sickle cell crisis ppt
QR�g��x65��ݬ����Ru��ݣNI�����1��t*�xeؼ:TF�P4�s_H�k�1֬f��K# c�㯷WN�x��:;�.=~��pDr�MKВu����Wc. Sickle cell disease is caused by HbS haemoglobinopathy which produces rigid, distorted and dysfunctional erythrocytes called sickle cells ... Types of sickle cell crisis presentations: fever — consider veno-occlusive disease, acute chest syndrome, osteomyelitis, local or systemic infection ... regardless of the dominant presentation. >g1/�r��6z�)�d��l���#xX��Z�BВ6������o�g���ArB�3r�1S ��+x�\A8s/��+��m1t{c�;c��C���1G��OM�1�"��}��y�6`�7j�9�]G���6�w ��8�S�P�?V�)PzÁ�_�mх��H~U��Vt�uW�B�����/d�7j�0���dk�H�RMvx��ޗj�X�&;ąi��`�&;L�i�i�&;Ԇi����4Yj{��0:����R��R�\)�nn���F?�ԆW ��Hv2���+9�G��s�+&�%�w���-�}1po��{g�[c�����w�н;���1t�\(&�V�b�1b��>d�j���K�����Oii�Q.c���ǂ���`��������.��韒ݫU�w����n��]���v�� �-3�U��X��[5ٙl�4ٙ}�4ٙ��4ٙ��4ٙ��4ٙ��4ٙ��4Y*���0:��28R��R) )�nn���F?�T�G ��a��=�]0˥�G��0V�B�5�ata|�r�� ���DK��L���"��i��u���U��E�n@Ⲋ��X4��Tr�(�Q\8����H]5�{BP��M�f�LJ�e�'�] ��[*�a#e����891:z�qzbt��=t���*cQbdHdg�f�ƪ �?��/:EadH��!F�D.r��#��n� �o �EcdH��!1F���gzx��cdH��!1F��.rl�KG7��7��I02$�Ȑ#C�3=�I02$�Ȑ#C�9�ԥ�`��l)F���bdH��! • Autosomal recessive disorder characterized byreplacement of the amino acid valine in one ofthe B chains by glutamic acid. �� PK ! Ask the patient to assess severity of pain using a 0-10 scale Ask the patient … �%�w �> [Content_Types].xml �(� ̛]o�0��'�?D�� �n*��}\��Һ�%�%�����9�2�`izb��T2�s޸9�c�׷�u�=�F��-�p:�=�r^�l����\��T���.�-�����W��[A��g3���J�wA �5���rA��fɛ�(=lV� �o��A4�eAΙ�LMTÿ��H�dS)�ӣ�x�D���}���M��˺��~����J�L!BTeN�����'�&{MS=���\�B���/dh�9�d&�����)�ݑF}#�V��P���K4��3R�rY�����A�f��:NkR����$FVZ�W"���� [����"��b����R��2ך�g�֞Ue{v*k�;u4D�����N�Q`�"�(�[��! ��Gv6�`+at���y���#���FG�0>�G.�إ��۳v)���h ��DcdH��!1���)�Ȑ#Cb��12$vɐK��ttl�z�-�Ȑ#C�I02$����-�Ȑ#C�I02$qɐK`K\:�6x����bdH��!)F���������bdH��! )F����d�%�e.� ��@`�02$�Ȑ#C2������`�02$�Ȑ#C2���d�%��]:�6x�=lFFx1�f�g�W�������s;{"�[�Q%=�v>wP��Q�r����2m�v�8�;莒�� �� PK ! )��l)F���bdH��!.rl.� ��#�����`z��[��oX������֣Zocg�*��(��S�������g���,?�7�~���? Sickle cell anemia 1. :+�g�%��N]9zAs`#���/�7&�\�ª���]V�_3��׌�4���E#� Pain can also occur in your bones. The patient’s history reveals that she has sickle cell disease (SS genotype) & has been hospitalized 3 times over the last year for sickle cell crisis. Sickle cell disease (SCD) usually manifests early in childhood. The vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) – also known as a “sickle cell crisis”; an attack of acute pain due to vaso-occlusion that is the “hallmark symptom” of the disease Chronic Pain : Due to accumulation of organ/tissue damage over time…may also be due to chronic … }O*�sZ PK ! Excellent website list of guidelines, papers, ... Renal Medullary Carcinoma.


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