more info. Register easily online. I have enjoyed the Social Media Marketing class so far. My “free course” was due to start at 1pm today. They have taken £89.85 from my bank account for the first three months and when I’ve questioned this via email, I get no response.. After reading all these comments, I’m now worried. I cancelled the trial within the first week. Emailed the support several times, but no response at all. They responded with this – “Thanks for contacting us.


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