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1.1g. Detroit Natural Selections - A licensed dispo in MI that has repeatedly sold vitamin e oil in carts from fake brands to the public. People stop being a dumbass. So dar i really like the thin mints. Frosty's Snowcone Clear - Their producer, Dr. Zodiak used to be licensed (in AZ only), but got busted with dangerous levels of pesticides and lost their license. Starman Farms. Not to mention we award no points for originality. My friend who gave them to me is a pretty dang savvy smoker and shared with me the research regarding the carts. Reign is a powerful expression of culture and expertise, cultivated with passion and care. No adverse effects that I’m aware of. (BM CA brand that used temp distribution licenses for a few months to sell their unlicensed carts to rec dispos before being busted by BCC). Saturdays closed due to Covid-19 regulations They link to seemingly clean labs, but the lab itself disavows them and warns the results and BC aren't legit. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That means they can be and often are filled with anything. Recently their MI branch released some carts with oil that was dyed pink, to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation, a scam "charity" that pays 85% of its received donations to its executives and uses the rest to "raise awareness" of breast cancer by suing actual breast cancer researchers and treatment centers for daring to use the color pink. Just because a brand isn't on here, doesn't mean it's not fake. Obviously with everything that’s hit the news recently I’m concerned as hell now and will probably just have to go back to vaping regular flower instead of carts but they sure were convenient and nice while they lasted. Explore the Cannabliss & Co. - Springfield menu on Leafly. This is a premier gated community with oversized, quality landscaped lots. It also says on the box- non gmo , organic, no pg, vs, or peg. Star Carts. Box was pink with a yellow button on the side. and a kiddie pool, and lighted walking trails. Yes, all of them. They look/taste/feel legit so it's been a real mind bender researching all this counterfeit/fake cart stuff the last couple days. This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/cleancarts. Almost everything from delivery services is BS brands.....Mario, Dank, Exotic, Cereal (‍♂️WTF), SmartCart, Monopoly.....as well as knock/off Kingpens, Heavy Hitters, Brass Knuckles, Cookies, Rove, Stiizy, and other brands that may actually appear in licensed shops. Such untested brands' products are overwhelmingly well below the claimed potency and heavily contaminated with dangerous levels of pests and metals, even in states where they are technically legal. Cookies High Flyers - While Cookies is a legit brand (but often counterfeited), they do not make a variety branded as High Flyers. (there is also a legit dispo/producer in OR with this name but diff logo, look for lab/licensing on cart). Just counterfeited quite a bit. These packages are not sealed on top, u don’t need to tear them.. It’s only zip lock closed.. That company uses a logo with a drop dripping down forming the "i" in the logo, while the fake drip brand does not. Thank you for the forum and information folks. However, if the oil seems really runny and moves quickly when you turn it upside down, it is likely mixed with something besides THC oil. They are unregulated, untested, and frequently sell outright faked products. Springfield Farms Manufactured Home Community is nestled in a quiet and picturesque area of the Missouri Ozarks. While the list is being updated constantly, so too are new fake brands being made. Squish Extracts. Our cellar tours are free of charge and take around one hour. such untested "mmj only" brands are almost all under potency and heavily contaminated. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that is 90% THC a dab would probably be your only option and even then it’s probably around 80%.


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