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The military struck him down with a draining "Sonic Shark" missile based on technology developed by Reed Richards, and the Surfer humbled himself and continued to wander. The Silver Surfer also battled Badoon, Loki, Mephisto, Doomsday Man, Yarro Gort, Warlock Prime, the Abomination, and the Flying Dutchman. Tom Grindberg took over from Lim and was later replaced by Scot Eaton. Norrin Radd The Avengers: United They Stand: To be added Origin Jartran Radd (father, deceased)Elmar Radd (mother, deceased)Fennan Radd (half-brother, possibly deceased)Ardina (clone)Dawn Greenwood (wife, deceased)Eve Greenwood (sister-in-law)Regina Prado (niece-in-law)Norrin Radd (light-form duplicate)Carnage (former symbiote)Void Knight (former symbiote) Silver Surfer or The Silver Surfer, is the title of several series of comic books published by Marvel Comics featuring the Silver Surfer. Writers for Silver Surfer vol. | Loki Odinson | Howard Stark | Peggy Carter | Jane Foster | Edwin Jarvis | Miek. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information. Blending cel and computer animation, the series is rendered in the style of Silver Surfer co-creator Jack Kirby.. The Surfer was shown the errors of his ways by the Fantastic Four, and they helped him resist attempts by Galactus to regain his services. FantasticInvisible WomanHuman TorchThingNovaNebulaBlack BoltDoctor StrangeHulkValkyrieBeastHellcatBeta Ray BillThorNamor the Sub-MarinerNighthawkQuasarAdam WarlockSpider-ManMantis (love-interest)Amadeus ChoRonan the AccuserSersiGenis-VellGalactusDrax the DestroyerRocket RaccoonSentryAlicia MastersCleaNova (Frankie Raye)StarlightIkonGladiatorGargoyleMorfexXenithVenusHellstromLockjawThe AnnihilatorsThe DefendersFantastic FourGuardians of the GalaxyThe Avengers Villains introduced in the series include Mephisto in issue #3 (Dec. Guest artists before issue #130 include Joe Rubinstein, Joe Phillips, Bart Sears, and John Buscema. The Silver Surfer has starred in four original graphic novels: The Silver Surfer has also headlined or co-headlined the following series: Marvel has featured the Silver Surfer alongside characters from other companies in the following crossovers: The character's various series have been collected into the following books: DeFalco "1960s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 133: "Created by editor Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, Mephisto hated the Surfer the moment he became aware of him. Help Galactus to devour entire planets in order to save his home planet (formerly).Save Earth from Galactus (succeeded).Protect the universe from threats. The eighth series, again written by Dan Slott and drawn by Mike Allred, ran from March 2016 to December 2017, lasting 14 issues. However, he was betrayed by the villain, who imprisoned the Surfer and stole his cosmic power for himself. Comic Book Series is a FANDOM Comics Community. Current price per issue is $3.99. 8 #1-14 and material from All-New Marvel Now! Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four # 48 During this time, Psycho-Man influenced the Surfer's aggression, causing him to battle Spider-Man, Human Torch, S.H.I.E.L.D. Norrin Radd: Sorcerer SupremeSakaarsonSojournerDoom-BringerUni-LordGleambodyCosmic MessiahGalactic MessiahJohn DoeLightlord"Shiny Man""Surfer Mam"Nor-VillNorville RapaportShiny-Head, The Awaited OneSterling BreathO'Glorious OneSky-RiderShinyCommanderVoid Knight, ExplorerAdventurerWorld-be-Conqueror (formerly)Minion of Gaea (formerly)Scholar (formerly)Astronomer (formerly)Gladiator (formerly)Wanderer (formerly)Annihilators MemberServant of Galactus (formerly)Defenders Member (formerly)The Order Member (formerly)God Squad MemberStar Masters Member (formerly)Secret Defenders Member (formerly)Titans Three Member (formerly). The Silver Surfer one-shot released in 1982 was plotted and penciled by John Byrne and scripted by Stan Lee.[15]. [9][10], The fifth series started in 2004 and was written by Dan Chariton and Stacy Weiss, lasting 14 issues. Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2: To be added and the Inhumans. The Silver SurferThe AlienSilveradoSilver SavageSky-Rider of SpacewaysSentinel of the SpacewaysChrome DomeCarnage CosmicCaptain UniverseDark SurferKeeper"Mr. Clean"Cosmic WandererThe Cosmic Surfer Protector of the UniverseChampion of the UniverseHerald of GalactusDr. | Maria Hill | Peggy Carter | Heimdall | Erik Selvig | Helen Cho | Nick Fury | F.R.I.D.A.Y. High IntelligenceMaster ScientistPhilosophyHand-to-Hand CombatantCosmic Power: Save Earth from Galactus (succeeded).Protect the universe from threats., Silver Surfer appears as a titular protagonist in. Norrin Radd, more commonly known as Silver Surfer, is a character from Marvel Comics. ", Daniels p. 225: "Stan Lee, who continues to write stories featuring the idealistic Silver Surfer, collaborated with the renowned French artist 'Moebius' (Jean Giraud) on this 1988 graphic novel.


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