south african vs australian accent

And then you run into even more confusion if it’s someone originally from South Africa or New Zealand who’s being living in Australia for a few years…, As for why South Africans get confused as Australian or New Zealand accents by Americans, my guess is that they’re used to identifying “Australian” and “English” as the two other main accents – so therefore, if a South African doesn’t sound “English”, they’re obviously Australian.

South Africans say “fush and chups” too, because of a sound shift that differentiates Afrikaans from Dutch. I agree, Richard–South Africa is one of the most linguistically diverse nations on earth. I’d never say the Malmesbury accent sounds anything like the Cape Flats accent, or that either sounds like the Durban or East Rand accent. Is there any way to average resistors together to get a tighter overall resistance tolerance? So it seems this is the accent that South Africans are adopting more and more.

and like canadian english and certain american accents i think that until you’ve had alot of exposure to both you won’t be able to tell the difference. I’m from Dallas one of the largest cities in America, I’ve never been on a horse in my life and I have a general, non-regional accent. I recall reading somewhere that Tazmania has a bit more of a Kiwi sound to it.

The johannesburg and pretoria accents have a stronger afrikaans influence (which itself is a creole of german,dutch,french,english,local african languages and surprisingly some arabic) and obviously within these regional accents there are differences depending on what cultural group the speaker comes from. These levels of assumed social prestige have been pre-determined by a classification system known as “The Great Trichotomy”. They may only be a few thousand people on planet Earth with my accent. We also have other languages that have created regional differences in SA – such as the Khoi-San influence in the Western Cape province and the German influence in the “Border” region of the Eastern Cape province. Id say there is nothing worse than the Australian accent. In NZ I’ve noticed in the last 30 years since the deregulation beginning 1984 more variation seeping in between the speech of different economic classes in NZ vis a vis the formation of regional accents. I’m a South African and have been fascinated by accents since I first became aware of them as a child, especially on the origins of accents. Do their lips move a lot and show a lot of teeth or do they stay tight and close to them? It is generally held that both have their origins in Cockney English. (emphasis added). All reflect, therefore, the developments which had taken place in the south of England up to that time: they are non-rhotic and have BATH Broadening. How do you win a simulated dogfight/Air-to-Air engagement? Although the vocabulary set of South African and Australian English differs greatly, the two accents are often mistaken for the other. Hi there, Im South African and thank you for that compliment. German people know I’m not a native German speaker but have difficulty pinning down my pronunciation. Or types of all three accents that sound “British?”, Or types of all three accents that sound “British?”.

So all of these accents have some related vowel shifting. So, next time the person next to you sounds South African but asks for a long black with an extra shot and some hot milk on the side, you can pretty much assume they’re actually an Aussie. When I was in NZ about 20 years ago, I met three generations of women from the same family, all born and grew up in the same town near Auckland, NZ. , explains it all……(sorry bad 90’s joke, but couldnt resist! Chantelle, you generalise about our accent a lot, in SA. I had a South African professor in college who sounded like a very posh English woman. So yes, there are many varieties in Australia, but rather than defined by region, they are defined by social class, race, gender, etc. I also think there is a issue with the three accents not wanting to acknowledge their similarities so not many take the time to notice their differences out of not wanting to look ignorant. This system categorises South African English into three sub-varieties – Cultivated, General and Broad English varieties. The Durban Indian English accent is instantly recognisable to an Indian from the Transvaal region. But I think Australia has more variation that people give it credit for. A very good example of this is author JM Coetzee — here is a a clip of him speaking. Again not so much difference between one city and another. I can only add that South Africa is a complex country with more cultural influences than most other nations. This video probably demonstrates the NZ English vs Aust English best. Accents differ regionally, by class, by culture (with numerous shades of influence even there) and by location. Selecting the best vacuum-cleaner may be vexing. so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed ..

“general american” seems to be slowly overtaking regionalisms especially in the cities. It all just sounds the same to me. The New Zealand accent is most similar to Australian accents (particularly those of Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia) but is distinguished from these accents by the presence of three "clipped" vowels, slightly resembling South African English.

But there are just as many stark differences. (I’m from the west coast, though I speak some weird mishmash accent/dialect that gets me asked if I’m a foreigner no matter where I am. Northern suburbs Johannesburg private school educated white saffers sound a lot like their counterparts from CT and Dbn. I hear a vast difference between the New Zealand and Australian accents but it took me a couple of years to become attuned to that difference.
Wells, J. What are "non-Keplerian" orbits? We are a company with financial assistance.We loan funds out to individuals I live in the South of Durban and find the flattening out of the vowels really prominant.My three sons all born in SA, have my accent and when the eldest was in grade one the teacher wanted to send him to speech therapy as he was having problems with his phonics. Rugby vs Footy. A number of good points have been made about the different South African accents; there are also regional differences. Why does a blocking 1/1 creature with double strike kill a 3/2 creature? Plus, I always thought some AUS accents sound a bit nasel too. Vegemite. Everything in Australia is centred around AFL, or footy as it’s called here. As a South Australian, Victorians sound slightly Kiwi and Tasmanians sound more so. So South Africa becomes Seth Efreekeh. If you knew them better you would hear how distinct they are. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the linguistics community. As a South African I must admit that I find some of these assumptions and criticisms of the “Afrikaans-English” accent somewhat harsh and extremely rude. The Aussies are complete coffee snobs and everyone claims to know where they have had the best/worst/cheapest/most expensive cup of coffee in their city. But it’s not. Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post.

A city or town in New Zealand that sounds unusually Australian? Give us an ice cold Castle, Carling Black Label or Windhoek anytime! Spot-on comment, this. My second favorite would be the rapidly-vanishing true American Western, found for example in Colorado before it vanished behind a screen of Denver suburbs, Boulder hippies, and Colorado Springs uniforms. There really is no uniform South African accent and it varies a lot. Chantelle, depending on where in South Africa one grew up and which school one attended, some South African English accents certainly have similarities to the British accent (of which there are also many differences (lest I also start generalising).

MY PET PEEVE is when the rest of the world criticizes Americans for doing something every other country does. I reckon here’s a way to tell…Aussies and Brits say “yea” (for yeah) and south Africans say “ja” (pronounced ‘ya’) even us posh sounding English speaking saffas that don’t use many Afrikaans words say it all the time!!, and again with white people, the same accent: like Ernie).

money to pay bills,to invest on business. However, it’s not quite a schwa (as in the “a” in “comma”), which is a true central vowel, but a high central (unrounded) vowel.

OK, this one applies to the whole world, as almost everyone except us South Africans refer to a ‘barbeque’ as a good old braai. A region that is geographically relatively small with no second language influences – or was there a Gaelic influence that brought about the differences in Southern England, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Irish and Scottish accents?

I think that before you try and compare South African accents to other countries you need to understand that depending on what colour you are and depending on where you grew up in South Africa will depend on what your South African accent will sound like. I bet everyone reading this has been on the back of a bakkie at some point. I would like to hear your opinions as well as with regards to USA accents.. and how they originated. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes! Kiwi accent more similar to South African accent in terms of the “i” vowel.
With a South African accent you may hear more of an aw sound. Well,I reckon somewhere down the line the London Cockney,South African English,AU English and NZ English all come under one umbrella.Can anybody throw more light upon the dutch tilted south African English? Rugby and cricket are way down the sporting pecking order Down Under. I would be really grateful if u could help me. He doesn’t have a typical black African accent though. Afrikaans only has Dutch as a parent language. When these people speak English, they can sound similar to French people.


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