smash ultimate main picker
Only main characters that you have fun with. I don't mind getting down and dirty when I have to (both of those characters can put some pressure on in the right situations), but I like being able to make my opponent come to me, rather than the other way around. Dynamic characters have something unique to them that defines their playstyle and how you play them. Thanks for reading. There’s no reason to cut yourself off from the rest of the roster. Or should I take a break and play another game? Because you truly love your character, the series they come from, and/or the things they stand for? Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re missing? If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Do I really need a main? For example, if you get Gandorf that means you like heavy characters like King Dedede. Get to know their options. Just chill and realize that no test is perfect and take the character you get as the type of characters you get. It really depends on how you play Mr. G&W. I’ve played quite a bit of Captain Falcon in Melee and Smash 4, so my experience there kinda transfer over. That, along with just having inherently mediocre options outside of a few good moves I mentioned, means that it can be frustrating to play Lemmy. If you get bored then don't main wii fit. I switch in and out of aggressive zone breaking and patient defensive play. To be a threat at your local tournament scene? Next, ask yourself if tier loyalty matters to you. But understand that when you’re dedicating time to serious practice for tournaments or for “serious play”, whatever that means to you, focus that time with just that character or set of characters. Faster than average but slightly less power than average. Character Wheel Spin. If you have that drive to be that good with your character, push through despite any shortcomings or biases that come with your character. However, he’s an inherently bad character, that most notably can die at low percents offstage. Having a main crisis right now. Practice doesn’t make perfect—perfect practice makes perfect. I main Guile in Street Fighter and my point in Ultimate Marvel 3 was Dormammu, for reference. Lucina/Marth: Good but extremely boring to play. Recently I've become slightly frustrated due to my constant losses against extremely fast characters with good air mobility such as Pikachu/Pichu or Falco. I've found Palutena to be...ok but not great, as I can get away quite easily but can't do anything I normally do. Alternatively, if your character is “low tier”, that’s not a problem. My issue is that he struggles in a lot of matchups (most notably the electric rats). Otherwise, for friendlies or whatever your casual play is, mess around. Archived. There is clearly nobody there that knows how to make a random option so your expertise would probably help them a lot. One of the reasons why people have a hard time sticking to a main is because of consistent losses. #PostYourRoster Beta v2. Now that you’ve hopefully narrowed down your options, get into the lab and play through everyone. I'm also open to recommendations for a secondary against those two as long as it isn't another swordy or a spacyboi. Smash Ultimate has no true grapplers as there’s no character whose moveset completely relies on getting one grab, so the characters who get a good amount off a grab live in this subcategory. Rushdown refers to characters that apply pressure at a relatively close distance, utilizing fast, lagless moves to force the opponent into a less than favorable position. This would end up being my secondary for ike. Your dead. Alright, are you getting Ultimate? The words “Character Wheel Spin” is a clickable link. For the sake of simplicity, let’s break down the characters into three different categories: rushdown, zoning, and bait and punish. In any case, consider whether you’re playing to win, playing for the pride of succeeding with a low tier, or whatever reason you may be playing. There is an absolutely massive roster of 74 characters (76 if counting all the Pokemon for PKMN Trainer) and growing with DLC. I wish you could do that for in game random. Reflects version 7.0.0 of … I stopped having fun with him, so I dropped him. I just find her ... a little boring. Wario sounds fun to me but I'm terrible with him. I'm torn between a few characters. Well actually I didn’t do that, it’s just a feature of the website, but I’m glad you found a use for it =), Why the fuck do I hear the announcer shouting the character's name in my head when the name pop up. smash cords. We hope that we’ve answered some of your questions and that we’ve helped out a bit. SMASH U SMASH 4 MELEE BRAWL & PM SSF 2 SMASH 64. Lemmy [Bowser Jr.] ~ I find him a satisfying character to play. All in all, be patient with the process, understand it can take time, and exert effort in really dedicating yourself to a main or two. Wii Fit seems the most competitively viable and I do decently well but I seem to get bored of her. Duck Hunt doesn't really click with me, either. Now if you choose to take the game seriously to that extent, consider your practice time. Who needs a projectile when you have a sword capeable of anything? Cloud: Fun, not too intricate, but his playstyle kinda gets boring after a while. Quiz: Which Super Smash Character Are You? Quoting the words from the /r/CrazyHand Ultimate Handbook, “finding your main is something only you can do for yourself”. Keep in mind that these are my personal views on the character and you can easily debate who falls where; it’s just as a guideline to help you figure out where your character may fall. And with that, /thread. I made a character randomizer for Quickplay. Wow, that’s quite a feat! The Belmonts are pretty good, lean had into the zoning in most matchups and do it well, don’t have much of an opinion on them either though. This website hosts a huge directory of servers for the popular franchise, Super Smash Bros™! More likely than not, you’re going to want to pick up a character that suits your personal style and also covers Mr. G&W’s bad matchups (sword characters). I used to main K. Rool, and in SSB4 I mained Toon Link. SMASH ULTIMATE CHARACTER GENERATOR. I have extreme power. Help?? With over 70 characters and a plethora of different ways to play, narrowing down your mains, secondaries, tertiaries, pockets, so on and so forth, has become no easy task. Maybe you've yet to find someone who sticks. Login. With four, that’s half an hour per. While it doesn’t seem like that drastic of a difference, it adds up—after a week of practice, you’ve got fourteen hours of practice with one character, seven hours of practice per character for two, a little over four hours per character for three, and so on. He’s definitely more of a mind games character that a pure reaction speed based one and the characters is seeing good tournament results too. With one character, you have two hours to practice that character. Trappers have an extremely heavy projectile game, relying on “trapping” their opponents in their extensive web of projectiles, disrupting the opponent’s available space to move and making an approach all the more treacherous for the opponent. So, since some characters have a 3 frame Up B, -3 would be unsafe against those characters. Take a lvl 3 CPU to the ring and figure out how each character best bodies that CPU. Or sitting your fat spiky ass down on an ongoing fight. Remember that finding a main is not always an instantaneous process. They may click sometime down the line as you grow and become better. The term itself is just a big john in Smash culture. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Within these three major categories fall other subcategories that can further define a character’s playstyle. save. With three, that’s forty minutes per. In spite of that, I don’t have as much fun playing her as the others. In the end, however, it’s worth it. D3: Most fun and lively character to play. But at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can make that decision for yourself. Do you care about matchup spreads and the viability of your character? We’re not Twitch chat with a strawpoll on who you’re gonna play next on For Glory quickplay. Ultimate This is the latest and most widely-accepted smash tier list for Super Smash Bros. Do you not really care either way? Aerials have 3 frames added to them because it takes 3 frames to leave the ground, so a 3 frame aerial would be 6 frames out of shield. And sure, even after you figure out what it is you need to work on, you’re probably gonna be accumulating some L’s because you’re actively trying to make improvements, taking away some of your attention mid-match. You typically want to be as time efficient as possible, so generally you’ll want to cut yourself down to one main plus secondaries. Share resources, ask for tips, post replays for critique and engage in discussion to improve in Smash. Any advice? For example, even though he’s a bait-and-punish character, I typically play rushdown with him. You wanna play 8 player smash with all items on, play Bowser, get in there and just cause a big ruckus. Bruh. Every fighter has enough tools that you can play them more than one way, and Smash is one of the few games that offers enough flexibility to play any fighter however you’d like. The fact that you made it so you can remove characters from the wheel is perfect. report. Any thoughts or recommendations on this? tl;dr bold but please read the whole thing. Sheik’s one of those characters that make you feel like the best player alive when you do well with her. It's Isabelle. Soo who do you guys think does the best against both roy and samus between lucario, bayo, pikachu, ness, joker, and sonic. Get updates about newly added servers. Oilmar is still good even with the nerfs, losing a good out of shield option sucks though. Former Main: ROB. No matter how much you have your fundamentals down, you’re still sailing in mostly uncharted territory. I can play like twenty characters and I can beat my friends with all of them. We can help you narrow down options, provide suggestions, play a few matches to help you get a feel of it in a real match setting. I've been maining Mewtwo since Ultimate dropped, and while there's definitely parts of M2 that I love (long-ranged tilts, shadow ball is great in most MUs, decent AA, solid recovery, and early kill potential and kill throws are also both nice but not necessary) there's definitely times where I feel like I'm forced to approach against characters like Wolf, Falco, Lucas/Ness, or even Link, which takes me out of my comfort zone a bit, being forced to approach, rather than feeling like I can approach if I feel like it.


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