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They followed the source of the music to a clearing in the forest where they spied the dancing and singing of young maidens who were celebrating the festival of the horn. They are shown in a sitting position next to each other with their feet resting on two stags. Beautiful women frequently became deer in many tales while fleeing from hunters. When swimming, adults can maintain a speed of 6.5 kph / 4 mph, and when pressed can swim at 10 kph / 6 mph. So as this subject is so wide ranging I shall concentrate on 3 real species of Deer – the Roe Deer, Reindeer and White Tailed Deer and try to concentrate mostly upon the Northern Tribes (i.e. The hunt for wisdom motive is also found in Greek mythology, where one of the tasks of Hercules is to capture the hind of Mount Ceryneia and obviously also in the many Karhuhas myths. The shedding of its antlers in the autumn and their regrowth in the spring is like the seasonal cycle of the forest trees which shed their leaves each autumn and regrow them each spring. These four stags have been thought to represent the four winds. Whilst today there are, in some form, surviving examples of such hoodening customs, the most well known and popular is that of Abbots Bromley Horn Dance and the Kentish Hop Hoodening. Images of stags were supposedly used to symbolise Cernunnos in non-human form. Stags focus on the balance of law and are rigid in their thinking on the issues of justice.The Deer is associated with gentleness, caring love, sensitivity, graceful beauty, innocence and keen observation. Much information comes from Dr Bobula Ida’s 1953 comparative myth essay on “The Great Stag, a Mesopotamian Divinity”. An antlered stag, because of its cycle of growing and shedding antlers, represents fecundity, rejuvenation or rebirth. At a mountain shrine at Le Donon, in the Vosges dedicated to a nature or hunter god. More white fur goes down the throat, on the upper insides of the legs and under the tail.Only the males have antlers, which they shed in January to March, and grow out again in April or May. Overlap with one another and with those of one or more males. An amount of speculation exists regarding the deer and their potential symbolic value. However much of this mythic idea (or meme) can include all horned animals! This was especially true for a white deer. The word barr has been the cause of some confusion since it is most often applied to the needles of fir or pine trees. The people who lived there were famous for their arts, sciences and wisdom. The sceptre to the King who carried it symbolised his power and high status. Here he married his first wife Eneth and she later bore him two twin sons called Hunor and Magor. As we passed an abandoned warehouse that looked as if it had burnt to the ground decades ago, there beneath what was left of a storage shed roof stood a great stag. DreamworkDear in dreams may represent gentleness, healing and connection to the forest, which is said to symbolise the unconscious of the dreamer or they may lead the dreamer on a journey. Rain was dripping from everything, but the sun had broken through the clouds and the wind was carrying off the worst of it. They will feed mostly just before dawn for several hours and again from late afternoon until dusk. A magic moment indeed! The subject of the most striking Scythian gold jewellery, the stag has even been found as tattoos on the so-called ‘ice princess’ in the Altai Mountains. This is not a protection by way of physical means. Reblogged this on Die Goldene Landschaft. Stag on the Watch – By Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899) – Public Domain Image. This rune also represents a sanctuary, a holy enclosure or grove where all are safe. Amplified due to numbers, a migrating herd of caribou sounds like a bunch of castanets gone crazy! He was brought to Anatolia by the early Indo-Iranian peoples who left their Kurgan burials at Trialeti and elsewhere in the region and mixed with the Hurrian and other peoples as far as northern Anatolia. Bucks usually only survive 5 years whilst Does survive for 6 or 7 years.Reindeer: Up to 20 years. During winter, caribou paw through the snow to reach the vegetation hidden beneath. This also ties up with Ugric legends of the Stag, son of the Heavenly Doe, who steals the Sun between his antlers. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Their names are given as Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór. ( Log Out /  Since they are shed and re-grown every year, they may also symbolise rejuvenation and rebirth. May see groups e.g. Another tale recounts how Artemis killed two giants who had tried to violate her. As can be expected, in many areas the stag is associated with hunting. It’s also a holy number among Buddhists and the Buddha himself was allegedly of the Scythian Sakia tribe! In the dreams of women it represents their own femininity, in a primal, instinctive state. The range of that myth suggests the age of the Stag, or Deer, as a worshipped, totemic animal. Next to the god is a horse that is being offered a drink from a goblet. The girls of the legend are the does, the daughters of light (Leukepius in Greek), who return the light and fertility of the sun. Wales/Cornwall/Brittany ‘The Horned One’, Cernunnos is depicted with ram horns or antlers. This ties up with the Yule/Alban Arthuan/Mid-winter solstice when it is a famous hunter, often a Bear or man-bear, who chases down the Stag and brings back the Sun. We can only guess how ubiquitous this iconography was expressed in the patterns on clothes and other perishable material or for how long it lasted. Yggdrasil suffers hardships more than people realise. Why are you drawn to the deer? Ingvi-Freyr the Norse God, who has been thought a Stag-God largely because at Ragnarök (the end of this world’s cycle) he uses an Antler as a weapon, has his festival at Yule/Alban Arthuan/Midwinter. In ancient Mexico, deer were sometimes depicted carrying the Sun (which is curiously similar to the ancient Steppe myth). The recapturing of Stag then brings back summer. Reindeer / Caribou:A highly nomadic species, caribou may travel 5,000 km / 3,000 miles in a year, the longest documented movements of any terrestrial mammal. ( Log Out /  However…. There also appears to be links with this Celtic God and the ancient Green Man symbolism. Learn how your comment data is processed. Other topics briefly touched upon include the Germanic reception of the horned figure on the Gundestrup Cauldron and Scythian and Sarmatian fixation on antler and stag imagery. Last summer on a train trip from Denver to Chicago I found myself gazing out the train window after a tremendous storm. As it says here: Nogle forklare disse Hjorte for de 4 Elementer, eller og de 4 Aarstider, Maanens Phaser m. m.", harvnb error: no target: CITEREFMagnusen1824 (. The Hopi deer dance was to bring the rain, the California Yurok White deer dance was for a bountiful wild crop and the Zuni deer dance was to bring a cure for illness. Algiz is a holy aura that simply repels harm. Open moorland in Scotland Agricultural land if sufficient cover available.Reindeer: Arctic tundra and adjacent boreal forest Rarely, antlers present in females. The language of these people was similar to the Hungarians but not quite the same. Extremely strong evidence pointing to the use of stag images, but not only their images, but the worship of stags too, is found in a quote from Saint Aldhelm who wrote to a friend the following: She turned herself into a white hind and walked between the giants; when they tried to strike her with their javelins, they killed each other instead. A third difference is that R has "ágaghálsir" in one word where A clearly has "á gaghálsir" in two words. Non-territorial males have larger ranges overlapping with those of several territorial males. It can be violent and harmful, but it can be benign and beneficial. Lewes BN7 1DX Winter range of males may be same as summer territory. His first born sons were his pride and they spent much time with their father, growing up in the palace and later they accompanied him on his many hunts. Thanks for commenting. The animal led them across glades and meadows onward toward the west. A carved stone figure found in Rhiems depicts Cernunnos with a stag and a bull that are drinking from a. stream of coins. The king of the land was the giant hunter Nimrod, the descendant of the great king Etana (Tana in Hungarian, Kus-Tana in Kushan-Scythian, or Etana in Sumerian, the king who lived in the 3rd millennium B.C. This alerts other deer to danger and gives the fawns something to follow. How you will travel, feel or experience the deer is unique to your journey. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The poem Grímnismál, a part of the Poetic Edda, is the only extant piece of Old Norse poetry to mention the stags. During these migrations, herds move at a rate of 19-55 kilometres / 11-33 miles per day. Like so many of the other animal symbols connected to the Anglo-Saxons, we only have to look at the Sutton Hoo ship burial for evidence. ( Log Out /  Unlike many deer species, caribou calves are born without spots. Name – Meaning – Language In Celtic mythology, the deer is a magical creature, able to move between the worlds. The sense of smell is the most heavily relied upon to find food and located danger, as the senses of sight and hearing are not well developed. The Scythian tattoo image from the Ice Princess can be used. Enchanted by the heavenly beast they gave chase to it. It is unlikely however that this was the original sea of the ancient legend) until they entered a beautiful bountiful country. Nimrod founded great buildings and cities and founded the great pyramid of the city of Babylon 201 years after the flood as a haven against future flooding (Simon Kezai, Gesta Hungarorum, ca 1282) and as a temple to god. The stag in Celtic terms was a representation of the natural world and the animal kingdom. Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri, the dwarves of the cardinal points), and that two of the stag names, Dáinn and Dvalinn, are also dwarf names as well.[17]. Often tolerate and aggregate while feeding outside territories. It was rich in birds, fish and game and was situated on the borders of Persia. Adults shed velvet in April, young and poor condition animals shed later. Deer collect in family groups of a mother and her fawns. by David Legg ~  The Myths and Lore surrounding the Stag run across the world from Meandash, the mythic Saami Reindeer, all the way back to the earliest history from Sumerian of Dara-Mah ‘The Great Stag’. When they run away they will raise their tail, which will stick up like a white flag. Antlers short, usually less than 30cm long, approximately vertical, forming lyre shape, almost round in cross section. The stag is fast, powerful and agile and sexually vigorous. PO Box 1333 Roe Deer:Gestation Period: 9 months (of which 4 months of no embryonic growth followed by 5 months of foetal growth).Young per Birth: Up to 3 but usually 1 or 2 kidsWeaning: At about 3 months.Sexual Maturity: 14 months.Although mating occurs in August, with the births occurring through May to June, the fertilised egg does not implant until January. It is thought that the ‘Stag God’ originated in the steppes. Furthermore, deer can teach people how to love unconditionally; meaning to love not what you wish to be, even in another person or in yourself, but what is. Sleipnir was later on given to the God Odin as a gift from Loki himself. FinlandSaamiAccording to the Saami legend, their nation will die when the god Groma, son of the devil, fires a third arrow into Meandash, the man-reindeer he is pursuing. Much information comes from Dr Bobula Ida’s 1953 comparative myth essay on “The Great Stag, a Mesopotamian Divinity”. Hungary – The Legend (which can be traced over many parts of the world) The word á is hard to explain in context and is sometimes omitted from editions. "The following two stanzas are very likely interpolations". Sacred Times The word hæfingar is of uncertain meaning. BreedingWhite Tailed Deer:Gestation Period: 7 months.Young per Birth: 1 or 2Weaning: At about 6 weeks.Sexual Maturity: 1.5 years.After mating, which lasts from October to December, the doe will give birth about 7 months later to one or two fawns.


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