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SpongeBob inflates himself with a fire extinguisher in order to put out a fire. • Great Idea Patrick - Nicolas Carr ["...our new menu!"] In another dream, Patrick is a masked superhero called "Starfishman" in a cel-shaded comic book-like world where everyone resembles him. Adam Paloian's name misspelled in the French opening credits. Several reviewers also noted that the fictional world does not resemble Bikini Bottom or the cartoon itself, that the story and overall tone is slightly darker and more surreal compared to previous games, and that the game does not "feel" like a SpongeBob SquarePants title. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ‣ Four Evil Men (c) - Trevor Duncan [Mutant patty makes the mailman turn into another mutant patty/Patrick mutates into a giant patty.] 10 minutes, 56 seconds Later, Spongebob and Patrick eat a human-sized Slabby Patty and get really fat. Credits The game was nominated for an Annie Award for best animated video game in 2006. This is the first episode to have the text painted with the background art. 1.99 It's the Krabby Patty contest, the Visitors vs. the Krusty Krab, whoever can eat the most Krabby Patty's is the winner! A fireman tries to put out a fire with a hose, but all the water ends up going into SpongeBob instead, causing him to extinguish it instead. After a long pursuit through the city, including the sewers and a construction site, SpongeBob engages Plankton on a radio tower. SpongeBob: Mm, ooh! Krabs. We share sneak-peeks, behind the scenes gossip and hilarious videos from all of your favourite Nickelodeon shows! The Bikini Bottomites appear overweight after a successful sale of Krabby Patties. However, he fails to see a surprise attack, is knocked out, and gets tied to a rocket originally intended for another starfish, which launches into outer space. After upgrading his car and winning several races against dream versions of Patrick, Plankton, and Gary, he accidentally drives into an unnoticed pit. Episode №: However, this causes him to grow bigger everytime he sneezes, eventually expanding into the shape of a ball. Credits It is also the first SpongeBob game released in Japan (PlayStation 2 and Wii versions), but was released under the title SpongeBob (スポンジ・ボブ Suponjibobu), to mark it as the first video game in the SpongeBob series to have a Japanese release. SpongeBob ends up being absorbed with grease while in his shrunken state. I want the warm NOW!". Later, after Mr. Krabs and Plankton's battle over greasy foods at their restaurants results in a mess of grease outside, Krabs wakes up to find SpongeBob has cleaned the area by soaking up all the grease. Spongebob swells up from Patrick's excessive drool. Squidward sprays SpongeBob with a garden hose, causing the latter to absorb the water and forcing the worms to get out of him and go after Squidward. Later, he absorbs the water in the sink Squidward is cleaning the dishes in to return to his normal size with hilarious consequences. Due to an unfortunate "ick" that Gary tries to eat, Spongebob ends up being large and slimy while in a protection bubble. "Teacher's Pests" [5] The player's laser power is indicated by a bar on the right side of the screen, which refills after use. SpongeBob inflates when he makes himself look like a cop.. For more ways to laugh your pants off...Official Nickelodeon UK website: http://nick.co.ukLike us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/NickelodeonUKFollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NickelodeonUK ‣ Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob sees that Patrick has returned to normal.] SpongeBob blows into a balloon, then has the air goes into his body. He attempts to eat the Krabby Patty but it escapes and Patrick ends up ramming into a door, causing him to see multiple Garys. The most common cases of this is when SpongeBob uses his plane to attack a giant-sized Plankton. SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab is a platform video game released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 (PS2), Game Boy Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS, and Wii by THQ. The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom (S08E15a) Spongebob foils a gigantic krabby patties attack by absorbing its meat. The game starts off with SpongeBob as the only choice available. An air raid siren can be heard in this episode. SpongeBob's seahorse, Mystery, eats a number of things, including Old Man Jenkins, later getting a bellyache. SpongeBob tries to avoid Plankton while devising a plan to defeat him. Patrick climbs into SpongeBob, and SpongeBob then expands for a few seconds due to Patrick's inflatable pants. After SpongeBob is tasked by Squidward to paint over a faded spot in the wall, SpongeBob instead absorbs all the paint and paints the whole wall, stating that all of it looked faded. Airdate: This proves unsuccessful, as in the process he also swallowed Patrick. Spongebob using his special attack against Dr.Blowhole from The Penguins of Madagascar. Plankton decides to fight back with size but the inaccurate ray only makes him the height of an average citizen, not enough to dwarf the patty. I ate this yellow Krabby Patty and now I feel sick!". SpongeBob expands for a second when the shrunken residents of Bikini Bottom are rioting in his body. He removes a part on the hubcap and puts his mouth in the hole, causing him to inflate like a balloon to an enormous size with a high-pitched voice and then lets out the air he sucked in. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. U.S. premiere time (EST): As Plankton aches in pain, SpongeBob feels sorry for him and decides to help him up, which allows Plankton to grab the plane. An old lady takes Gary in after he runs away, and it is later shown that he has gained weight from all the food the old lady has made for him. SpongeBob's ending won and is now the main ending featured on DVD and in reruns of the episode, although the alternate endings were later released on DVD. Spongebob inflates when he hyperventilates. SpongeBob eats a poison berry that causes him to swell up like a blueberry and become purple. When trying to deliver Krabby Patties to Squidward, SpongeBob repeatedly trips over his untied shoes, propelling them into his mouth instead, angering the customers. SpongeBob absorbs all of Squidward's tears after Squidward quits the Krusty Krab due to an argument with Mr. Krabs about his First Dime. In this episode's first airing, Nickelodeon held a poll and let viewers choose one definite ending to the episode out of three; either Patrick, Squidward, or SpongeBob would get the last wish. in the shape of a patty. October 21, 2017 ‣ Unknown Track 38 - "Oh...!" You're nuthin' but pure evil! SpongeBob also expands sometimes when he hiccups after getting the gas bubble again. SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into Sandy's treedome during her hibernation, where they notice that she has grown fat from eating so many acorns before said hibernation. SpongeBob blocks up a hole in a Viking ship to save it from capsizing. The patty flees and Plankton gives chase, destroying Bikini Bottom in his wake. ", Sandy: "SpongeBob, you'll be better soon! U.S. viewers (millions): Patrick becomes very fat from eating a lot of Krabby Patties. Moments later, Perch Perkins is shown to be one of the few people who haven't become Krabby Patty creatures. Sandy stuffs Plankton with acorns in an attempt to get him to become smart again. SpongeBob inflates himself in order to get inside Squidward's dream. However, Plankton gloats about his victory and is spotted, allowing the patty to find and crush him. Plankton successfully takes over Bikini Bottom and drives the Krusty Krab out of business with his own Krabby Patty franchise. ", Patrick gets full after eating too many cookies. 11 This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" from season eleven, which aired on October 21, 2017.


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